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    Originally Posted by The Grubby Pup View Post
    Thanks for the feedback...The game will be fully completed by next week, just doing a few thing with in-game dialogue....Just making sure everything is in the right place.

    And yeah, I was just surprise as u were. Especially with the whole Psybeam thing. O.o I know I increased all Pokemon base stat, but Tentacool weakest stat should still be its defense, just like Koffing with its Sp. Def stat.

    And haha...yeah, that Skuntank was really hard, luckily I had Thunder Wave on Electrike, cuz if I didn't most likely it woulda ran through my whole team. Good thing the AI is too dumb to switch out when stats are lower drastically. As for Haunter... >.> lol

    I'm glad you're enjoying Yin Black/Yang White. It means alot to see that from you. ^w^ And yah, still wish I coulda helped, that's what this thread for ask for help, when needed. Thanks for all the support...
    Any updates on the B/W 2 hack? :D
    Well, it's just entertainment, folks!
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