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Greeting me friends ­čśü

Started by ZcepTile-X May 21st, 2019 1:09 AM
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Posted May 21st, 2019
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Greetings friends
I am Furqon from Indonesia
I actually joined for a long time but only now have I introduced myself
Please help me in the future ­čśü

And btw i need to ask something why i can't find any Pokemon Ruby v1.1 rom anymore in the internet

And one more please, can someone help me find Pokemon Light Platinum GBA hackrom that fixed and patched?


ý│ÉŰőĄŰ│┤ýžÇŰžł ŕĚŞŰč░ Űłłýť╝Űíť

Kansas, USA
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Heeey, welcome! You should've said Hi sooner! Though, sometimes this place seems intimidating, probably!

I can't speak much for the ROM questions, but I'm sure a mod could answer those. :>

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you might know me as Drew | paired to Palamon


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Hi, Zceptile!
Its alright if you haven't introduced yourself yet, as Green said, This place can be intimidating. But at least you did it!

Oh, and for the ROMs, you can PM me and i'll give you a link because its not allowed to post a link to rom files.


Laverre City
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Posted 6 Hours Ago
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Hey there Furqon! Welcome to PC! :)

If you have any questions about ROM Hacking, the best thing to do is check the Fan Games forum. Or, like Miggiz said, reach out to him! Glad you decided to finally make a introduction thread. Do you have a favorite Pokemon generation?

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