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Project: Revival

Project: Revival's demo is now out!
Project: Revival is my latest game, and it aims to fix old mechanics that I've had in my previous games that were outdated or broken, and to increase the general difficulty of my games.
Of course, the story is still super-important, but now, the game starts much more quickly, so you can get to the action more. Let's see what the demo has to offer! The demo is a couple hours long, as again, I'm focusing on the new mechanics to keep players engaged! This game uses Essentials 18.1 (which is now old, sadly), but I hope to see where this takes my fangames!
(Originally released April 22nd, 2021, on my Discord server.)

New/Updated/Removed Features (So Far!)
More of the Caracara Region - Technically this is the second time players visit Caracara, but this game is actually a prequel, so this means it's everyone's first time!
Single Pokémon Run - This mode returns with the same features as last time. Choose this mode in the beginning of the game, and you'll only be able to choose one Pokémon, without being able to capture more, or evolve your chosen Pokémon. Have fun!
Newest Mechanics - Gen. 8 mechanics return. This includes Pokémon, move sets, updated stats, and items! Mega Evolution will also be included in the full game.
Multiple Save Files - Multiple save files allow for more playthroughs without having to move your save file or delete your old game. The max amount of saves is still 10.
The Move Master - The Move Master, in every Pokémon Center, can relearn moves, delete moves, check Hidden Power types, and check friendship levels. Also, he runs the new Pokémon Nursery, which is an improved Day Care, with much quicker ways of getting Eggs.
All Starters Can Be Chosen - All starters from Kanto to Galar can be chosen in the beginning of the game. However, you can only choose one! In the final game, you'll be able to grab the rest later in the game.
Exp. Share - It returns still the same as in Gen. 6 and Gen. 7. Yes, it can still be turned on or off.
Level Cap - A brand-new cap which restricts the player's Pokémon from overleveling by limiting the Exp. gained past the current cap. The Level Cap begins at Lv. 15, and it can be raised by getting more Gym Badges.
Birthsigns System - This system has been completely removed.
Overworld Pokémon Encounters - Overworld encounters been removed, and replaced with the random grass encounters from earlier generations.
Unreal Time System - The Unreal Time System has been removed, and the game now runs at the same time as real-life. (Your system time technically, which can be changed.)
Markings - Markings from Gen. 8 have been added. All Pokémon have a small chance of having a marking. They don't change stats, but can be interacted with in the "Ribbons" page of the Pokemon's summary screen.
Egg Incubators - Egg Incubators have been added. Now, the player has the choice to put Eggs in the Incubator item. They'll hatch as if they were in your party. Flame Body, Magma Armor, Steam Engine still affect the Egg’s hatch speed.
Hidden Abilities - Wild Pokémon with Hidden Abilities no longer appear randomly in the wild, now Ability Patches have to be used (Gen. 8 item), available for purchase at the Mondelo Dept. Store in the full game.
Rustling Grass - The rustling grass from Gen. 5 is added. After the player defeats the Nova Gym and gets a Bedrock Badge, they'll randomly appear. Pokémon have a higher chance to be shiny in rustling grass, and are commonly found with an Egg move. They have a small chance of having two perfect IVs as well.
Quicksaving - Press "Q" to quick save to the current slot you're currently playing.
Turbo Mode - Press "ALT" to speed up the game. There's three different speeds that you can use. Keep pressing Alt to return to the normal game speed.

The Caracara Region!

Project: Revival's Caracara region is much, much larger, and will include much more content and Pokémon to catch! It is still based on the Florida Keys, with influence from other media's depictions of Florida itself.

The Story
Project: Revival is the prequel to my previous game, Blossom of the Soul. It's highly recommended you play Blossom of the Soul before this game, even if it is a demo! Project: Revival's story has strong ties to an even older game of mine, Tentin Redux.
Twenty years before the events of Blossom of the Soul, which shook the entire Caracara region, a mysterious Pokémon has foreseen a dark future. To prevent this, it sends a person to try to correct the future. In short, nature is dying, and its effects will have disastrous, long-lasting effects on Caracara. In this story, you will see a clash of modern ideals entwined with the old ideas of the past. Will people have the heart to change the course of history for good? Or are they just so focused on development and their selfish desires? You'll have to make the choice yourself, soon. Choose wisely.



- Lowered the Level Cap upon getting two Badges from Lv. 35 to Lv. 30. This won't affect existing players, hopefully.
- Also lowered the Level Cap before getting one Badge from Lv. 15 to Lv. 14, to prevent certain starter Pokémon from getting an unfair advantage
over the others. Existing save files shouldn't be affected. Chimchar is the one exception, it evolves too early. It's OP, must nerf.
- Added SOS Battles, a big new feature. It shouldn't force anyone to start a new save file, however existing save files will have SOS Battles activated
automatically. New save files will have SOS Battles locked until they get one Gym Badge and defeat Violet at Mondelo Sewers. A complete list of Pokémon
that can call for help will be in the Project: Revival Official Guide on Google Docs. Script by Vendily.
- Pokémon summoned via SOS Battle have somewhat different properties. They have a small chance to have their Hidden Ability, and have a chance to be
Shiny, have a Marking, or to carry Pokerus. Each SOS summon makes it more likely to have these properties.
- Some Pokemon can only be encountered by SOS Battle under specific circumstances. I tried testing these, and only some work, so either something is
wrong, or I'm really unlucky somehow. Please help me test them!
- Wild Pokémon now drop their held items automatically if they are defeated in battle. Of course, they have to be holding it first. Script by Cilerba.
- Two new game modes are introduced! Xpertlocke Mode and Radical Mode. See more below.
- Xpertlocke Mode is similar to a Nuzlocke - fainted Pokemon can't be revived by any means, including at Pokemon Centers. However, you cannot catch
wild Pokemon, they can only be gifted to you, or obtained by trade. Eggs can't be hatched, either. Once all your Pokemon are fainted, the run is
considered dead. (Used a part of a script by ~JV~)
- Radical Mode restricts the player to only 'set' mode in Gyms, and stops the player from using an item from the Bag on their Pokemon, also only in Gyms.
To ensure fairness, the AI Trainers and Gym Leaders will not attempt to use any Potions during battle, either. (Although they might because they kinda
have a mind on their own. Consider it a bug.)
- Rare Candies can no longer be used on fainted Pokémon.
- Changed some dialogue to make more sense.
- Raised the levels of the Trainers during the player's visit to Last Rites Cemetery.

Older Bugfixes

A full list of previous bugfixes is included in the game's download folder.

Known Bugs & Oversights

- Scorbunny's overworld sprite is still huge. Please have mercy on me.
- Following Pokemon may not work sometimes. Jumping off a ledge makes the follower freak out. It's entertaining, but embarrassing.
- Natural Gift doesn't work as intended. It only acts as a Normal-type move. Currently no fix for v18.1.
- Synchronize may not work correctly.
- The Phenomenon script may suddenly make the game crash. Ah, if only I was using v19, then I could ask the developer of the script.
- The Marking script may also make the game crash. That makes my heart hurt.

Version 1.0.6, Aug 2nd, 2021
Download HERE

The same Discord server for Blossom of the Soul is still available for Project: Revival! I really hope to see you there. I'm usually online on Discord all day, and other people will be glad to have a chat with you about the game as well.
Join here! Always happy to see new faces!

Official Guide
Upon getting many requests, I've finally made an over 30 page guide that details the entire demo of Project: Revival. This is where you can find all item locations, Pokémon encounters, Trainers, and Gym information. So far, the demo goes up to Route 15 and two Gyms. If I'm missing anything in the guide, leave a comment on the doc. See the guide here!

This is a long list, but knowing me, I probably missed one. If I did, please tell me. I still have credits here for scripts/graphics that aren't used in my game yet, but will likely be used by its full release.

Pokémon Essentials v.18.1- Maruno, Flameguru, Peter O.
RPG Maker XP - Enterbrain
Improved Quest System - Marin
Text Skip feature - Amethyst
Gen. 7 sprites - thedarkdragon11
USUM sprites - Leparagon, Amethyst
Night Sky background - TowardsThePantheon
Following Pokémon - Golisopod User, Help-14, zingzags, Rayd12smitty, mej71, PurpleZaffre, Akizakura16
Improved D/P/Pt Font - Peter O., Mr. Gela
B/W Gen. 3 style overworld sprites - Mashirosakura, Young-Dante
DE Music Themes - Dead Ends
Band Room Tileset - derlo, SDV, Shardi, Mi, Logiedent, Phyromatical, Sharm
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Summary Screen Graphics - Akizakura16​
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Overworld Item Graphics - Wergan, PurpleAladdin
Sewer tileset - aveontrainer, Kyle Dove, Kane89
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Arceus Fairy Backsprite - XtraLucas
Phenomenon Script - v2.0 by Boonzeet, with code help from Maruno & Marin
TM List Screen - TechSkylander1518
Habitat List icon - Boonzeet
Stat Screen Upgrade (EVs and IVs in Summary) - SirWeibrot
Starter Selection Script - Limnodromus, Shiney570

Speed Up Button - Marin
Nuzlocke script - ~JV~
SOS Battles - Marin
Wild Item Drops - Cilerba

Platinum Battle Pictures Script & Sets (inc. battle menu) - BiggusWeeabus

Improved Gen. 5 Back Sprites - Dreadwing93

Improved Gen. 6 Front and Back Sprites
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Gen 7 & Gen. 8 Abilities, moves, scripts
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Galarian Slowbro overworld sprite - WolfPP
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Dancer Ability -mybusiness
Day and Night Shading feature - Deo
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Eevee Kid, Fairy Tale Girl - UlithiumDragon
Markings (on Ribbons screen) - Boonzeet
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X and Y Lass Sprite - Kyle Dove

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Reborn SFX - Amethyst, Pokemon Mystery Universe
Reborn Graphic Rip - Neslug
HM Items - derFischae

Original Caracara region map - Pokeminer20

This demo is to get even more feedback so Project: Revival can be the best game it can be! I want it to succeed. I will take every suggestion into consideration, if I haven't already. Please let me know your thoughts!
Hope you all enjoy.

Pokémon - Blossom of the Soul - Check it out now! Oh, and don't forget Project: Revival! - Demo out now!


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I am so hype to play.
great game waiting for full release!!!
Thanks, both of you! Also, new important bugfix is now out!
Pokémon - Blossom of the Soul - Check it out now! Oh, and don't forget Project: Revival! - Demo out now!


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I finally released a new update for Project: Revival, which fixes bugs, raises the difficulty a bit, and changes a few things here and there. I'm still working on it, so worries. Hope everyone can enjoy!
Pokémon - Blossom of the Soul - Check it out now! Oh, and don't forget Project: Revival! - Demo out now!


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i'm curious if nature mints are still in this game, cuz i would love them to be, it was very convenient
It's just a demo right now, but Mints will be in the full version of the game for sure.
Pokémon - Blossom of the Soul - Check it out now! Oh, and don't forget Project: Revival! - Demo out now!


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hi, do we have to redownload the game to update the game to each version?
Yeah, but your save will stay the same, so it'll be fine!
Pokémon - Blossom of the Soul - Check it out now! Oh, and don't forget Project: Revival! - Demo out now!