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Hey there, everyone! We're currently looking for moderators for Pokémon Mobile! If you're interested, please take a look at the information and fill out the application to send to Caite-chan via PM! Pokémon Mobile is a section for all things Pokémon on your phone.

As a moderator, you'll be in charge of promoting the board, keeping it active as best as you can, as well as keeping it maintained. Remaining active is the most important thing for a staff member to keep in mind; in order for a section to function well, its manager should be visible and have a good presence. You'll also help keep the board free from any rule-breakers, or rule-breaking within the thread. Remember to be equitable and fair. As a staff member, you should not be biased when it comes to your duties. Ex-staff and current staff are not above the rules.

The Application for Pokémon Mobile

› What Pokémon Mobile games do you play?
› What would you be able to do to draw people to the Pokémon Mobile section?
› Games like Pokémon GO and Pokémon Masters are a bit fast-paced. Would you be able to keep up with all the events that take place?
› Is there anything relevant you'd like to add?

Note that previous activity in these sections, while helpful, is not required. But as mentioned, if you are selected, you will be expected to be proactive and present in either of these sections.

Once more, when completed, please send your answers to the above questions to Caite-chan via Private Messaging. Feel free to ask any questions you may have as well!
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