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Hi everyone! The staff have been hard at work the last few months updating our rules to better reflect modern-day PokéCommunity, and are now ready to share them with everyone. Click here to see the new rules page! These new rules will be replacing the old ones, which will be delisted everywhere on the site.

What's changed?

- The Moderation Policy is no longer its own page - it's been greatly streamlined to allow for better reading and combined with the new rules page. What's left of the Moderation Policy has been included in the Moderation Process and Dispute Process sections.
- Rule violations are now broken down into Major Offenses and Minor Offenses. You can see what is considered a Major Offense and Minor Offense under each category.
- Wording about bans potentially carrying over from the Discord Server and vice versa has been added.
- The double posting rule has been removed. We didn't feel it was necessary to enforce anymore. Remember to check individual forums for their rules on double posting, as this may still apply in certain places!
- The commission wording has been updated to the following:

Monetary transactions are restricted.
You may offer or look for paid services (such as art, writing, coding) on the site, but PokéCommunity will not be held responsible for any transaction issues that might occur. You are not allowed to sell physical goods or solicit monetary donations.
Overall, the new Rules page should look much cleaner and easier to digest.

If you have questions about anything, feel free to post in this thread or contact an Administrator!