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Old February 9th, 2008 (11:23 PM).
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    It's been a while since i've started an RP, so give me a break, ne?

    Ok, heres the jist of the RP, it will be explained in more detail in the actuall RP....well....actually, you cant get much more detailed than this....alright, here goes! Also note that everything in ( ' )'s is most likely going to be an example.


    Imagine an ocean, in the middle of the ocean, is an island. Roughly the size of Europe. At certain points around the 'island' are 'bridges.' These 'bridges' lead to, other 'islands' in the 'ocean.' Each of these 'islands' are infact...another world entirely. the first 'island,' where this all takes place, is actually that. an island. This island is on a world of its own, seperated from the other worlds, yet connected by these 'bridges,' which are, infact, portals. The world the island is on, is much like earth. It has breathable air, forests, possibly deserts, and anything else you can imagine. Noone acually knows. Mainly because it is unexplored. The only part that has been explored, is the initial island, chirstened oh-so-cleverly, "The Island"

    To the North, are thick forests, heavy with pine and spruce, but not so heavy that it is impossible to pass through easily. Scarce shrubbery and vines adorn the floor, as there is not much room below the trees for them to grow. The trees themselves are atleast one hundred feet tall, strong enough that they only sway, even in the feircest winds the weather can provide.

    To the South, there are more forests, filled with what appear to be redwoods or some other large tree with a thick canopy. On the ground floor of this forest there is all manner of shrubbery and other plant life below the thick branches above. This is the ideal spot for walks through the woods, as you can see only as far as the trees let you, yet its nearly impossible to get lost, despite the size of the forest.

    To the East there are pleatues, a small mountain range running along the coast. This area is arid, but not too dry, it getting plenty precipitation to fill the valleys formed by pleatues with rivers and fertile soil, making them look more like plains in a bowl than a desert. The tips of the mountains are constantly coated with ice, though a single dead volcano stands at the center of the mountains, apparently the source of this island.

    To the West, you can see small clumps of trees, edging a lake large as the state of Tennisee on earth, a small island inside this lake, just large enough to have a picnic for twelve on, no more. At the edge of this side of the island is a beach, running the entire length of the island. Perfect waves and an abundance of undersea caves. Between the lake and the beach is a wide open prarie, rock outcroppings signalling the entrances to underground caverns, which lead miles underground. to this day they are still completely unexplored. Then again, you people havent been here long....

    Ah, yes, people. Apparently there was a settlement, or rather, a family who lived at the center of the island. Here is a large mansion, or, what could be described as a mansion. Seventeen sleeping rooms, two kitchens, eight bathrooms, a spa, a pool, a library, and a game room, and even a large 'lvingroom' of sorts. And thats just above ground in the three-story buidling. Below ground is another story. The size of the complex underground is massive, possibly taking up room equal to twenty times the above ground complex, one section of that actually being an interior replica of the aboveground building. most likely a bunker incase of an emergency. There are even weapons forges and storage rooms full of melee weapons like swords or hammers, and ranged weapons like guns and bows. There's even a storage room of completely usless items that may actually come in hand should some certain evenent occur....the usuall, mailboxes, fences, sledgehammers and the like. Even great works of art.

    The lirary contains information on....well...almost everything. About the island, how long it was around before being abandoned. It also has information on the explored parts of the island, and the portals to other worlds. Apparently, it "Takes a total of fourty three hours [island time] to pass from one one side of the gate to the other." as one of the books in the library states. It also has information on the worlds themselves.

    The game room has every game dating up to 2007 on earth, all in mint, or near mint condition. If not a little dusty To accompany these games, a few HD TVs with 89" screens to play them on, Surround sound for each game, along with arcade games.

    The kitchens, large as they are, seem to have solved world hunger, would they be in the real world(earth). The fridges and cubbords restock every now and then, usually with different items. The ovens are large, large enough to fit a 6 square foot pizza in, and still have room for more. Every cooking utensil imaginable, along with spices just as neumerous. A chef's paradice for those who love to cook.

    The pool is enormous. its deepest point its atleast 10 feet deep. Its shallowest at only 2. a volleyball net is streatched halfway across, where its only about 3 feet deep, it level untill about 4-5 feet after the net, The pool itself being atleast 30 feet long and 15 feet wide.

    The 'livingroom' is enormous, equipped much like a movie theater. A wall littrally covered in DVDs, all accessable by a very, very tall sliding ladder. The screen the movies are played on is the size of an actually movie projection screen....only its an HD plasma screen TV. 3-D capabilities enabled.

    The bedrooms Are quite intriguing, and quite spacious....each has two beds, bunk or seperate. some right next to eachother to make one large bed that can be seperated if desired. Along with the beds ,thers a window viewing the outside, a pair of mini-fridges that restock with whatever seems to be on the occupent's mind, the room itself actually changes one half of the room to their likings.

    The island itself is interesting as well, as it seems you can cover great distances with little effort or time. Yet, if wanted, you can travel at whatever pace you want. (it seems that in an emergency however, you are restricted to only being able to move as fast as your feet/wings/abilities can carry you)

    Apparently however, some natural disaster occured, leaving the building, and the island intact, but inhabited. sure, there are insects and other animals, but no other people. Though these people never truely existed in "Mindscape" but the records are there, ending at a certain point in the timeline suddenly, as though they left. apparently they had left the island to other worlds due to some unforseen and undecribed incident. All this is the history and appearance of "Mindscape" the world where we now live. Survive whats thrown at you, meet new people, and possibly find love or enemies. all that, is up to you. For Mindscape, is just as its name suggests:

    All in your mind, and the minds of others.


    So, sound interested? There will of cource be rules, which I will post in the actual thread, along with the signup sheet, this thread is just to see who's interested in joining.

    even though the thread died along time ago...I will continue on the memory of the "Arr, I Be A Pirate" RP! ARRR!


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    Old February 10th, 2008 (6:15 PM).
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    This belongs in the Discussion thread.

    If you'd like to make an OoC thread, please wait for the actual RP to be accepted.

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