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Old April 20th, 2008 (1:57 PM).
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Here is how the Championship will run:

First we start off with 4 groups of 3, groups A, B, C and D. Every group member fights eachother once and the one that comes out of these heats with the least points is out.

We then have 2 winners from each group, giving us 8 people going onto the next round.

To weed those 8 down, the second highest scoring member from each group will fight eachother, whilst the highest scoring members do the same.

This will half us again, and give us 4 Semi-finalists. The winners of those obviously will go through to the Final - and the winner of that is this year's Champion.

Who is in what group and who will be battling whom will be announced in this forum. A topic will be created by moi in one of the battle arenas for each battle, you must follow the description of the arena from the forum description - you're free to use the arena surroundings to your advantage of course.

If a post is questionable, and your opponent brings up a bad point about it - it will be looked into and if you have broken a rule, you'll be forced to edit or forfeit.

Trainer Profiles:

Jared Carver
Age: 18
Home Town: Pacifildog Town
Description: Around 6 feet tall. Sleek, short, dark hair is partly covered by the all-too-familiar Pokemon League trainer hats. A pair of abnormal dark blue eyes hid behind the messy long bangs. A loose fitting blue jacket covered over a plain white shirt. Dark blue jeans reach all the way down to the ground, met by a pair of worn running shoes.

History: Jared was abandon when he was still an infant, before his parent’s mysteriously disappeared. Jared was adopted by a rich couple that didn’t have any child. He was put into the famous Pokemon school against his wills; though he didn’t regret it. He met his childhood sweetheart at the age of 15 and graduated at the top of his class.
Jared played a small role in the battle against the alien invasion with his only Pokemon at the time, Squirtle, and was knock into a coma where he didn’t wake up in three years, at the age of 18. He found his childhood sweetheart had disappeared without a trace and decide to go on a journey as a Pokemon Trainer to find her.

Strategy: Jared likes to think outside of the box, performing attacks to get other effects instead of the primary ones. Jared's cunnings and knowledge of Pokemon allow him to find loopholes in the best attacking patterns around. Jared also prefer to annoy the opponent with a series of defensive manuvers, while slowly but steadily chipping away the opponent's health and spirits.


Gender- Female
Hidden Power - Bug/Poision

Most reliable, great for battles. Uses its Silver Wind and Gist combo to confuse, than Stun Spores and Uses his Hidden Power- Sludge Bomb!

Gender- Male
Hidden Power- Normal/Flying

Fast, uses his quick Quick Attack, then Hyper Fangs. If at low HP, uses Endeavor, then hits with his special move Aerial Ace!

Gender- Female (obviously)
Hidden Power- Ground

Uses Flatter, then Crunches. Fury Swipes can destroy, and sometimes uses its Specila Move Earthquake.

Wigglytuff (SHINY)
Gender- Female
Hidden Power- Grass/Poison
Special Move- Perish Song

Uses Perish Song, then retreats, or uses Sludge Bomb or Razor Leaf to destroy opponentws. Then, uses sing and pounds away with Razor Leaf.

Dugtrio (SHINY)
Gender- Male
Hidden Power- Normal
Special Move- Outrage

Uses Fissure, then Slashes the opponent into the hole. If hes got enought room, then he easily can Outrage on it, then use a quick Tackle attack to finish them off.

Gender- Male
Hidden Power- Fighting
Special Move- Encore

Pounds away with Doubleslap, then when opponents use useless attacks, Poliwhirl uses encore. After that, Focus Punch pounds them while attacking, and Hydro Pump is a FINISHER!

Gender- Female
Hidden Power- Water
Special Move- Mind Reader

Uses Mind Reader to tell moves, then counters with either Water Gun, Sludge Bomb, or Razor Leaf.

Gender- Male
Hidden Power- Electric

Uses Thunderbolt on Water-Types, or Hydro Pump on other Types. While versing steels, uses Flamethrower, and when doing anything else, uses Psychic

Shellder (SHINY)
Gender- Male
Hidden Power- Ice
Special Move: Spikes

Uses Spikes when opponent tries to retreat, then hammers with Icicle Spear. Ice Beam kills opponents, and then Double Team confuses opponents.

Gender- NONE
Hidden Power- Grass

Kills with Solarbeam, then reflects with Mirror Coat. Explosion easily kills, but himselfg. Thunder is an easy pain-giver.

Gender- Male
Hidden Power- Rock

Uses an easy Rock Tomb to destroy, but uses Shock Wave and Flamethrower to also hurt anything else. Sludge Bomb easily destroys thinggs.

Gender- NONE
Hidden Power- Psychic
Special Move- Superpower

Uses SUperpower on everything, but also uses great attacksw such as Psychic, Water Pulse, and Confuse Ray.

Gender- Male
Hidden Power- Ice

Uses Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, and Dragon Rage to destriy naby things, but Thunder Wave paralyzes which is useful.

Gender- ??
Hidden Power- Flying

Uses Fly to attacck from aerial, but Mega Darin and Ancientpower are useful too, and then Mud Shot easily can kill things.

Gender- Female
Hidden Power- Flying

Usese Wing Attack and Thundert Wave as a quick combbo, then Hyhper Beams things and Double-Edges.

Gender- Male
Hidden Power- Water

Water Pulse can confuse, while Close Combat and Wing Attack can do damage. Eventually, he has the power to use Hydro Cannon AND that attack easily kills.

Gender- Maloe
HIdden Power- Fire

Flamethrower can burn, while Thunder and Earthquake can do damage.
Eventually, he has the power to use Blast Burn AND that attack easily kills.

Gender- Male
Hidden Power- Grass

Razor Leaf can poison (???), while Rock Tomb and Earthquake can do damage.
Eventually, he as the power to use Fernz Plant AND that attack easily kills.
Thank you so much Super~Sonic!
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Old April 22nd, 2008 (2:55 PM).
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I'm sorry, but the roleplay that corresponds to this thread was never accepted, as far as I can tell. Actually, it seems like you never even posted the actual roleplay, and this hardly has sufficient plot to stand alone at the moment.


Please stop making excess threads in the Lounge, or else I will ask for the lounge to be moderated just like the main roleplay forums.
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