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Old February 21st, 2009 (3:41 AM). Edited February 28th, 2009 by JesusLuvsU.
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Please steal any of my ideas you like =)

Im still new to coding, the forum and many other things in life, go easy on me (if ive done anything wrong let me know and i'l try to correct it)

Game Name
Pokemon Steel'chu Edition

'Genetically evolved pokemon are on the run, causing a havoc and nusence within the new pokemon world'
Before anyone gets cranky or asks, theres no 'fakemon' just slightly altered origionals

story description included in screen capture

Screen captures

Crystal Onix Miniature Movie


With Thanks/Credits
To alot of people and there games that have inspired me, expecially the people who were involved in pokemon essentials package.

Please criticize all you want, as it will help me get better and to make improvements. =)
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Old February 21st, 2009 (12:56 PM). Edited February 21st, 2009 by Rabbit.
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I've been playing the demo for a little while and I made a list of glitches and random annoying things.

#1: Grammar and spelling! You really need someone to edit this asap.

At the train stop

- the music is incredibly quiet compared to the the music in the previous scene
- every time the character faces the exit, he gets prompted to ask someone about where he is, but there's no-one at the train stop to ask - this stumped me for a few minutes. ;

Rainy village

- the exit from the train station takes you to a spot on the path one square above the bottom. It's a little strange.
- you can walk over the round trees if you approach from the top.
- the way the houses are scattered around is a little uncomfortable. They feel like obstacles. I think it would be better if you lined them up in horizontal rows instead, and added streets.
- most of the top houses in the middle section lack a working door.
- the red streetlamps take up a lot of space. You could move them left/right 8 pixels so that the player could get around them.
- the player's movement is a little jerky.


- the scientist's girlfriend tells the player about a secret passage? If you go around telling every stranger about your secret passages, they won't be secret anymore.
- the prompt the player gets is "looks like the place is about to fall down, better get out of here!" But, for some reason, he isn't allowed to exit through the door. Instead he goes to the basement. That's not a smart thing to do.
- when naming the Pikachu, its gender isn't visible.


- why is the first thing the player says in the basement a comment on the Pikachu's appearance?
- why are there ninjas in the basement?
- why is there an 'apprentice scientist' giving out free heals in a ninja-ridden basement?
- the player has to walk over the book in the healing centre to read it. That's unusual for Pokemon games - most things are observed with use of the A button.
- why are there so many different wild Pokemon in the basement? And a Phione, of all things.
- the animation for paralyzed Pokemon is missing.
- the thunder wave animation is incorrect.
- the constantly changing screen wipes are a little distracting.
- when the player moves around, the sides of the screen tend to wiggle, revealing black.
- the player can walk over all of the rocks. And over the stairs. The stairs don't seem to work at all.
- some repel would be nice.
- when reaching the end of the far-right stairsm the player gets the same prompt he got when entering the room. It should be a one-time prompt, because the player can't leave the basement through that entrance like the prompt is telling him to.

Outside, at last

- when walking through puddles and ordinary lawn grass, the player throws up green bits as though walking through tall grass.
- there are wild Pokemon everywhere. This makes it difficult to get around quickly because of all of the random encounters.
- the animation for rain falling isn't visible during battles. Same for the attack 'sweet scent'. The quick attack animation is incorrect.
- the animation for throwing Pokeballs and catching wild Pokemon isn't quite correct.
- again, the player can walk over tops of the trees.
- the hedge fence rides right over the trees at the edges of the map.
- tall grass doesn't wiggle the way it ought to when the player walks through it.
- when approaching the stairs to the basement, the player is re-prompted.
- the tiles you're using for the trees inside the hedge fence should be transparent near the top, but they aren't, which is visible when one stands against a hedge fence. This is probably causing the glitch that lets the player walk on top of trees.
- at the end of the route, the player is prompted again, suggesting that the exit shouldn't work, but it does anyway.


- my Leafeon doesn't have any abilities.
- all Pokemon are missing information for when I met them.
- the animation for changing the order of your Pokemon isn't quite correct.
- 4th gen sprites look distorted, like you shrunk them.

I'm still playing through it. It's taking a while because there's no speed button (curse you, annoying random encounters) and the grunts in the next scene are ridiculously strong compared to the wild Pokemon I've been fighting.

I like the music and the Pikachu's dual-typing, which makes it an incredibly useful Pokemon. Nice work on recolouring the crystal Onix - it really looks like it's made out of crystal. Roxanne uses an onix, though, and hers looks the same - you might want to fix that.

The lack of ordinary towns with ordinary PokeMarts and PokeCentres near the beginning of the game is a little annoying.

The story sounds like it has potential, but the way it appears in the game is a little superficial. Why are there ninjas in the basement? Why are there ninjas elsewhere? Why does the scientist say he has no space for a third Pokemon when they can be kept in PokeBalls the size of ping-pong balls? Why did the protagonist miss his train stop, and why didn't he just wait for the next train?

dreaming again
of a train track ending at the edge of the sea
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Old February 21st, 2009 (4:12 PM).
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haha cool, i'l fix them in the morning but right now im soooo drunk X_X

Thanks for testing and getting back to me btw (Y) *thumbs up*
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Old February 21st, 2009 (5:01 PM).
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By the way the ow you are using is an edit of the one Neo eras uses which was made by
rm2k3kid. Make sure to credit him.
Pokemon Ryen
We're back!

You've waited and now we're back!

Stay tuned!

Stuff that i've been kepping secret from PC.
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Old February 21st, 2009 (6:09 PM).
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erm, I tried the demo and it seemed good to begin with. The story line was a little weird, what with the ninjas, but ut was compelling enough to keep me playing. Until I found out that you can't take more than three steps without running into a pokemon, seemingly picked at random from the pokedex. The big flaw is that you just need to lower the rate of encounters, especially given how much of the first area is "tall grass"

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Old February 27th, 2009 (10:03 AM).
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Your mapping needs alot of work. Also the fact that you put annoying events everywhere doesn't help. Also the encounter rate is too high.
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Old February 27th, 2009 (10:26 AM). Edited February 28th, 2009 by JesusLuvsU.
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Yup i know, im working on it
If anyone has any ideas for events for example crystal onix type ones (red gyardos too)
feel free to let me know =)

Crystal Onix Miniature Movie
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Old March 23rd, 2009 (12:43 PM).
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Close thread plz, too busy with other things and not good enough at scripts etc to do anymore to the game

Steal my ideas or anything, i dont mind <3
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Old March 27th, 2009 (11:15 AM).
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What does "genetically evolved" mean? Do you mean "genetically altered"?
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Old March 27th, 2009 (2:56 PM).
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Originally Posted by Gale View Post
What does "genetically evolved" mean? Do you mean "genetically altered"?
yeh havnt thought about it much, was just an idea at the spur of the moment type thing
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