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Old September 4th, 2009 (9:32 AM). Edited September 10th, 2009 by parallelzero.
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Just a note that this RP is private. Only Loki, Gummy and myself may post here.


To humanity, the unknown is like a plague they must eliminate. They strive to learn all they can using whatever means possible, and that’s what makes humanity a dangerous race. But, it is impossible for humans to learn everything, as there are some things that can even hide from plain sight. But just because people can see these things normally, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be affected. The supernatural affects the human world every day, be it a young girl being prayed on by a vampire, a ghost haunting a building, or something even worse. These events, however, due to a lack of proof, tend to go unexplained.

But why? There are ways for humans to identify these things through means other than sight and sound, and as their technology grows it becomes even more of an issue. The truth is that there are groups of “people” that do cover-up, cleaning up the messes of any supernatural phenomena that may occur in their area. These “people” aren’t usually people at all, but rather phenomena themselves. This maintains an important balance, so that humans don’t discover more than they need to know…

BUT WHO CARES? This is only setting the basis for out story anyways!

Getting down to the important stuff: our story takes place in the city of Yamaguchi, more specifically Kuriya High in its Nazkian District. Here, a special student club was formed with the intention of keeping the paranormal in Yamaguchi down to a hush, while hiding their own strange identities at the same time. Composed of a werewolf, a witch, a spectre, and a necromancer, this strangely put-together unit hunts the supernatural and puts them in their place! …or something like that.


Age: (15-18)
Race: (If you have abilities, describe those too)
Medium: (For witch and necromancer only)
Appearance: (Anime image required along with a brief description)

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Old September 5th, 2009 (11:11 PM). Edited September 7th, 2009 by Loki.
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Name: Suzuki Yuuta
Age: 16
Race: Necromancer - Yuuta is able to summon dead souls he has collected for himself via the keys on his ring. His current power capacity allows only one living dead who can think for himself and looks like a normal human. Otherwise, it allows for many living dead who are mindless skeletons. He cannot summon the dead whom he has not received the key to their souls for, though he can forcefully take the key of a dead soul should he learn their name and the date they died.
Medium: Much like a prison guard, Yuuta carries a set of skeleton keys with him on a thin ring of silver that has an approximate diameter of five inches. Each skeleton key is subtly different in shape and design, and are constantly hooked onto the belt loop sitting on his right hip. Around his neck is a single skeleton key on a silver necklace chain, the silver key plain and unmarked by any extra decorations.

Appearance: With messy black hair that shines teal in the sunlight, a pair of rectangular black rimmed glasses, and sharp eyes, Yuuta is every bit the stereotypical student council president. Ah, except for the fact that he’s not the student council president. But he certainly looks like he could be. The cool, blue-gray eyes that are constantly glaring at everything in sight are absolutely unmistakable- not to mention the malicious glimmer that seems to constantly grace them. Standing at 5’6”, Yuuta may not be the tallest kid in his grade, but he’s plenty fine with that. If he so chose, he could push the tallest kid into an oncoming subway and then capture his soul- same difference, as far as our little necromancer is concerned. The same deal with the strongest kid. Sports simply aren’t Yuuta’s forte, but that’s nothing that rains on the lanky teen’s parade. Again, subways are very useful for multiple things. Moving on however, there’s one particularly peculiar thing about Yuuta that sets him apart from species’ like wizards and witches, who also take on humanoid forms. Yuuta is not simply a child who learned the art of necromancy, but is one with both the power and lineage. While he can easily shift them to look flatter, Yuuta’s teeth are naturally sharp- much like a shark’s. The chompers don’t yet serve any real purpose, but they do indicate when Yuuta uses his powers, whether it be summoning a dead soul or peering at another’s aura.

Personality: Irritable. That’s probably the first word that comes to anybody’s mind when they think of Yuuta, who seems to always have a sour look on his face. Not just his face, either- He himself is extremely hard to please. It seems like nothing at all can bring a smile to his severe, tight-lipped mouth. For anything but a snide remark, or maybe a long-winded string of insults and rude speech to be spoken by Yuuta is a rarity for most people, especially since this top-notch grouch just doesn’t seem to have an ounce of consideration in him. He could give a rat’s ass what you think of him, and he could give less than that over what you’ll do about it. Yuuta marches to the beat of his own drum, and he’s always ready to stomp all over anyone in his way without looking back. To be more accurate, he’ll stomp all over anyone in his way without ever noticing them, really. He’s just not a very observant guy, and he’s not really gonna give you the time of day. Some, the very few in the vast world, are able to see Yuuta’s softer side however. He’s quick to smile around those that he actually enjoys being in the company of, and he’s quite the amiable person. However, it takes so much effort to break past Yuuta’s first line of defense, whether it’s really worth the effort of getting past the raging exterior is a contemplation that could lead a debate club in circles for months. Regardless, Yuuta is a terrible, terrible procrastinator. If you give him something to be done in a week, he won’t finish it until the hour you need it done. If he even gets it done. Always the type of student to hand in things late without caring how much of a headache they’re causing for their teacher, Yuuta just doesn’t like getting off his ass. There’s almost nothing that’ll motivate him to actually do what he needs to. Only the occasional, whimsical spurt of “wow I’m really bored,” or, “my butt is getting numb from sitting too long,” will convince him to get up and do his homework or his job. Honestly, he doesn’t really give a damn whether it inconveniences you, him, her, it, that- it’s not like it’s any of his business. Truly the mindset of a child who’s been spoiled since birth, Yuuta seems more high-maintenance than a girlfriend! He truly seems like the guy who never has any energy for anything but getting angry, has no drive for living, and is honestly better off dead, like his subordinates.

History: Humans are weak- inferior. Their souls have but only one purpose- to be used by necromancers for their convenience. Such was the impression that Yuuta had carried with him from the very beginning. Born into a wealthy family with a touch of noble blood, pride was second nature to him. His servants all looked human enough. In fact, everyone in the house looked alive and well. They had their own personalities, moved about without being commanded to, and to the human eye, it would appear as if there were many lives, passionately burning away in the Suzuki Manor. In truth however, there were only two, living people. Two people who had been out shopping for Christmas presents the day the fire engulfed the old manor, which stood as a burnt wreckage in tribute on the edge of the city. One of these people was Yuuta himself, who lived under a self sustained delusion that not a single corpse walked the marble floors- and the other, his grandfather, who was an old, powerful necromancer who could as good as give life to the spirits under his control. That was just the matter, however. Not a soul in the world could give life back to someone who had perished, and Yuuta woke every morning to hear those words pounded into him by the strict gentleman who would stand tall and regard him coolly. The gentleman who stood rigidly straight and burned manners, knowledge, and necromancy into the young Yuuta. Despite his harshness, Yuuta could see only him. He could look right past the body that was his Mother, who would smile and ask Yuuta what he’d been up to for the day. He could walk right past his older brother Jin, who would walk on past, reading a book that he’d retain only so long as he was under his grandfather’s control. The one he wanted to see wasn’t in either the woman who gave him life, or his brother, who resembled their flaxen haired mother. The one Yuuta had always wanted to see was Father. “I can’t do that,” Grandfather would say, shaking his head again and again whenever Yuuta would ask to see him, “I don’t possess the key to his soul.” No matter what Yuuta did, what he asked or talked about, the location of the key to his father’s soul was kept strictly secret. In fact, it was well-known that not even Grandfather knew where it was. Years passed, and Yuuta entered middle school after a complete home tutoring throughout his younger years by tutors summoned by his grandfather. The local lonewolf, his reputation was well known for being someone you just didn’t approach without a good reason to lose your neck. All except for Kosuke Shibata, who could bother Yuuta however much he liked without getting dragged to hell by twenty odd skeletons. He was the real wolf. Such was Yuuta’s inherent ability. He could not tap life from his own powers, like his Grandfather, but he could see the souls attached to their mortal containers- or more like the aura’s they emitted from being inside those bodies. Between Yuuta’s natural sight and Kosuke’s sociable nature, by highschool Kosuke had finally gotten his club organized. A witch, a necromancer, a spectre, and a werewolf. Thus, the Supernatural Investigations Organization was born.

Other: Yuuta owns a black cat named Aya, who often follows him around.

Name: Shibata Kosuke
Age: 16
Race: Pretty much your textbook definition werewolf, Kosuke was bitten by one of his kind many many years ago. The only real difference between Kosuke and the book definition is that he can freely transform between his furry form, and he can even decide just how far that transformation goes. Maybe some sharp claws, and pointy canines? No problem! Minus the fur? Sure thing! The only time when Kosuke can’t control himself at all is on a full moon, in which he loses his free will and transforms into the true form of the werewolf. With heightened senses, Kosuke’s main downfall is his inability to see colors. Or more like, the fact that he can only see blues and yellows in faded shades- again, like dogs.

Appearance: (Anime image required along with a brief description)

Personality: Smart? That’s not really the best way to describe the were. A jock through and through, books just don’t agree with Kosuke, and his knack for retaining information is near nonexistent. Every year during testing, he pushes his ability to memorize and understand things to the very limit, and he still manages to score low-medium grades that don’t exactly impress anyone. It may take Kosuke days to actually get a joke when it’s first told, but he’s the type who’ll laugh whether he knows what’s funny or not. Strategy and plans don’t make sense to him, as he prefers to take action first, and ask questions later. An optimist in this sense, he faithfully believes that any damage done by not thinking things through can eventually be solved- and if it can’t be solved, then it’s not worth losing any sleep over. Kind of cheesy and goofy, he’s got a motto- a real, straight up motto that he’s not afraid to share. “Regret what you’ve done, not what you haven’t.” Constantly on the look out for new things to try, adventure is the curious puppy’s calling, and if it involves a chance for him to prove himself, you can be sure that he’ll take the bait. Backing down from a challenge isn’t his style, but don’t be mistaken; Kosuke is level-headed and calm, compared to what one might expect from him. His undefeatable smile is usually the winning shot that earns him friends and admirers, along with an uncanny ability to light up the room with just his presence. To be quite honest however, Kosuke’s ‘cheer-up’ factor ends there. Clumsy with words, Kosuke has a hard time putting the way he feels into words, and usually gets in trouble due to the fact that he can never explain himself properly. In short, he doesn’t help much when it comes to emotional suffering, simply because he can’t solve other peoples’ problems when he hasn’t yet solved his. His imagination is rather boxed in, and he can never think outside of the box if it isn’t straightforward. As such, word problems in school often trip him up to no end, and with his diligence and determination to never give up, Kosuke can end up mulling over one problem for an entire class period without even realizing that time has slipped right through his fingers. A little spacey in this sense, it’s not rare for someone to think of Kosuke as someone who doesn’t really have a good hold on reality. And he doesn’t. He prefers to block out the things he can’t handle, rather than face the head on, and he prefers to run away from things that frighten him, rather than overcome the fear. Of course, he would never let anyone know about this cowardly side to him, and so he pretends that he likes to rush into hopeless situations head on. In fact, there’s probably nobody else worrying more about the outcome than Kosuke is!

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