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Charmed, I'm Sure (Mono Normal)

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Old May 7th, 2011 (5:00 PM).
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I've been thinking about doing a team revolving around the move Charm and I think I've finally got one down.

Lopunny@ Lum Berry/Chople Berry
Cute Charm
Jolly nature
Mirror Coat
Magic Coat
Lopunny is one of my three charmers. Her job is to Charm physical threats that may attack Snorlax. This way, he can get out a Belly Drum and receive minimal damage from the attack. Her Magic Coat is a self-defense mechanism for herself, bouncing back any entry hazzards or Taunt that comes toward her. Mirror Coat is for bouncing back special attacks at Ghosts with the exception of Sableye, and Spiritomb, and Return is for STAB.
HP:6 Attack:12 Defense:28 Sp.D:212 Speed:252

Snorlax@ Sitrus Berry
Adamant nature
Belly Drum
Body Slam
Fire Punch
Zen Headbutt
Snorlax is my physical sweeper. His job is to work with Lopunny in order to get out a Belly Drum and sweep. He has Body Slam for the STAB and the added paralysis effect that Return does not offer, Fire Punch for hitting Steel types, and Zen Headbutt for fighting types.
HP:80 Attack:252 Defense:60 Sp.D:100 Speed:18

Blissey@ Leftovers
Serene Grace
Calm nature
Helping Hand
At first glance, you'd realize that this isn't your standard Blissey. Her purpose in my team is mainly to aid Chatot's double targetting attacks through the use of Helping Hand. I gave her Softboiled as a recovery move and Refresh to clear status. Psychic is for Fighting types and so that Taunt doesn't ruin her completely.
HP:252 Sp.A:100 Sp.D:100 Speed:58

Chatot@ Metronome
Tangled Feet
Timid nature
Feather Dance
Hyper Voice
Heat Wave
Chatot is both my special sweeper and my second charmer. His job is to use Feather Dance, which opperates exactly as Charm does, to give Blissey room to use Helping Hand. Once that's done, he proceeds to sweeping with the help of Blissey. Chatter is for Fighting types and receives STAB, Hyper Voice hits two pokemon and receives STAB, and Heat Wave hits two pokemon as well as Steel types super-effectively.
Sp.A:252 Sp.D:6 Speed:252

Delcatty@ Silk Scarf
Cute Charm
Heal Bell
Fake Out
Delcatty is my third and final charmer, but she also opperates as a Cleric. Delcatty's moveset is the most versatile in the team, as she can work with most of the members well by buying them time with Fake Out. But with Noctowl, her main job is to Fake Out one pokemon while Noctowl Hypnotizes the other. She has Charm for the sleeping one, while Noctowl burns the other.
Attack:118 Sp.D:140 Speed:252

Noctowl@ Flame Orb
Modest nature
Dream Eater
Psycho Shift
Air Slash
Noctowl's job is to pass burn to all of my opponents physical threats. I have Hypnosis and Dream Eater as a means of self-recovery once the burn takes too much of a toll on him, and as a way of dealing with burn absorbers. Air Slash is for an offensive STAB move and to stop pokemon that resist sleep.
HP:252 Sp.A:106 Sp.D:132 Speed:20

*Pictures will be added later, I'm on my Wii*

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Old May 9th, 2011 (5:55 PM).
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Your team is really going to need a lot of reworking, especially if you want to be successful in the metagame. Fighting-types are really incredibly prevalent in this metagame (10/53 OU Pokémon are Fighting-type) and each one flat-out throttles your team. Charm is not a sanctioned defense against any of these Pokémon. And moves like Psychic on Blissey? a) Blissey will die before it can use that and b) it won't even do enough to OHKO anything except maybe a -SpD nature Toxicroak with a 0 IV in Special Defense. Really, you can't run a mono-Normal team and expect it to be effective. I mean, you really can't run any kind of mono-team and expect to be useful but Normal is especially bad because it has no good coverage, resistances, anything. It's bland and really wouldn't be too hard for any dedicated team this generation to beat.

tl;dr this team needs a lot of work/change from mono-normal if you want to be successful
Old May 9th, 2011 (9:05 PM).
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charmed kind of sucks a lot to base a team around, so i would probably change that. im way too lazy / forgetful to remember what builds to post, but you are probably competent enough to go to and find the appropriate pokemon and list of builds for said pokemon, so ill leave taht up to you. but basically, drop delcatty, its useless in every sense of the word. tauros would be infinitely better here since it can actually have a moveset that is more useful than george bush's presidency.

secondly, noctowl is equally terrible, yeah hypnosis is fun with 60% accuracy, but when you rely on that your better off just throwing rocks as hard as you can out your window and hoping one of them hits the opponent youre playing in real life, because you have a better chance of winning that way. if you want the ground immunity, dodrio is a much stronger choice, or even swellow, who can abuse the flame orb via guts and do massive amounts of damage.

lastly, lickilicky is a really good normal pokemon i found, when i had a mono normal team of my own. its got a gigantic movepool, so you can really take advantage of that to fill in weak spots on your team and take care of bigger threats / provide tons of coverage. its also pretty bulky so it can act as a makemuk really flimsy paper mache wall in a pinch.

lopunny is also kinda cool but use trickeroo + klutz + some sort of damaging orb (burn orb) to cripple physical attackers as they pretty much shred through your team in a given second.

ps sorry if this sounds condescending

pps hi everyone.

ppps sorry for all the post scripts

pppps last one, not trying to thread hijack.
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