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Draconius GO
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Old June 21st, 2012 (4:15 AM). Edited June 21st, 2012 by Skystrike.
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My last thread here ended a bit abruptly because I didn't have the proper tiles. Well, with a small bit of work already done (graphically), I present to you...


Author: Final Destination
Engine used: RMXP
Version: It's in it's beginning stages.

Before I continue, please read what's in the below spoiler!

Thank you.

There's a story behind everything
You are a Charmander living in the small village of Pokémon Village. Unlike most heroes that you've heard of, who were just humans in Pokémon costume, you are not a hero. Nor have you ever been a human. Pokémon Village is in the Lowmina Region, which has always been peaceful and free of humans. However, in ancient times, it wasn't always like that. A powerful army formed back then, and anyone who got in their way was killed. Their actions split up the region, and as they collected the 16 Plates, humans and Pokémon fought, humans and humans fought, and Pokémon and Pokémon fought each other. Arceus, deeply upset with the latest conflicts, decided to purge the humans for Lowmina, as that wasn't the first time an evil team or army tried to use Arceus for their own needs. To do such a thing, it would need to become the Rainbow Arceus, also known as the Primal Arceus. As Arceus predicted, said army came to the Beginning Shrine and approached it. No one knows what happened next, but the old Pokemon called it "the second coming of Primal Lord Arceus".

In modern times, an Alakazam, who is the region's wisest Pokémon, has sent an Abra to collect Nectar that hasn't been made into sweet sweet honey from the Forest of Hope. After the Abra doesn't come back, Alakazam, who is weak to Bug types, asks Charmander and his long time friend Squirtle to go and find Abra for him. When they find a green solid plate and bring it to Alakazam, Squirtle and Charmander must become an exploration team and go around Lowmina to collect the other plates before a band of three evil Pokemon, Team Slashers do. Along the way, you will befriend other Pokémon that will help you. Will Slashers succeed or will you stop the 3rd coming of Primal Arceus?

What sets this game apart from others? Huh? HUH?!
  • Travel around the region of Lowmina! Along the way you will recruit new Pokémon.
  • Uses a different battle system than the regular games
  • Recruit wild Pokémon that's not automatically put in your party, more on that later. ;D
  • Pixel movement, Diagonal movement, Caterpillar
  • Doesn't use the Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit!
The region of Lowmina!
Where do I live, where do they live, etc.

{insert regional map here}
  • Pokémon Village
  • Forest of Hope
  • Plain Plains
  • Grand Factory
  • Arctic Lake
  • Icefall Cave
  • The Seas
  • Magma Pillar
  • Magma Volcano
  • Raiden Swamp
  • Raiden Mountain
  • Great Abyss
  • Tempest Shrine
  • Tempest Kingdom
  • Mt. Quake
  • Quake Cave
  • Mt. Quake Peak
  • Tower of Eternal Nightmare
  • Beginning Shrine
  • Temporal and Spacial Shrine

Help Wanted
Be part of a project
This is what I need right now:
Mapper (1) -- I got covered for the most part, but if you want to help, I need proof. PM me!
As I need them, I will post new positions!

Proof of a new beginning

Final Team:158:
8 different Pokemon of 8 different types and later, the other 9 will join you. Which ones will join you?
Charmander - Fire
Squirtle - Water
Treecko - Grass
Eevee - Normal
{Evolve Eevee to Jolteon or}Shinx - Electric
{Evolve Eevee to Espeon or} Kadabra - Psychic
Machop - Fighting

Production Team:
Me ~ Mapping, Spriting, Eventing, etc.
{Your name here}

Thanks for looking

I lack toast and am tolerant

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    this kinda reminds me pokemon red rescue team. good luck pal !
    Old July 3rd, 2012 (1:25 PM).
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    Closing this as per request of the owner. They have lost their files sadly.

    she's the greatest adventure I'll ever know
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