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1st Gen What part annoyed you the most in R/B/Y?

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Old June 23rd, 2012 (2:00 PM).
playinpokemon playinpokemon is offline
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    Same with the person above, I hated the caves. Especially the one you needed flash for, I never would get flash and I memorized that stupid cave so I wouldn't have to use flash lol
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      Fighting through trainers that have 6 pokemon...
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      xplayer20 xplayer20 is offline
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        In Pokemon Yellow:
        -Training before Brocks Gym with either Caterpee (>butterfree confusion), Mankey (low kick) or Nidoran (double kick)
        -Dark cave before Lavender Town. Zubats annoying the hell out of me
        -Power Plant with Electrodes and Voltorb self destructing
        -Sabrina gym fight
        -Silph Co teleporting
        -Bikers path
        -Cinnabar Island building with Raticate's hyper fanging all over...
        -Cave before Pokemon League
        -Training before Pokemon League (boring and takes ages)
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        In Pokemon Red...

        -Idiot opponents
        -Rock Tunnel (Granted, I just refused to use Flash)
        -SURF! You know how LONG it took me to figure out what I was supposed to do once I beat Fuschia??? I had NO IDEA about the Surf HM in Safari Zone! >:(

        Can't think of anything else off-hand.
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        The Special stat. I mean really.
        Multi-hit moves always being crits if the first one was, that was really annoying.
        Just...all of the oddities of the battle system.

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        Teh Best Wartortle
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          - The Saffron City guard (Took me forever until I checked on the internet)

          -Team Rocket Hideout (Drove me crazy with all those warps)

          -Silph Co. (Very confusing)

          Credits: XxXRy0MaEcHiZenXxX
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          bluebandit216 bluebandit216 is offline
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            The fact that I could give someone a piece of paper that said, bike, on it, and he would accept that rather than 1,000,000,000 pokedollars.
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              Originally Posted by bluebandit216 View Post
              The fact that I could give someone a piece of paper that said, bike, on it, and he would accept that rather than 1,000,000,000 pokedollars.
              It's 1000000P, not 10^9P. Also, you could never hold that much, only 999999. I tried by spamming Pay Day and found out the hard way.
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                Actually getting a bike. My brother kept telling me it was easy, but I could never figure out how. X,x; I always got him to do it instead.

                Caves with Zubats, Hikers with Geodudes/Onix, etc. I really hated the cave to Lavender Town. I would use flash, but it still annoyed me. I got mad one time because once you leave the cave, there's like three or four trainers on the way to Lavender Town. All of my Pokémon would be really beat up. It was hard for my 8-year-old mind to avoid trainers. xD

                Silph. Co.

                When hard to catch Safari Zone Pokémon such as Chansey and Kangaskhan run away. >,<

                Fighting Brock when my strongest Pokémon was Pikachu.

                Having to go through the Cinnabar Island Mansion. My younger mind never understood why a key is buried in an abandoned mansion that unlocks a building close to it.
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                  Zubat is up there... but I would have to say Lt. Surge's gym. It was so annoying to not randomly get the right trash can. On the other side though, it was so exciting when you got it on your first try!

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                    Probably Lt. Surge's gym. It still annoys me from time to time even to this day, where as other times it could just take me but a few seconds to figure it out. However the first time I made it to Unknown Dungeon I didn't have any Pokemon that knew Dig nor did I have any Escape Ropes and on top of that no Max Repels so needless to say it took me a while to get out of there. >.>

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                      Probably nothing. I played it as a child and loved it.

                      But I would have to say; I was in Prep and people who were in grade 6 were showing me this game called 'Pokemon', they jumped of a ledge in the game and told me you press the middle of the D-pad. So, me being naive and all (Hey, I was like 5) I went out and got the game for my birthday only to find out that you couldn't jump. That annoyed me the most. xD

                      Oh! Or the fact I was a very poor reader and had a hard time beating the game.
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                        Long surfings - Tentacools. Opponents who have six bug pokemon(This is especially annoying if your starter is bulbasaur). And of course, rival.
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                        death_note death_note is offline
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                          It's annoying when I miss a pokeball on a Legendary (even while asleep and low HP). And when my PC messed up and I had no choice but to restart the game..
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                          Red and Blue: Wrap, the fact that it rendered you completely immobile was a bit of bullhorn.
                          Yellow: Being forced to use PIKACHU as a starter, making BROCK, without the aid of another POKeMON, damn-near impossible.
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                            In R/B/Y I really hated Sabrina's gym. The stepping on tiles to teleport around the gym was brutal. I spent hours trying to get to her when I was little because I didn't have the strategy guide or the internet back then. Coming in a close second is Lt. Surge's trash can matching game.
                            Old July 26th, 2012 (6:41 PM).
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                              A couple of parts annoyed me actually, such as fighting Brock with only Pikachu, Sabrina's gym and also Silph Co.
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                                I hated the fact that Brock had unlimited Full Heals. I managed to poison his Geodude a lot times in a row, and he just kept spamming Full Heal. Don't they have like limited amount of items?
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                                  i hated how there was no attack animation and that you couldnt run

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                                    All the mazes were pretty serious challenges. Also, my pokémon were underleveled, so random appereances of Blue were devastating. I watched the anime sometimes, and I found annoying how Ash simply said "Evade the attack that has 99.6% of accuracy in the game, use Thunderbolt!", while my pokémon took all the damage instead of evading like Ash did.
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                                      So, when I first got Pokemon Yellow I was like 5 or 6, and I was literally SUCH AN IDIOT.

                                      I was fighting Brock and I seriously had no clue why Pikachu's thundershock wouldn't work. I would keep trying to use Thundershock and I would keep losing and I would keep going back.

                                      Also, one day I decided I would try to evolve Pikachu. I kept giving it a Thunderstone and it kept saying "Pikachu refused the stone!" and I didn't know what "refused" meant, so I would go to my dad (who was usually the one to advance the story- I would just battle random people) and be like "Well, Pikachu didn't evolve, but it refused the stone! I'm getting closer!".

                                      God, I was so dumb. Hahaha.
                                      Old August 10th, 2012 (5:20 AM).
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                                        Silph Co.

                                        I spent 4 hours in that building trying to figure out where to go.
                                        Old August 10th, 2012 (9:40 AM).
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                                          In Blue, the gym battle in Vermillion City. My Lvl 31 Wartortle was rendered useless. Oh, and I found Missingno... oops.

                                          In Yellow, I just hated Pewter City. Couldn't find a Pokemon before hand that was skilled in Grass-type attacks (bad luck on my part).
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                                            When I played Yellow for a full play through I forgot to use flash and ended up getting through Dark cave but it took ages and I ended up clearing it without any visible sight.
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                                            Old August 19th, 2012 (5:03 PM).
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                                              For me i would say the most annoying thing was the glitches of course they weren't an issue until i discovered these with my brother online lol. Anyway as fun as they were they also killed the game experience. Up until i learned of them i played my games 100% legit and beat the game the only way it should be! After learning of these glitches though as a kid i would basically neglect all pokemon besides my starter and when i got far enough into the game to visit Cinnabar Island i would use rare candies and HP UP's on all the other 5.

                                              It was fun but it really makes me feel dirty now thinking back to it lol. I have since returned to playing these games and doing it without any sort of glitch or cheat and the feeling of completing the game is so much more rewarding to me anyway.
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