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Old July 30th, 2012 (1:19 PM). Edited July 30th, 2012 by Jbsundown.
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Rating: PG/PG/K - Mostly suitable with little violence and some 'scary' moments.
Additional Info:
This story was original written by me a few months after the d/p releases. I was 10 years old at the time and when I was looking through my stuff I found a small book which I had written a story about an Eevee. The only completed story is the first story but I had planned others. I read through the first one and decided to revive it. I typed it up, lengthened and edited it. It was originally planned as a magazine/text comic story which I want to maintain whilst keeping it fully in text format.
I hope to introduce a new chapter every week.

The Adventures Of Emile The Eevee

Adventure 1: Eevee Meets Glaceon

Chapter 1: Umbreon Disagrees
Emile smiled. He had just won a competition to go and watch his favourite band, GLO, and then meet them for dinner in a restaurant nearby. This had been his dream since they had appeared in the PNM (Pokémon News Magazine) that was when they had just started out two years ago and were almost unheard of. Now they were the biggest thing ever according to Emile.
GLO were made up of three Pokémon, Glaceon; who was the lead singer, Luxray; the guitarist and Octillery; the drummer.
Eevee ran into the kitchen and told his sleepy parents, Umbreon and Vaporeon, the good news. Vaporeon thought it was a great idea and seemed almost as excited as Emile felt. But Umbreon thought differently.
“He is far too young,” said Umbreon. “He is barely 8 an-” Emile couldn’t bare to listen anymore as his ears drooped in disappointment. Emile knew that he was small for an Eevee as he was only 23CM (9 inches) and 5.4 Kilos (12 lbs). But even though he was small he felt that he was big enough to go and see GLO and nothing could stop him after he tried so hard in that competition.
“I’ll be fine!” said Emile.
“What?” said Umbreon, confused.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine as long as one of you come along.”
“But haven’t you been listening? I have work and so does your mother!”
“Then I’ll take uncle Furret with me. He’s never busy.”
“Well I can’t argue with that,” muttered Umbreon. “But uncle Furret isn’t the most responsible Pokémon exactly.”
“I say you just give the boy a chance,” Vaporeon added. “I expect you were about his age when you went on your first big adventure.”
“That’s not the point!” Umbreon said with a raised voice. “There are many trainers around who I expect would love an Eevee with them.”
“Trainers!” laughed Vaporeon. “That old wives tale again.”
Umbreon didn’t seem too happy about Vaporeon laughing at him like that. Umbreon moved closer to Vaporeon and whispered.
“I’m not sure if you remember when Noctowl next door was taken by trainers a few years ago.”
“The guy is mad! No one believes him; the poor guy probably got lost near out flying and needed some excuse so people didn’t think he was actually lost when he is supposed to be the wisest of us all.” Vaporeon replied.
“Well he was gone for 2 so if he managed to do that, then I do not think he is mad at all.” Umbreon pointed out.
“Well if Furret is with him then he will be fine. He may not be responsible but he can look after Emile I am sure.”
“So can I go then?” Interrupted Emile.
“Fine! Fine. Go then, when is this thing anyway?” Asked Umbreon.
“Three days from now is when I need to be there.”
“And where is it?”
“Salia Spire.”
Salia Spire is the capital of Atailia which is a Pokémon only Island south-east of Birth Island in the Sevii Islands.
“And how are you going to get there?” Asked Umbreon.
“We’re going to fly there from the FAS airport.” Announced Emile Triumphantly.
“Do you have a Flygon or Salamance booked?”
“Yep! It all came with the contest winners package.”
“Then I guess you had better get ready!” Smiled Umbreon. “If you’re going to need to be there in three days and pick up uncle Furret on the way.”
“You’re right, thanks Dad!” Emile said Excitedly.
Emile bounced up the stairs in excitement.
“Hooray!” He yelled. “I’m going to GLO!”
Umbreon turned away and sighed. “I just hope the boy will be fine.” He muttered.
Vaporeon moved next to her husband. “Don’t worry about him, he’ll have Furret with him. I am sure he will be fine!”
“Yeah,” Sighed Umbreon. “I guess you’re right.”
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Right, Emile the Eevee is going to watch GLO (is it based on ELO?). He is taking a Furret with him. That's pretty much all I got from here, but it is pretty good. You put it in twice though? I will be watching, and hope for good things.
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Originally Posted by docowocool View Post
Right, Emile the Eevee is going to watch GLO (is it based on ELO?). He is taking a Furret with him. That's pretty much all I got from here, but it is pretty good. You put it in twice though? I will be watching, and hope for good things.
Thanks for the feedback, GLO is simply the initials of the Pokémon in the band. Thanks for pointing out that I had put it in twice! I hadn't noticed!
Thank you! I hope to create good things also!
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Travelling with Munchlax
Two days later, Emile and Furret arrived at FAS airport so that they could fly over to Salia Spire.

“FAS airport,” said Furret in awe. “Do you know what FAS stands for Emile?”

“Isn’t it ‘Flygon and Salamance’?”

“Ah! That is what most people think!” Said Furret with a huge smile. “However, it actually stands for ‘Fly and Soar’!”

“Ooh!” Gaped Emile.

“Now then, let’s find the Salamance we need. Can you remember what one it was?” Asked Furret.

“Uhm.” Emile hurriedly checked his small backpack for the tickets. “F35” He said definitively.

They searched for the Salamance for almost an hour, and then Emile saw a sign that read “Salamances F16-F35” With an arrow pointing diagonally to the left and up.

“This way!” Emile squeaked.

They ran off towards the Salamance. Then just before they were about to step on a voice behind them boomed.


Emile and Furret spun around to see a huge Snorlax walking towards them. On the Snorlax’s shoulder there was a Munchlax. When Emile saw the Munchlax he instantly recognised him.

“Munchy?” Asked Emile.

“Emile?” Asked the Munchlax.

“It is you!” They both cried.

“What are you doing here?” Asked Emile to Munchlax.

“My dad and I are going to watch GLO! Can you believe it! What about you?”

“That’s great! Uncle Furret and I are going there as well. But I won the VIP tickets!”

“Wow!” Gawped Munchlax.

“Shall we get on then guys?” Asked Furret.

They all climbed onto the Salamance with Emile first followed by Munchlax then Furret then Snorlax. When they were all ready to take off the Salamance spread its wings and flew. Or at least attempted to, however with Snorlax on the back the Salamance struggled to get airborne. Everyone turned and looked at Snorlax but Snorlax just kept on looking forward as if nothing was happening. After two failed attempts at take off the head Flygon came towards them and asked the Salamance what was happening.

“I can’t lift them all!” Salamance said gesturing to the Snorlax at the back.

After a further 10 minutes of discussion the Flygon said that he would get the strongest Salamance to take Snorlax and fly alongside Emile’s Salamance. Snorlax agreed and finally they took off.
About 45 minutes into the flight Munchlax opened up his pack and yelled.

“Would any of you guys like some honey?”

“Yeah thanks Munchy!” Emile yelled back.

Furret just shook his head and carried on staring forwards, it seemed obvious to Emile that he didn’t like flying which made Emile feel guilty because it was his fault that Furret was here in the first place.

I’m sure he’ll enjoy the concert and the food afterwards though. Oh and the 5-star hotel as well of course!

A further 45 minutes and the Salamance started to slow. Emile looked down and saw Salia Spire. He had never been there before but he recognised it from pictures he had been shown by his family and his school friends who had been there. And there was the stadium, in pride of place on top of a huge mountain.

After landing the Salamance took off almost as soon as its passengers were off.

“Right,” Said Furret, more to himself than anyone else. “Which way is the stadium?”

The four of them studied a nearby map.

“This way.” They all said, pointing in different directions.

“This isn’t going to work.” Said Furret. “Let’s go and ask someone for directions.”

So they set off to find someone and whilst they were doing so they saw a sign reading “Salia Spire Stadium.” The sign was pointing off to the right. So they followed it until they reached the stadium.

“So this is it.” Said Furret.

“Woah….” Gasped Munchlax and Emile.

“Right,” said Furret. “Now we know where this is. I guess we need to find our hotel Emile.”

“Yeah, see you Munchy!”

“Bye!” Waved Munchlax.

Emile and Furret set off looking for their hotel.

“I’m so excited!” Squeaked Emile.

Furret smiled and said. “Me too. It should be great!”

They eventually found their hotel and went inside the very posh looking building. Emile had never seen somewhere like this before. He looked around trying to take in everything but then a voice brought him back to his senses.

“Good day sirs. How may I help you?”

Emile looked up and his mouth dropped open.
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First, I would like to apologise for the fact that I didn't post anything last monday. That is due to the fact that I was away. Now, however, I am back and able to post once a week again. So without further ado. Here is chapter 3!

Emile’s love
Emile had never seen a Pokémon like that before! It was like a lizard thing. It was green and yellow and walked on its two hind legs. Also its tail was spiralled in on itself. What was that?

“What is it?” Emile whispered to Furret.

“That is a Kecleon, Emile.” Furret whispered back.

Emile looked up at the Kecleon and admired it slightly more now he knew what it was.
Furret moved forwards and spoke with the Kecleon.

“We’re here to check in, Emile here won a contest and we were told that this would be our place of residence for the time we stay.”

“Ah. The contest,” Said the Kecleon with a smile. “Yes. Now if you could provide myself with some proof of your winning the contest then we shall show you to your room.”

Emile searched in his pack on his back and found the tickets to the concert with VIP stamped on them.

“Is that alright?” Asked Emile.

“Yes, that is quite alright.” Kecleon smiled at them both, then he leant back and turned to the right and shouted.
“Oi! Bert! Show these people to their room would you!?” He turned back to face Emile and Furret.
“If you could just wait over there, Bert will be along shortly to show you to your room, and carry any luggage you two have. Although it seems you’re both travelling light?”

“Yes,” Said Emile jovially. “We’re only here for two nights so we have some food and toiletries and that is it!”

“Ah, well we hope you enjoy your time here and that you also enjoy your concert.” Kecleon said.

Then a huge Pokémon came through the archway and said.
“Hello, could you follow me please?”

Emile and Furret followed the huge Pokémon. Whilst they were following to their room Emile tried to work out what Pokémon it was, then he figured out. It was a Slaking! But that was odd, Slaking is usually a lazy Pokémon, but this one was actually doing work. Emile was about to point out this mysterious trait to Furret but just as he opened his mouth the Slaking stopped and said.
“Here we are! Room number 83.”

“Thanks.” Said Furret.

The Slaking turned around and began walking back to the main desk.

“Well,” said Furret. “After you.”

They both walked into the room and had a look around, it was a very nice room that had two separate beds and everything was just perfect for a young Eevee.

“Well isn’t this nice.” Said Furret in awe.

“Sure is!” Squealed Emile.

After about an hour of unpacking and admiring every tiny detail in the room, Emile and Furret finally left the hotel and had a walk around the town. The concert wasn’t until tomorrow so they thought that they would familiarise themselves with the area around them.
They had been looking around for about 40 minutes when Emile saw someone that he recognised. It was a Leafeon from his school. Emile blushed when he saw her as he had a secret crush on her. Or at least, he thought it was secret but around his school it was common knowledge that Emile the Eevee had a crush on Leala the Leafeon.
She saw him and ran towards him and Furret.

“Hi!” She said excitedly.

“Hello.” Emile muttered.

“Who’s this then Emile?” Asked Furret.

“The is Leala, she goes to my school.”

“Ah. I see.”

“So what’re you doing here?” Asked Leala.

“We’re watching GLO, I won the contest so I got the VIP tickets!” Emile relaxed a bit now he was talking.

“Great! We’re watching them too, but we didn’t get any VIP tickets!” She laughed slightly, as did Emile.
“So where are you staying?” Asked Leala.

“Somewhere over there,” Emile gestured with his head. “In the really nice hotel. You know it?”

“Oh yes I know it. We’re also staying there. How cool is that!” She laughed again. “Well anyway, I’d best be going back, see you later I suppose.”

“Yeah, see you!” Said Emile.

“Bye!” They both called to each other.

“Well then,” said Furret. “I guess we should also be getting back.”

“Yeah…” Sighed Emile as he watched Leala go.
“Right! Let’s go.” Emile said as his thoughts came crashing back down to Earth.
Then they headed off in the same direction as Leala had gone.
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