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Old August 27th, 2012 (7:39 AM).
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With all the indie developers and game designers, and all the money pokemon makes. Why isn't there a 3d pokemon rpg game. I know many people count Colosseum, Stadium, and gale as 3d (which they are) but thats not what I mean. Both of those games focus on trainer battles with a very small amount of actual catching (relative to the handheld counterparts).

What I actually mean is that the franchise needs a good 3d, exploration, game with all of the elements of the handheld games.
Here are some other things that are important (this is more for console or pc)
1. Battle system overhaul, four move rock paper scissors is fun but its been around for well over 10 years now, how about a little change. What if we directly controlled the pokemon and used moves according to specific controls, or a simpler method, the ability system present in many mmos (less fun imo)

2. A game of that size has no need for 600+ pokemon, the original pokemon should do nicely (exception below). Though if made an mmo legendary pokemon need to be either very rare, or impossible to get.

3. In no way should any equipping system be added, this will cause more people to just want one pokemon or look for the best stat items.

4. If made an mmorpg then there should be pvp and trading, pvp should be the traditional 1v1 battles, but there should be a tournament style competition also.

5. I think specific areas where pokemon where a certain level was boring and unrealistic (I know its a video game) but if you make it to where you can see pokemon and it isn't a random battle system then there can be level ranges for specific pokemon themselves, it would also do well to have trainer npcs be a better source of your pokemon's xp (including pvp in tournaments)

6. If a normal rpg, I think I could come up with a more unique story line than gangs trying to get a legendary, or it can be tradition I dont really care too much for story.
6b. If an mmorpg is the game then there needs to be quests, but not "kill this" or "get this absurd item" it'd be more "save these pokemon from goons" or "defeat x many trainers on x road"

7. Gyms are a must, for an rpg the standard 8 is obvious along with the elite four, if an mmorpg then maybe like 16 gyms around the world to choose from and only a requirement of 8. Gyms should be instanced to a player such that it is soloed and nobody is carried, gyms should have level ranges posted outside the gym.

8. Character customization: This needs to be heavily emphasized, custom, unique characters with selectable clothing.

9. Above I stated that the original pokemon are fine, but the starters from all of the gens should be available to choose on release, this will allow people to pick their favorite starters. Also starters should be available in the wild, maybe rarer but available.

10. (MMO)Clubs: A system very much like a guild, league, clan, or what have you. Maybe there can be club gyms too where a player registers his current party and the club leader buys a gym, the leader then places the players' registered party and character in the gym along with walls, and puzzles that they see fit, club gyms don't count to the 8 and no pokemon can be higher than the leader's highest registered party member

I favor a pokemon mmo with extreme freedom, I want a game that kind of works like the anime (fighting, adventuring, scenery) even graphics like Colosseum would be more than enough. I know it would be hard for an indie developer team to make something of this scale, but I'm sure a few edits to these ideas and a dedicated team would be able to do it. Think of the potential money of a finished mmo (buying with real money high end pokeballs, xp bonuses, tms, or bikes)
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