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[Gen V] Confusion shuffle team help!(OU)

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Old November 3rd, 2012 (9:24 PM).
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So I'm trying out a new kinda of confusion shuffle team that basically makes an opponent guess what kind of set I have and by the time they figuere it out theyll have to much entry. Hazard damage that I can sweep them. Or something like that anyhow. Anyways here you go.

Forretress-left overs
relaxed nature
252 HP / 252 Def

Toxic Spike
Rapid Spin
Gyro Ball

Pretty much a standard Set for a forretress nothing to special besides no stealth rock.

Terrakion-Choice scarf
252 ATT 252 SPD

Stealth rock
Close Combat
Stone edge

Basically set up stealth rock when an opponent is switching out in fear of a strong attack then go out to a counter pokemon then act as a true scarfed Terrakion when it's safe to.

Sableye-Red card
HP 252 Def 176 SP DEF

Will o wisp

I wanted to try out a red card since it seems pretty good on a shuffle team. It's also my spin blocker and taunt is for denying and stealth rocks and other things I could taunt. Bounce anyone trying to set up out and use substitute for safety recover after words.

Carful nature
252 HP 40 DEF 216 SP DeF
Multi scale

Dragon tail
Fire punch

Most people think of Dragonite being a big offensive threat but I decided to go with a phaser type instead. I also heard that with multi scale that Dragonites are bulkier than skarmory and blissey combined.

Heatran- Air balloon
252 SP ATT 252 SPD
Flash fire

Flame Charge
HP Ice
Earth Power
Flame Thrower

Again most people assume Heatrans are defensive but I want to try this set. Flame charge to increase speed HP I've for dragons and Gliscor + Landorus. Also decent defense for genesect and Scizor.

Celebi- Leftovers
Calm nature
236 HP 56 SP ATT 218 SP DEF
Perish Song
Giga Drain
HP Rock

Perish song for force switching and HP rock seemed like a better idea for coverage.

So any thoughs?

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Old November 4th, 2012 (7:04 AM).
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Since Forretress' Defense is quite high, you can take 80 EVs out of it and move them to Special Defense to help it take special hits a bit better.

Dragonite might as well use max HP and max Special Defense. I don't see the purpose of the 40 Defense EVs. Flamethrower is the better option over Fire Punch. Even though Careful lowers Dragonite's Special Attack, it lets Dragonite attack Ferrothorn without triggering Iron Barbs.

Fire Blast is the preferred option on Heatran as its accuracy is better compared to Thunder and Blizzard.

Celebi is best off with this spread to outspeed Timid Magnezone and give it more bulk: 252 HP/232 SDef/24 Spe.

Old November 5th, 2012 (8:48 PM).
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Heatran should only use either Flamethrower (if you prefer accuracy) or Fire Blast (if you like taking risks for power). Last move can be either Stealth Rock, Substitute, or Roar to pHaze.
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