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Old November 20th, 2012 (2:45 PM).
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    I'm actually pretty messy about my Boxes, I just cram them all in there.

    In Pearl though, I have every single Pokemon. So I have the boxes labeled 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, etc.

    That's what I hope to do with White 2 also, eventually.
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    Old December 18th, 2012 (9:56 AM).
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      I usually don't name them. When I do, I name a couple. Trade, the pokemon for trading purposes are put in there, Legendary has legendary pokemon and Party, the pokemon I use in my party.
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      Old December 18th, 2012 (8:00 PM).
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        There was once a time I named each box by type and separated the Pokémon for each category like a good lil' PC boxer. Then times changed. Now I opt to just throw everything in the box as it comes instead, only separating when necessary and never naming them. On the rare accounts I do go back to my old (better) ways I have a box for Eggs named Doom, a box for Legendaries named Pretties, and a box for my alternating team of 6 named Champs. That is as far as I go now.

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        Old December 18th, 2012 (8:27 PM).
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          Since I store all of the Pokemon in my PC (including various forms), I name my boxes according to number, so for example, Box #1 will be 1-30, Box #2 will be 31-60 and so forth. And for the last box, it is dedicated to my Unowns that I capture. For wallpapers, I give each box their own wallpaper.


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          Old December 19th, 2012 (1:54 AM).
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          I've never named boxes up until Generation Five. In White I have um, I have a box of my "Valuables", iirc (of any legendaries, starters, Deerling and my first critical capture ever), and then a box named after Ole for the mons he traded before he left so that they could be ~stored~. In Black 2, I have however taken this to a new level!! I have "Viable" for anything with some sort of helpful nature/not competitively useless/31 IV in something helpful (so stuff like Modest 23 sPA / 30 Spd Drizzle Politoed, or 31 Attack with Brave suited to Curse Regirock, or Hasty 30 Attack IV iirc and something okay for Speed Techniloom, and then there's Crustle with Adamant/Sturdy/31 Attack IV and good Speed, or the other way around idr, and there's ~more~ all caught by capture and SRing :3). There's also a 31 IV box for things helpful for breeding, then a Natures box for natures that are helpful to the Pokemon in particular and idr what else other than those really.

          But still, gen 5 ~pushing my boundaries~ and naming boxes, totally badass.

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          Old December 31st, 2012 (11:56 AM).
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            According to types and wallpapers that feat the types.Since the boxes are not enough i make combinations such as PsyElec

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            Old December 31st, 2012 (12:00 PM).
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              Well, I'm kinda organized. :P

              I have a box for my main team if I ever need to temprorarily deposit one of them for some sort of reason. I also have boxes for Pokemon I might use and won't use for the sake of filling my Pokedex a bit. And If I'm on a Shiny hunt (By hatching eggs.) I have a box for all the non-shinies I get.
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              Old December 31st, 2012 (3:48 PM). Edited December 31st, 2012 by Arlo.
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                Early in the game, I don't rename anything and mostly work out of Box 1. I put duplicates in the last box - the first one to the left from Box 1 - but that's about it. As I get more stuff though, I start expanding. I divide the pokemon I'm going to actually use by how useful or trained or evolved they are. Box 1 becomes "First" and is for the first string - the ones I use a lot and depend on. By late in the game, they're pretty much all fully EV trained final evolutions. Then going to the right, it goes down through some arrangement of second string stuff, stuff I'm planning on using that needs to be trained or leveled, stuff I think I might use, stuff I think I won't use but haven't given up on yet, new stuff I haven't decided on yet and stuff I know I'm not going to use. I don't have any set system for that - it depends on how many of each category I end up with. They all end up with prosaic descriptive names like "Likely" or "Doubtful." And going from the First box left I go from Dupes (mostly stuff I plan on trading) through stuff I plan on breeding, stuff I've already bred (mostly parents with good natures and/or egg moves) and babies. If necessary, I have boxes somewhere in the middle for shinies, legendaries, nice stuff that doesn't really fit in anywhere else, HM slaves and anything game-specific, like Unowns. And in games where I do a lot of breeding, I generally end up with a box of Dittos. And starting with White, I've been adding a box in the middle (with the beach background) called Miami - that's for pokemon who served me well, but are now retired because they got replaced, generally by the same thing with a better nature or some egg move(s).
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                Old December 31st, 2012 (4:12 PM).
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                  I normally just stuff Pokemon in my PC, but certain Pokemon, like my high leveled, main team Pokemon, or Legendaries, I'll try to organize.
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                  Old December 31st, 2012 (6:26 PM).
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                    If I have a lot of Pokemon, it will be by Pokedex #, if it's few, then by Type, Level, preference, Trading, Training, Hatch, etc. But I tend to only use a 6 Pokemon Team now so now I don't even touch it xD
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                    Old December 31st, 2012 (11:46 PM).
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                      (shrugs) I just keep the default names and usually also the wallpapers, except for naming one box (usually the last) "LEGENDS" and placing legendaries there. Sometimes I do the same for shinies. As people before have mentioned, the differences in numbers of Pokemon per type have made it impractical to organize Pokemon by type, and I just don't feel like organizing them by number, especially when there are some that I tend to own more than one of, like Eevee, Unown, and Smeargle.
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                      Old January 1st, 2013 (2:14 AM).
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                      Nope. I never name my storage boxes...I don't really catch that much pokemon..I think I only occupy 2 boxes in most of the games. Although I change the wallpaper.
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                      Old January 1st, 2013 (10:18 PM).
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                        normally box 1, box 2, box 3, box 4... and so on... i'mnot really thaat creative xD
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                        Old January 5th, 2013 (7:09 AM).
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                          As a child, I used to organize them by habitat. Like Swablu and Tailow go to the "sky" box. Now, I don't really catch as much Pokemon as I used to, so my boxes are usually empty, so they keep the default names. Maybe in the future I'll catch more Pokemon and organize them like when I was a child. :3

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                          Old January 5th, 2013 (7:16 AM).
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                            I organize mine in a bit of an OCD manner.
                            Box 1 is named "Box 1-30", Box 2 is named "Box 31-60", etc...

                            That way, my goal from the very beginning is to complete the Pokèdex (a goal I am still trying to achieve in Gen IV & V).
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