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    Set after the time of Ash and Gary, Kanto has sunk into corruption. The whole region is a different place and Pallet Town is the town that time forgot. There is no place for skilled Pokemon Trainers, only those of wealth or high connections. In the town of Pallet, there is one teenage boy, Ray, who is unaware of the change. No-one in Pallet Town has seen Oak in years and as such no Pokemon. With no Pokemon there is no way out of Pallet Town and so Ray spends his days getting his body and mind in perfect shape, idolizing and fantasizing about the famous Ash and Gary. He lead a happy and peaceful life. Until one day...

    A large Arbok wrapped itself around the writhing body of a man. Weezings floated around polluting the air. Pallet Town was a dark place. Ray ran outside his home to fruitlessly pound on the Arbok constricting his father. The young seventeen year old had lived in Pallet Town all his life and had never seen anything like this before in his life. The norm was a quiet, peaceful town where he spent his days working out and practising martial arts. Today was different. An invader had come down from route one, bearing Pokemon and evil intents. For a yet undiscovered reason they decided to reek havoc. The Arbok turned round and met Ray with a terrifying glare. “Strike him Arbok!” The command came from a man stood near his home, tall, purple hair and downing a long cloak. Arbok struck out but Ray quickly dodged.
    “Don't you know where this is?” Ray shouted. “It's Pallet Town, Ash and Gary will avenge us.” Ray threw a kick at the Arbok but it effortlessly slithered away to its master.
    “Haha, you obviously haven’t left Pallet Town in a while, have you? Ash and Gary are long gone, as is your precious professor. No one can defy us.” the cold voice struck like steel. “Kanto has changed. A fast, infectious metamorphosis that has left it barren. People have long forgot your pallet town and his two, five minute of fame heroes. A revolution has struck, the game has changed. We rule now boy.” Arbok now lunged at Ray and this time it hit, the force bowled him over and Arbok hissed manically at the teen. “With no defenders, and no Pokemon, you really are done for. It's a shame that you will never see the new face of Kanto, and our glory. But its a small matter, Arbok, kill him!” Not a moment too soon the scene was interrupted. A fainted Weezing fell a few feet in front of the invader. The involved all looked around and saw a tall muscular man stood next to a serious looking Machamp. “Leave him Smog! Your battle is with me now!” he called.
    The invader, now revealed to be Smog had a new look on his face, Ray could swear it looked like fear, but it lasted briefly. “You again Clay? No matter, Arbok, kill him!” The Arbok took an almighty lunge at Clay but Machamp intervened by grabbing its tail. It then lifted the snake high into the air and slammed it hard onto the ground. Smog winced as the Machamp the proceeded to lift the Arbok, before punching it hard into the nearest building. Arboks only reply was to faint.
    “Leave Smog, go now before I make you.”
    “I leave on my own accord, you will be finished soon Clay, I assure you. My peers have wonderful plans for you.” Smog began manically laughing before dashing off. Ray's head was spinning, what did this all mean? Who are these people? His trail of thoughts were soon interrupted. It was Clay. “You boy! Come here.”
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