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    The “Ultimate” Moves

    There are several moves in the Pokémon world that are known to be the best of their type that can destroy any Pokémon, of any type. I beg to differ. The Ultimate Moves can only be learned by the starter Pokémon of their type. For example, Frenzy Plant can only be learned by Sceptile, Venusaur, and the other Grass-Starters. Now most of you probably agree with me, but I will cement this into your mind - that the Ultimate Moves really aren’t that great.

    Hydro Cannon

    Hydro Cannon, the Ultimate Water Move. It is known for its massive 150 base power, its 90 percent accuracy, but its one-turn recharge as well. It can only be learned by the Water-Type starter Pokémon. I can offer several water moves that offer nearly the same base power, but with added affects that actually benefit the user, as well as better accuracy.

    Hydro Pump

    Hydro Pump is, in my opinion, the best Water type move. Many others think this as well. It Deals 120 power, 80 accuracy, and no secondary effects. Base power is doubled in the rain, just like any other water type move.


    Surf is arguably the most used Water type move. 95 percent power, 100 percent accuracy, and no secondary affects. Its base power is doubled if used against a Pokémon using the move Dive. Nearly every Water type Pokémon can learn this move, as well as many others, such as Snorlax and Hariyama.


    Scald is probably the best water type move. It combines a base power of 80 with 100 percent accuracy, as well as its blistering side effect. Scald has a 30 percent chance to burn an opponent, and it will thaw out the Pokémon it is used on. Many Water type Pokémon can learn this move.

    Frenzy Plant

    Frenzy Plant is the Ultimate Grass Type move. It packs, the exact same as Hydro Cannon, 150 base power, 90 percent accuracy, and a one-turn recharge. It can only be learned by the Grass-Type starter Pokémon. There are several Grass Moves that are better than this move.

    Leaf Blade

    Leaf Blade packs 90 power, 100 accuracy, and a secondary effect of increased critical hit ratio. It is a physical move.

    Leaf Storm

    Leaf Storm is my personal favorite Grass-Type move. It has a massive 140 base power, 90 percent accuracy, and lowers the user’s Special Attack after contact. This drop can be negated by a White Herb, allowing the user to regain its stat losses.

    Petal Dance

    Petal Dance inflicts damage for 2 to 3 turns (chosen at random). Once selected, even if it misses, the user will only be able to use Petal Dance, and will not be able to switch out. At the end of this duration, the user will become confused.
    This is the same format used by other such powerful moves like Outrage.
    If the Petal Dance duration is disrupted, it will immediately end. The user will only become confused if Petal Dance is completely finished, without its duration being disrupted. Sleep, freeze, partial trapping, and flinching will pause but not disrupt the duration of Petal Dance. This move has a base power of 120 and 10 PP, with 100 percent accuracy.

    Solar Beam

    Solar Beam does nothing on the turn it is selected, other than state that the user has taken in sunlight. On the following turn, Solar Beam will inflict damage. Once Solar Beam is selected, the user will not be able to switch out until it is disrupted or fully executed.
    If Solar Beam is not fully executed, PP will not be taken from it. Sleep, freezing, partial trapping, and flinching will pause, but not disrupt, Solar Beam. Solar Beam will not need a turn to charge if used during Sunny Day, and will only deal half of its normal damage if used during Rain Dance or Sandstorm. Solar Beam has a Base Power of 120, 100 accuracy, and 10 PP.

    Blast Burn

    Admittedly, Blast Burn is one sweet move. It packs the exact same stats as the other moves- 150 power, 90 accuracy, and 5 PP. It can only be learned by the Fire-Type starter Pokémon. However, there are several better Fire-Type moves than Blast Burn.

    Fire Blast

    Fire Blast has 120 base power, 85 accuracy, a 10 percent chance to burn the target, and a whole lot of potential. It is probably the most used Fire-Type move on a standard team. Like any standard Fire move, it will thaw out a frozen Pokémon. Fire Blast can be learned by nearly every fire type, and a whole lot of others.

    Flare Blitz

    Flare Blitz is a physical Fire-Type move packing 120 base power, 100 accuracy, and a 10 percent chance to burn the target. Like any standard Fire move, it will thaw out a frozen Pokémon. Flare Blitz will cause the user to receive a recoil damage of one third of the damage done to the Pokémon attacked.


    Flamethrower, in my eyes, is the most basic Fire-Type move- and it still packs a punch. It has a 10 percent chance of burning the target, 95 base power, and 100 accuracy.


    Overheat has a massive 140 base power, 90 accuracy, and it lowers the user’s Special Attack by two stages if it hits the target. This stat drop can be negated by a White Herb, which replenishes stat drops- one time. This allows the user to pound the target with relentless heat for two straight turns- and that will certainly put a dent in steel types.

    As one can see, The “Ultimate” moves aren’t so ultimate. They can only be learned by the Starter Pokémon, have a one turn recharge, and, ultimately, are out-classed by many other moves. The Metagame has changed, producing new moves and stronger Pokemon. These Pokemon can utilize thier new abilities and movesets, rendering the user of these "Ultimate" moves a sitting duck to a powerful super-effective move. These moves can also lead to the opponent bulking up with moves such as Dragon Dance, Bulk Up, and Swords Dance. These moves were great once, but the Metagame has changed- for the better.
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      Well yeah, no one really uses the recharge moves in competitive play. Especially the elemental ones. Because not only are the elemental recharge not really available to much pokemon, their secondary effect won't let the pokemon move or be switched out after use, having a window of opportunity available for their opponents to set up for a sweep counter-attack.

      There is an interesting strategy you can do with them though; however it only works in double battles, and even then, it's a gimmick. What you can do is have one of your pokemon use an elemental recharge attack, and then, your other pokemon would immediately use roar on it, forcing it to switch out so you won't have the disadvantage of waiting for next turn to attack again. But again, it's a gimmick.

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      I agree with Doronjo; no one, absolutely no one, uses Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon, as well as Hyper Beam, Giga Impact and Roar of Time competitively. All six moves leave the user a sitting duck the next turn, rendering them as setup or revenge kill bait.

      It's true that Hydro Pump is one of the best Water moves available, but the Stone Edge-level accuracy is off-putting, making some players opt for the more reliable, but weaker, Surf. Both have their merits, though. Scald is the best utility move introduced in Gen V, IMO, as bulky Waters can fish for the 30% burn chance by spamming it (not mindlessly, of course).

      You should mention Giga Drain in the Grass moves section, as it gained a power buff in Gen V. While Leaf Blade is a good move, it's let down by bad distribution; notable users of the move, like Sceptile, Serperior and Leafeon, are in the lower tiers. Petal Dance is a worse Outrage, IMO, as Grass isn't the best attacking type; only 1 type resists Dragon (Steel) and 7 types resist Grass (Dragon, Steel, Poison, Fire, Bug, Flying and Grass themselves), making it a bad move to be locked into. The most notable user of Petal Dance, however, is Lilligant, whose Own Tempo ability blocks the confusion side-effect of the move. SolarBeam is better on Sun teams, and only on those teams who can get that weather up consistently. Leaf Storm is best on Choice sets, as the user isn't meant to stay in for long; notable users include Rotom-C and Sceptile.

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        I see a lot of people that use Giga Impact competitively. Depending on the Pokemon some will use the Elemental Hyperbeams as well. Its used as a last ditch effort if you know you can one shot the opponent.
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          Hey just to say i changed the ending paragraph just a little, to make it a bit fuller
          And yes, i doubt anyone uses the recharge moves in the competitive Metagame. These would render the useer helpless, like PlatinumEra said.

          One more thing is that there are other moves just like these, such as Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Roar of Time, and Volt Tackle. However, they are simply alike to the Elemental Hyper Beams. They are not called "Ultimate" such as in the games.
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