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Old November 23rd, 2012 (4:07 PM).
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    I am simply curious of the user base of this site. How many of you frequent Pokemon Showdown? If you are not aware of what it is, here is a link to the site. PS is a web based pokemon battle simulator akin to Pokemon Online, Shoddy Battle and their predecessors. The simulator is fully animated, has a very cool and intuitive interface, with a ease of access that the real games would only dream of, and a friendly and active community.

    I am not affiliated with PS in anyway, I am just in awe that there could be such a wonderful fan project could exist.

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    Old November 23rd, 2012 (4:29 PM).
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    I go there all the time. I love it so much I put a link in my sig. Seriously everyone you need to go there it is fun and you can chat with other PC members about basically anything. It is so great how you can make your own competitive team and play in any tier. And Randbats are the best. They give you a pre-made team and you have to use a strategy, as some teams may seem bad, but can be deadly if used correctly. Anyways Pokemon Showdown is really fun and is something everyone here needs to try if you love pokemon.
    Old November 23rd, 2012 (4:39 PM).
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      I go there time to time to battle. Although I do go to pokemon online more often I do ocasionally go to PS(albeit smogon's server). I just recently discovered PC's showdown server and think its great. However I would like its (nearly empty)residence to grow for it to be better, cuz I love battling.
      Old November 23rd, 2012 (7:39 PM).
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        Are you kidding? I go on it ALL the time!
        im known as Servine on there :3
        Old November 23rd, 2012 (8:44 PM).
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          I use Showdown!(tm) a lot, even though I think PO is better. PO is for the people that want to play more competitively(better user interface) and wants to have more variety(mafia etc), but I think most people would prefer PS because, well, it doesnt require downloads. If there was an browser-based version of PO, i think it would have much more users. I myself use PS mainly because there're like 40% more people on PS than on PO, and there are MOVE ANIMATIONS OMG.(and i dont have to open PO everytime I'd just go on
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          Old January 17th, 2013 (12:06 AM).
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          Pokemon Showdown was actually the first battle simulator I ever used tbh but I do like the layout, the implementation of animated sprites from the 5th Generation games and the big selection of avatars to choose from as well.

          I have been frequenting it since Nica encouraged me to get into competitive battling, and the conversations in the chat there can get really funny! I even started linking to it in my signature lately to encourage people to visit.

          If anyone wants to look for me there, I'm Hikari10 or OshyHikari.
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          Old February 11th, 2013 (10:11 PM).
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          I go on there pretty much everyday and be on for hours (sometimes being afk). I really love PS, simply because of the community and atmosphere it generates every time I log on. I may even start to put a link in my sig as everyone is doing that now. (as soon as I learn how to make that sig banner thing)

          I would really recommend it to those who love pokemon and want to be better at competitive battling (even though I suck at it)
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          Old February 11th, 2013 (10:27 PM).
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          I go on there whenever I get the chance. Showdown is just wonderful, besides the interesting battles and huge range of avatars to choose from it's been an amazing experience for me <3. I never regretted joining the place since I liked pitching inside the chat and it made me feel at home :D. Also I made some really good friends there along with bonded with a few friends that I hadn't really talked to before. :3. I made new ones and got closer to some of my older ones :3. Aaaalso if you ever want to chat, I'm %Rainbow Arcanine or Blackbeard Wooper there :D. So you can pop in and say hi! :3. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask. <3
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          showdown is a wonderful place full of ponies wonderful people and fun, bursting chat! the battles there are lively too~

          altho misunderstandings happen some times, its still a cheery place to be at. new or not, come jump into the bandwagon and party with us

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