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Old February 16th, 2013 (3:45 PM).
HappyGaylord's Avatar
HappyGaylord HappyGaylord is offline
Join Date: Feb 2013
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Hello, I'm HappyGaylord!

I've been a fan of Pokémon ever since it came out(in Sweden, that is) a long time ago~! : )
And I just recenty bought a 3ds(I'm currently playing Platinum and White, so I'm a little behind, haha!).

I wanted to find a forum with Pokémon lovers, as none of my friends really play any of the games, so I googled for it and I ended up here!

Anyways; Hello everybody! How are you? : )
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Old February 16th, 2013 (4:03 PM).
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Welcome to PC Happy Gaylord! I've been a fan of Pokemon since 2005 when i bought Leaf Green. I'm thinking on buying a 3DS for Pokemon X/Y.
We are the best Pokemon forum out there. We are very friendly and helpful.
What are your interests in Pokemon? TCG,rom-hacking or development?
|| ||
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Old February 16th, 2013 (4:50 PM).
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Venitardus Venitardus is offline
Join Date: Jan 2013
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Hi There and Welcome to PC!
I think you will find PC very useful. I have been playing pokemon ever since Red and Blue and have been a hardcore fan ever since. I have recently restarted my Platinum version and have been grinding to beat the E4 again.
I do have to ask, what are you into most about pokemon? Like are you into Breeding Pokemon? Battling/raising pokemon? the card game? Or possibly the spin-offs? Whatever it is, we have a forum for it somewhere on PC.

I hopee that was useful, and if you need anything, you can contact me anytime.
Proud owner of the Breeders club.
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I am a shiny hunter.
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Old February 16th, 2013 (5:07 PM).
HappyGaylord's Avatar
HappyGaylord HappyGaylord is offline
Join Date: Feb 2013
Gender: Female
Posts: 36
JNathan: Thank you~!
Ooh, I'm definitely going to get one of the remakes(FR/LG), I've only played the old ones, but the new one's definitely look great(I love seeing how the games are developing~!). Pokémon X/Y were my reasong for buying a 3ds; and believe me, you won't regret buying a 3ds. : )

I used to collect cards when they came out, but I was never really interested in playing with the cards(Not to mention, few kids my age knew English, so we just traded them for their looks). I preferred collection those other cards(The one's that had info about the Pokémon on the back).

I had to google those terms, haha~! I guess my interest is development(If I understand the term correctly...). I really want to see how the games are developing. : )

Venitardus: Thank you! : D

I first started playing pearl on an emulator, but decided to buy platinum once I bought my 3ds~. I was really surprised how different Platinum was from Pearl(And I was afraid it'd be repetetive to play it again, but it's almost like a different game~!)

Before I got the 3ds I was playing on emulators, and since I don't really know anyone that plays Pokémon I've been playing by myself mostly(and I haven't had any contact with the Pokémon community ,really) So I'm really learning everything there is to do in the games. I didn't even know about hacked Pokémon until a few weeks ago, and how people are breeding shinies using Pokémon from different countries. It's a whole new world, haha! : )

My only interest's been to beat the game, but now I want to know about everything(So I'm just checking out all the forums here~)
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Old February 16th, 2013 (8:36 PM).
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Hey, HappyGaylord!

Welcome to PC! That's awesome that you're from Sweden! We don't see too many new users from there. :p Also, that's cool that you've been a fan for a while!

I'm glad you bought a 3DS because of X & Y! They look like they're both going to be great games. The 3D graphics look epic. The games have certainly evolved a lot since the older games were released. I'm sure you've seen those upgrades from playing the newer Platinum and White. :p

I was an avid card collector before, too! I never really played the TCG that much, either, as I used to just collect the cards for looks. xD That was the fun part!

I'm glad you've rekindled your interests in the series. If you ever need any help with your games or would just like to chat, don't hesitate to leave a message on my profile!

See you around and enjoy!
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Old February 17th, 2013 (4:49 AM).
HappyGaylord's Avatar
HappyGaylord HappyGaylord is offline
Join Date: Feb 2013
Gender: Female
Posts: 36
Thank you! : D

I guess the Pokémon interest here is quite small, haha. I found a dead swedish community, though. So someone's tried to keep the Pokémon love alive for a while~!

They certianly do! I was really surprised by how different White was from the other games.(flying through cannons in one of the gyms, etc.) I'm really excited to see the new games, and the new eeveelution!

It certianly was! Some of the cards were so pretty!

Will do! You all seem like such nice people! See you! : D
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