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It's Tasting Time~! [Dent/Cilan General Discussion]

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The Dent/Cilan General Discussion Thread
haters tolerated

Hi guys! It seems we somehow don't have an official discussion thread dedicated solely to our very own A-Class Pokémon Sommelier. I do believe it is about time for this to be remedied. So here it it: a thread dedicated to chat about Dent/Cilan, his team of Pokémon, his relationships and interactions with other characters, and his so far fairly nonexistent development.

Basic Character Summary
Dent/Cilan is a gym leader of the Striaton Gym along with his brothers, Corn/Cress and Chili/Pod. He is also a certified A-Class Pokémon Sommelier, meaning he is trained and highly skilled in the art of evaluating Pokémon-trainer compatibility. He has many interests and hobbies including cooking, fishing, deduction, and trains. An incident in his past has made him fear and distrust Choroneko/Purrloin. His current team is comprised of Yanappu/Pansage, Iwapalace/Crustle, and Maggyo/Stunfisk.

Take note that events taking place in the anime are considered spoilers in this thread until two weeks after the original Japanese broadcast. Please conceal them accordingly.

Let's start things off with a few questions:

Why do you think there is such a discrepancy between game!Dent and anime!Dent?
Have your feelings toward/perceptions about Dent changed as Best Wishes has gone on?
What do you think/hope will happen to Dent in terms of growth and development?

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