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Old June 30th, 2013 (9:21 PM). Edited July 1st, 2013 by ace_45.
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    Hello~ and welcome to my One Piece RP~ if your interested in One Piece,but don't anything about. Please read the information down below. I'll try best to explain things. There may be a few grammar mistakes,but you'll be able to understand it. I took my time. More thing you should know,where it says "Click me" those are links,so be sure to click them

    The Plot
    Twenty years ago...

    A lone man was being led up the steps from a platform. This was Lounge town, a popular port town near the entrance to the Grand Line in East Blue. It was the birthplace and now the death place of the man being led. Countless of people gazed at the large red-coated man as he was led up the steps. He never ceased smiling. His last words were to be his joking of whether he could have the cuffs removed. He was led up and on his knees, awaiting the execution.

    He was Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King. The man who obtained everything the world had to offer. The greatest treasure ever..

    The One Piece

    Before they could go through, a voice ran through the crowd. It asked the question that everyone was dying to know if it would be answered. What happened to his treasure. The One Piece.

    Roger simply laughed before he said his true last words.

    "My treasure? If you want it, look for it! I left everything at that place!"

    The guards tried to execute him as fast as they could, but they were too late. For Roger turned his dying fire of life into a wildfire that spread all across the seas.

    The crowd cheered, the pirates began forming and so on...

    The Great Age of Piracy began...

    Over time, much has happened...

    The establishment of the Puffing Tom, the destruction of Ohara, the formation of the Shichibukai, the Youkai being established...

    And now, talented rookies are setting sail. One in particular seeks to gather you into his crew! Make your characters and prepare to set sail to the Grand Line!

    -Basically, we will play as a crew to go through the Grand Line and try and achieve our dreams. We're a Neutral Good/Chaotic Good pirate crew!

    [More Information about the world of One Piece
    " Say Ace,i'm interested in this RP,but i have no idea what One Piece is about. You mind telling more about it?"

    I know most of you have no idea what One Piece is about,so i'm going to try my best to explain things to you. I'm just going point out the important things

    My first option is,reading This(click me!)

    If your still confused or really don't want to read it than...

    The plot:
    So, One Piece is basically about a world of pirates. Before the Pirate king died,Gold D Roger,he announced that his Treasure One Piece Was hidden somewhere in the place called the Granline. After he died,the world went into the " Great Pirate Era." Pirates from all over are racing into to the Grandline to fine one Piece and become the king of the pirates.( in this case, the main character Luffy is a rookie trying to find it. In the RP,we will be rookies to. We'll progress as we go on). Also,there there is another part of the Grandline. The Redline,which is the starting point of the New World( The final sea) Rumors haves it,the One Piece is in his sea. It's a dangerous place to

    theres to many to explain Click me to see locations. In the Rp,we can make up places. However the four main seas are. East Blue,West Blue, South Blue, and North blue. These places are where the rookies will start off

    Where do Pirates go when they get caught? the impel down, which is a super..super..SUPER! bad prison. It haves six levels to it Click me to see the Impel Down

    Or starting place is Lounge Town: It's thes birth and death of the pirate king,Gold.D Roger. It's located in the East. It's a very popular place

    Bad guys(
    Well if you really look at it,the Government is the really the good guys. To us pirates,they are our worst enemies . These are out Marines and anyone who works under the government. Pirates are enemies among their self,however..some are not

    So in this case: Government, Marines and people under them =BAD

    Government Ranks and information about important Pirate Positions
    ( Credit for this goes to my buddy on another website. When i didn't know about One Piece,he wrote this for me)

    Tenryuubito(celestial dragon)- people considered 'gods', and are descended from the twenty original founders of the military. they can do whatever the heck they want and get away with it. snobs, everyone hates them.
    - slaves- you get the idea of this one. ( I hate these guys..alot. I might allow them later on)

    suchibukai(Warlords)- a group of 7 pirates that work alongside the government. the government allows them to pillage and torture for a part of the money

    -"Sky Lord" Zephyr( me)

    the three admirals- these three are boss, and 2nd highest rank in the government. to make it very simple, the three at this timepoint would be ajoki (the ice logia) kizaru (the light logia) and akainu (the magma logia). when a Temryuubito is attacked, one of these three tanks descend and murder the offenders.

    Fleet admiral- Are higher than the Admiral.( in the show,i think there was two)

    Yonkou( Four Emperors)- The four most strongest pirates in the world, they all control significant amounts of territory and have massive pirate crews serving under them. Even the Marines fear a confrontation against them...( I may allow them when we reach the new world)

    CP9- a group of none elite spies and assassins for the government( They will come later)

    pacifiasta- human weapons/cyborgs. very powerful steel humans with beams and stuff. The work for the Government mostly( i may allow them later)

    XxThe CrewXx( This will be bases on Luffy's crew)
    Sharp Shooter:
    Ship Wright: Clyde

    Others- Pirate/ bounty hunters

    The powers/abilities

    Devil Fruit- ill elaborate here. there are three main classes and 2 sub ones. THE SIDE EFFECT: YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO SWIM. THE WEAKNESS IS WATER AND SEA STONE
    paramecia: is like luffys, it grants a super ability like rubber, spring body, slippery body, sprouting limbs from random places, a second life, etc.
    Zoan: type is rarer then paramecia, and makes the person half animal, giving them their base form (normal) the animals form, and a cross. like a falcon or deer man.
    logia considered rarest, is where you are basically an element, like magma, fire, ice, snow, gas, etc.
    These users are very hard to beat! however,there is a way to beat them. Think of pokemon

    Water beats Fire and ground

    Electric beats water and flying

    Ex of Perameica

    Ex of Logic

    EX of Zoan

    ( you should get an idea of full animal )

    The two sub types
    mythical zoan is a mythical being, like phoenix and the Buddha. (note- it was mentioned dragon mythical zoan DOES NOT EXIST. However, i just might allow it).
    SMILE these are artifically made zoan fruits that urn the user into a monster of sorts (harpy, dragon, etc. probably a cross of animals and such)

    Click me to look at the different kinds of Devil Fruit Powers!

    List of taken Devil fruit:
    Zephyr( Me)- Air-Air fruit-Logia

    Haki:is a mysterious power that is found in every living being in the world. It is not that different from the normal senses. However, most people do not notice it or fail to awaken it. Broadly, there are two types of Haki common to everyone, given the proper training; however, there is a third type that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are said to possess. In simple terms, Haki is an ability to sense spiritual energy and overpower enemies.( This will be used later)

    Observation Haki: Your able to predict one's moves and sense the presence of others.

    Armament Haki: It's basically super strong power. The user's body can become hard as still and it works well again Logic users

    Armament Haki(Hardening): Your body turns hard as steel,but it changes color( black).

    Conqueror's Haki: I think is the most powerful. CH is a rare form of Haki that cannot be attained through training and only one in a million people carry it. This type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. If you have a weak will faint


    Techniques: These are the moves you make out of your Devil Fruit Powers or fighting skill. Just named moves,like pokemon.
    EX. Luffy's Gum-Gum Pistol. Usopp's special attack: Fire bird star

    Other things

    Money systems: The money is called Beli or Berries

    Bounties: Are how much people are worth when they did something bad. These are popular to pirates
    Ex. Luffy's bounty is 400 million beli

    Log poses: Are like magnetic composes. The arrows points to islands. These are super important to navigators

    Eternal pose: These will lead you to a Certain place( if i see epic island on the map,i'll use an eternal pose to get there)

    Races: Human,Merfolk, Fishman

    Thats all i can think of. If have any questions,PM me. If you think you understand alittle more,than make you CS
    I really hope this helped

    The Pirates' Code( Rules)

    -No G-Modding.

    -Be polite and kind to one another. Let's all behave.

    -Don't do anything too crazy. There is only so much we could do before we're busted.

    -Good behavior will be rewarded with upgrades and potential to learn new, more powerful techniques.

    -Character limits: 1 crew member( unless no really joins. I'll allow you to make another crew member), 1 marine fleet admiral( there are three of these),Individual Important Misc( normal marines or captains of a ship/group of marines,Vice captains..etc) theres no limit to these,but please don't make a junk load of marines. I'll allow NPC and MAYBE i'll the Real characters. I have an idea for this. maybe two Shichibukai( Warlords)

    -Everyone is EQUAL! This is something that I must stress. Even though there will be characters who are stronger then other characters in the crew, everyone's character has the same plot importance. Not one character will be more important in the story then another, even the captain.


    A few notes

    -Some Devil Fruits that would fit in the theme: the Kage Kage no mi, the Horo Horo no mi, A bat Zoan, the wolf zoan and others.
    -Other abilities could include something like Chemical juggling or other fright-related things.
    -Character examples could be such as: a swordsman who uses machetes or chainsaws, a doctor who wields a scythe and resembles a plague doctor (albeit a bit more modern).
    -Haki will be used later on!

    -However, this is mainly outside the crew. Inside the crew, we're all still friends who care for one another.

    -Also,i hate playing the Captain. If you want the captain,than give a crew name and ship name.

    -Once we get at least Four people,we can start.( for the Crew) We need a captain

    - Are starting town is Lounge town. The information about Lounge town is listed above

    - This Rp is rated Teen:
    ~mild cussing( I don't think using Damn and Hell are a crime. But other big words,please bleep it out), ~No sexual stuff or anything like that.
    ~ Mild gore. Just alittle blood,do not go into details with this kind of stuff.

    - I'll make a list of our characters up above. Also,i'll make a list of taken Devil fruit( You can make up Devil fruit,but please..nothing outrageous

    - Warlords and other higher ranks can have any Devil Fruit..again..nothing to outrageous

    -Power level: Low,medium monster ( Only three monsters, three medium,three lows. for crew only)

    Low: are the weaker members of the crew. They are somewhat skilled

    Medium: these members are able to take care of their self

    Monster: The strongest of the crew

    Character Sheets


    Epitet: (What your character will be known by)

    Race: (Humans, Fishmen, Mermen, and Cyborgs are allowed. Other races will be judged accordingly.)

    Gender: (Male or Female?)

    Age: (Nothing ridiculous please. We don't want 3000-year old rookies run around, now do we?)

    Crew Position/Rank:

    Appearance: (A picture or a decent description.)

    Personality: (What does your character like? What makes him mad?)

    History: (Give us a good idea on where this character comes from. You will be closely RPing with others, so it's a good idea to let everyone else know)


    Devil Fruit: (Canon fruits are allowed. No Logia (yet) or Mythical Zoans, though. You could prove yourself later. Unless your an Warlord)

    Haki: (Haki will be allowed during the New World portion of the RP. Simply list the kind of Haki that your character will be able to use. KH( King Haki) will be given out only to certain characters.)


    Power Level for crew)


    reserved list

    MY CS ( please note i suck at CS making)

    Name: Anthony Clydesdale( People call him Clyde)

    Epitet: Big tooth Clyde

    Race: Fishman

    Gender: male

    Age: 16

    Crew Position/Rank: Ship Wright


    Clyde is uselessly very lazy, Mostly in hot weather or when hes bored. He can so bored,that when something interesting happen, he lost his state of mind to do anything. Clyde is often runs off at the mouth and spit big game. At times,he can't back up what he say most of the time and it gets him into a world of trouble. Clyde enjoys playing tricks and pranks on other people..just like an teenager. He haves a bad attitude and is Stubborn like a mule. The young Fishman thinks he can handle most things by his self. Whenever he does,he backs out. He shows alot of cowardly most of the time.

    Clyde Is not really selfish at all. He shares things with others,even if he doesn't really want. Hes quick to react when it comes to helping others out. He enjoys fixing things and helping people with ideas( building wise). Clyde can get annoyed very easily,so hes hot-head sometimes. Basically,he haves the same personality of any normal teenage boy

    Anthony Clydesdale story begins on sabaody archipelago,living a normal life as a human boy. Clyde lived with both of his parents there and they where pretty rich. In fact,that owned a very popular Fishman slave shoppe. Clyde discriminated against the Fishman..why? because of the family's closet friend. His parents use to like the fishman,in fact,before Clyde was born,they took a trip to Fishman Island. After Clyde was born,the friend told the three that Fishman where evil and disgusting ut creatures who needed to be tamed. He suggested to the rich family to open a Fishman Slave Shoppe,which they did.

    When Clyde was abit older,he was bought by you may ask? its because of the family's friend. One day,an odd looking man(who i may use as an NPC) came to Sabaody and went to family friend's house. The man claimed that he knew him from another town and ask the friend if he knew a good test subject. If he did..he would be awarded. The friend said yes and talked about Clyde. He said he would get the young boy for the man.

    One day after Clyde and his farther came from a hunting trip, the friend came to their home. He spoke about a hunting camp and said it would be good for him. Clyde's parents liked the plan and send Clyde off with the friend. However..its not what his parents thought it was..or Clyde

    As promised,the friend sold Clyde to science. Clyde was shipped to a lab,not to far from Sabaody. There,the mad man attempted to give Clyde the abilities of a fishman..but it failed. Instead,it turned him into one. Mad at his failure, the man set Clyde into the sea. The young boy swam towards home,but it was a mistake. His parents didn't accept him,so Clyde dove in the water..never to show his face again.

    Clyde stayed at a ship graveyard and had an interest of the useless ships. Just like that,an sea king randomly came one day. Clyde was to young to defend his self and shouted to the sea king.."Kill me!." he didn't get his wish,he was saved by the prince of Fishman island. The prince had left Clyde with a good ship wright,Den. Clyde talked to Den about the mad man and his parents,telling him that he wanted to die. Den grew angry about Clyde's wish to die and asked him if he was interested in anything. Clyde replied..."Ships"

    From that day old,Clyde was trained under Den for a few years and took him to Iceburg in Water 7. Iceburg,from that point,trained Clyde to be a good ship wright.

    Dream/Goal: He wants prove that Fishman are just as great at Ship making than humans

    Devil Fruit: none

    Haki: Maybe Armament Haki/Armament Haki Harding


    Rip jaw: diamond teeth : Clyde's teeth becomes hard as diamonds and it able to tear through anything with them. they also become abit longer and sharper

    Rip power: Strong hold: Clyde build a huge amount of power in his arms and attack

    Rip Lash: Hammer tail: Clyde swings his tail

    I'll have to think of more when i rp

    Power Level: Medium

    Weapons/Equipment: Tools for making ships( once he joins the crew)

    Name: Blake "Zephyr"

    Epitet: "Sky lord" Zephyr

    Bounty: 88 million ( since hes an warlord)

    Race: human

    Gender: male

    Age: 27

    Crew Position/Rank: Warlord


    Personality: Zephyr is really nice and kind. Hes known to be a gentleman and to kind hearted from the other warlords. Hes also very carefree and very well relaxed. However,these traits are only to fool his foes. He uses his kind personality to pull people in than he strikes. Zephyr is a great liar to,almost every one he encounter believes the nice lies he tells. He does this to capture pirates. Hes very sly and tricky to, hes known be very smart

    History: Zephyr was born on an legendary island called cielo Island,near the redline. As a child there,he mostly helped his mother who owned a pretty famous business a city of Cielo. Besides working with his mother,he hung around the island's protector, a giant eagle who ate the neko-neko devil fruit:"lion model fruit" and spend time of his farther,who was a vacationing pirate. His farther was a pretty famous pirate. He was captain and his bounty was over 2 million. One day,a marine captain came to the island and made a buster call on the island. When the warships came,Zephyr's farther told the marines if they called the buster call of,than he'll turn his self in. Before he could do that,Zephyr told the marines he would work for them and that he had strange power.The marines agreed,but they told Zephyr's farther he would have to give up his pirate rights. The both agreed and Zephyr

    Now Zephyr stays on Cielo,Which is know under control by the government. A group of people called the "storm nine" works for Zephyr. However,he betrayed the Government for three years and earned his self a bounty. He joined the Government again as a warlord

    Dream/Goal: Protect Cielo from harm

    Devil Fruit: Air-Air fruit. Hes able to turn his body in wind/air and can control it


    Eagle buster: He creates a big eagle like wind,which than clashes with the foes

    Wind blade: Creates a blade of wind and throws it at the foe

    Blow back wind: He uses a force wind to deflect attacks

    aria hau: creates a funnel of wind,which traps the foe inside

    Power Level: N/A

    Weapons/Equipment: He carries a violin around with him

    cerdit for tag belongs to Choas death of DA
    "" Power isn't determined by the size of your fist,but the size of your heart and dreams."
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    Old July 1st, 2013 (11:05 AM).
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      Yup I'll be signing up for this one sometime soon
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      Old July 1st, 2013 (11:55 AM).
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        Ok guys :D i'll put you on a reserve list

        And spots you want reserve?

        cerdit for tag belongs to Choas death of DA
        "" Power isn't determined by the size of your fist,but the size of your heart and dreams."
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        Old July 1st, 2013 (1:35 PM).
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          I plan to make my character a bounty hunter turned pirate or something along that line
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            Like Zoro,kinda. Anyways,that should be interesting

            I'm so lazy. I'm going to add you two on the reserve list now

            cerdit for tag belongs to Choas death of DA
            "" Power isn't determined by the size of your fist,but the size of your heart and dreams."
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            Old July 2nd, 2013 (1:03 PM). Edited July 4th, 2013 by <Challenger>.
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            Goodbye PC...for now.
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              Hey! I hope it's not too late to join this!

              Name: Gabriel Henry (A.K.A Gabe)

              Epitet: Hawk-Eye

              Race: Human

              Gender: Male

              Age: 19

              Crew Position/Rank: Sharpshooter

              Appearance: (A picture or a decent description.)

              Personality: (What does your character like? What makes him mad?)

              History: (Give us a good idea on where this character comes from. You will be closely RPing with others, so it's a good idea to let everyone else know)

              Dream/Goal: He wants to prove that he is the greatest shot in the Granline, and to be a part of the greatest crew ever.

              Devil Fruit: The Boom Boom Fruit: He can make any part of his body explode without damage to himself, and is immune to explosions.

              Haki: Observational Haki

              Golden Eagle: Final Strike: Gabe launches a particular golden ball from his rifle, and somehow (maybe supernaturally) it grows very powerful, and usually ends in an instant kill. He always retrieves the ball, no matter what happens. It's his lucky charm.
              Flash Powder: He throws gun powder right into his opponent's eyes, blinding them.
              Golden Eagle: Hand Cannon Shot: Gabe takes the same golden ball from before and throws it. Quite possibly through his devil fruit powers, it explodes but stays intact. He tends to use this for last resorts.

              Power Level: Medium

              Weapons/Equipment: His trusty rifle, a pistol, several pouches of shot and powder, a dirk, and a mirror
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                Nope your not late~

                i'm guessing your going to finish the CS later?

                cerdit for tag belongs to Choas death of DA
                "" Power isn't determined by the size of your fist,but the size of your heart and dreams."
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