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Old July 31st, 2013 (3:45 AM).
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    Originally Posted by O07_eleven View Post
    Well on the other hand they're more likely to get raped, sexually assaulted, hassled by bad men who think it is acceptable to engage in such behaviour,and are also sexually objectified and pressured by nearly all of society, just because of their appearance. But I do think if you are pretty there is some leeway, guys will subconsciously give you special treatment in order to appeal to you. I'm a sucker for pretty girls and did it all the time :3 It was so lame, presents, favours and dismissing negative behaviour do not give chicks anything but contempt for you, lol. Do the benefits outweigh the cons of being considered an attractive female? Idk, maybe i'll ask one of those girls their opinion! :D
    Haha what I meant was like, smaller things, not like 'I killed a man, but got out of it cause I twinkled my eyes', like, one time I was in the car with my sister and her friend, and she was driving, and she's pretty attractive, and we got pulled over cause she was going over the speed limit a bit, and the guy was about to write her a ticket, but she charmed her way out of it.

    I do agree with you, and I wasn't saying it like ' 'Ugly' people should keep it to themselves.', just so you know. It was a joke to myself. But yeah I do agree completely with what you're saying.
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      i'm boy
      i see very differents i know everything abt girls (looooooool)
      n i know how to deal with girls
      but i really don't undertand them
      any one wants to trade ?

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      I'm a girl and i can be a boy whenever i want too...why?? because i can but i don't want that ew

      A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the heart that beats inside remains the same.
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        I am male.

        It is hard to say what I like/dislike specifically about the opposite sex, simply because (as mentioned) both men and women can share the same traits. If I had to pick something I like, I couldn't imagine cuddling with another guy, that'd be far too itchy and awkward. Thus the thing I like most about girls is their cuddlebility!

        If I were a female... Hmm... I'm not entirely sure. I guess it would be nice to be approached more, maybe easier to date? At least, that's how it seems sometimes.

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