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Old October 26th, 2013 (5:11 AM).
DemonSkrall DemonSkrall is offline
Join Date: Oct 2013
Gender: Male
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Hello there everyone, i am a 14 year old guy who lives in Italy. I am a big fan of both pokemon and digimon. My favorite pokemon is Blaziken and that makes my favorite region Hoenn.
I love role playing (probably cause i used to go outside with my friends and pretend to have adventures).
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Old October 26th, 2013 (7:16 AM).
Sheep's Avatar
Sheep Sheep is offline
Join Date: Sep 2011
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If you're into roleplaying you're definitely going to love the Roleplay Corner! It's a grand place with some very dedicated roleplayers and I'm sure you'll fit in nicely. Just remember to read the rules there if you ever plan to participate. :o Of course it's just a suggestion but that's one of the many things you can do here.

Welcome to the forum, Demon! If you're into Pokemon you'll of course have lots to discuss across our many Pokemon boards but we also have a handful of Digimon fans. I've only seen the first few episodes but always did want to get into it since I had a few friends who were always saying how good it was. If you're into the Digimon games, why not discuss them in our Video Games board?

Have a blast around PC! Let me or another staff member know if you need any help at all.

. pair family twin mal art lv .
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Old October 27th, 2013 (12:49 AM).
AluminiumOxide's Avatar
AluminiumOxide AluminiumOxide is offline
Aka Ansirent
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: India
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Hola Amigo Hola (Hello friend hello) and welcome to PC and Blaziken is also my Favorite Starter in R\S\E And if you love roleplaying This is best for you - Roleplay Corner

And going here will be great - Trade Corner and
Pokemon Anime Sub Forum Right ?

Anyway you can find a alot of things here like Video Games, General entertainment, ROM hacking, Pokemon GEN I,II,III,IV,V,VI etc there are some non Pokemon forum you can visit and Gen forum are for Pokemon ROM gaming and In Rom hacking you can make and publish your own hack to public just by completing the Thread requirments (better ask the moderator about it) And there is also Pokemon club forum there you can make your own club and lead it. If you had any prob or question ask me and i will try to help you if i can't just PM Any staff member or make a thread in Question & Feedback forum.

Its one of the best place to discuss about Pokemon hacking and completing your Pokedex, battling making hack etc etc. don't be shy to give me friend request! posting very good can also reward you a very good gift. The super Moderator will choose who post very good and can make them Moderator. Please read the rules of Pokecommunity (or PC in short) and all the rules of the forum written by the Moderator of the sub forum. A Super moderator can handle all forum. There is forum for everything so just visit any forum you want and make a thread about it or post in a thread. You can customize your signature,profile picture,avatar etc etc in Your user control panel. So you should check all the forum and you can also publish your own hack. By going to the Emulation and ROM Hacking forum and you need to spend 3 months here for team discussion in team discussion you can invite people to join in your project of your hack. But you need to fill the thread requirements. Like you need to give at least 4 or 6 screen shots but not Pokemon base stat, Pokemon Moveset. you also need to write the features and story above the screen shots. And same with Hack publishing but you doesn't need to spend 3 months to publish a hack to public. You need to write features, credit,story etc etc and do the thread requirements. If your thread is perfect so Dr.Fuji (The moderator of Emulation % ROM Hacking forum ) will choose this thread to publish and if it doesn't open in 24 -26 hour you should PM The moderators. And don't forget to read the rules of every forum !

My Club |Paired With IndianCharizard |

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