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My love, my lady

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Old November 20th, 2013 (5:47 AM).
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The most beautiful feeling on this entire world,
is the feeling of love towards this one special girl.
The one girl you'd die for if that's what she wishes,
whom you'd sit in front and cry for when life gets too vicious.
One who's lips you'd stroke tenderly with the tip of your fingers
and enjoy every second of the magic moment that lingers.
Enjoy the valuable times you'll get to look in her eyes,
and while you're at it thank God for this angel in disguise.
Thank him for her smoking hot appearance that left burn marks in your mind,
and realize you should be lucky with a girl one of a kind.
The best part of all is that I'll now know that she'll read this,
and that I don't have to worry when I write about blowing her a sweet kiss
while my gaze is locked on her eyes so shady,
for I am only here to wish the nicest of dreams to my source of inspiration,
my love, my lady.

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Old November 20th, 2013 (7:14 AM).
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I'm sorry, but poetry belongs in its own thread over in the main section, and all of your poems belong in the same thread. I'm going to have to close this, but why not make your own collection? Just remember that all of your poems go into that one thread, so that people may enjoy them all in one place. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

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