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ElectroHammer (Ampharos Revisited)

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Old December 8th, 2013 (1:42 AM). Edited December 8th, 2013 by Profen.
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I still really want to make this deck work. So i decided to try and put it together again after the LT release, since it brought back a lot of fun stuff and lessened the threat of catchers.

4-2-4 Ampharos DRX
1 Emolga DRX
2 Kyurem NV
1 Mewtwo Ex

Supporters: (Secondary deck)
4 Juniper
2 N
3 Skyla
1 Bianca
1 Cheren
1 Tierno (basically another Cheren)

2 Frozen City
4 Crushing Hammer
4 Rare Candy
3 Switch
1 Escape Rope
2 Exp Share
1 Super Rod
1 Tool Scrapper
Computer Search (Ace)
2 Level Ball
2 Ultra Ball

7 Electric
4 Double Colorless

Basically get out Ampharos asap with frozen city. Causing any energy attachment to do 50 damage to my opponents pokemon that aren't plasma, 20 to my own. Crushing hammer to make it worse. Mewtwo is in there because DCE just makes mewtwo good. Exp share for when ampharos dies, and it will. Emolga to help get it started. Kyurems for outrage since they can damage themselves with energy attachments, its also water type damage for ground and fire.

I'm tempted to change one of the Kyurem for a Reshiram to have an answer to grass types. But i'm more worried about ground types, like landorus, threatening ampharos. Though VirGen has so much energy acceleration, Reshiram is also really helpful.

Mewtwo is also just kind of thrown in there, seems a little counter intuitive since they wont be attaching much energy. But it helps for decks that get around manual attaching energy.

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Old December 8th, 2013 (2:21 PM).
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okay soo how will you get ampharos without mareep/flafy?
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Old December 8th, 2013 (3:10 PM).
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Maybe swap Mewtwo for Reshiram instead of for Kyurem and see how you fare against the decks that get around the manual energy attachments.

Originally Posted by Darkheart223 View Post
okay soo how will you get ampharos without mareep/flafy?
He has 4 Mareep and 2 Flaaffy. The 4-2-4 next to Ampharos means 4 of the Basic (Mareep, in this case), 2 of the Stage 1 (Flaaffy in this case), and 4 of the Stage 2 (Ampharos in this case). It's a standard decklisting convention among competitive Pokemon players to save time, energy, and space on a page, since as long as the first two stages are play-legal versions of the cards, they're only a means to an end and not nearly as significant as the final stage to the deck's strategy.
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Old December 10th, 2013 (3:16 AM). Edited December 10th, 2013 by Profen.
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Yeah i was thinking that. Though with reshiram, it would have to have taken 70 damage to OHKO VirGen. That is pretty large amounts of damage with all things considering that it would be taken out pretty easily with megalo cannon if i manually attach energy to get it to that point while its on the bench. But if i do put it in the active first turn and drop a DCE on to it, then virizion has to attack it to accelerate energy making it shoot to 70 damage. But then i would be basically only doing a single prize trade, unless i manage a super rod for it.

Either way this deck is currently undefeated irl. Though i havent fought any terrible match ups. But with catchers being flippy. Its really hard to get ampharos out of the active, since i usually have 1 or 2 on the bench as well. This makes escape rope not helpful for my opponent. Taking 50 damage per energy is painful, making blastoise and emboar, basically an impossible match up for my opponent if i get set up.

This deck works a lot better without the wasted time of plasma badge. Ampharos can afford to take 20-40 damage, since it makes it so hard for my opponent to do anything, and with the addition of outragers, it gives me pokemon to just randomly charge up on my bench if i feel the need.

I'm also wondering if i should even bother with escape rope. Though escape rope/emolga is pretty good. I find i use emolga as a pivot more than call for family.
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