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Old January 8th, 2014 (8:55 PM).
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Since most of you are back in school, your writing is most likely going to take a hit, I know mine has. In order to keep everyone writing, I thought a drabble thread wouldn't be a bad idea. They're short, easy, and quick. If you're new to writing, this is a great way to get started for the same reasons.

What is a drabble?
A drabble is a very short story that is 100 words. By 100 words, I mean exactly 100 words. Not 99, not 101, but 100 words. Got it? Good! That's all there is to it. They can be about anything in any format.

Are there any rules?
You bet your favorite writing pencil there are! :V
Since ideas are kind of hard to come by, here's how this will work. The first person (me) will post an idea to write about. Once a person has written a drabble about it, they will post it here along with a new idea for the next person to write about. Here's what I'm talking about:

Person A:
[Enter 100 word drama about Bob the Pickle here]

Person B:
[Enter comedy about the bear that killed off an entire village here]

Okay, so hopefully this is making more sense now. If you've written a drabble for an idea, but someone else has posted before you and suggested a different idea, I'm fine with you posting your drabble stating that _________ ninja'd you. Just post the same idea as the person who posted before you and we should be good.

Remember, this is just a fun exercise to keep people writing throughout the school year and no one is going to care about how "good" these turn out. They don't have to be pokemon related, just write with whatever pops in your head. Last of all, have fun!

First Topic:
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Old January 8th, 2014 (11:09 PM).
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I exited my house at a really fast pace. It was five in the morning and had an exam to go do. It was minus death-temperature. During the night while I was studying, an ice storm came through my city. And guess what. Everything froze.

The ice storm was still raging. The ice covered the ground. The ice pelted my face, blinding me. I could feel my nostrils being clogged with ice, preventing me from breathing. I couldn’t take it. So I turned around and head back home. Don’t know why the school board didn’t cancel exams. So worth failing.

Second topic!
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