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Started by peter McLightning June 5th, 2018 3:41 AM
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So, i have a very very serious question. It makes sense idk.

I have seen and played many ROM hacks in my life, since my childhood. When i was of 7 age, i was playing hacks like expert gold, etc. When i got my new smartphone, i learned about advance rom hacks like ruby destiny, fuligin etc. But i haven't played anything like adventure red chapter. It is 10 times better then all other rom hacks. I don't think anyone didn't admit this. Its true. Now, the question is this why the staff of rom hacking section doesn't appreciate this work. I have seen many staffs apreciating other hacks bur not adventure red, why? Do they don't like good and better ron hacks? Jealous? They don't like Aethestode or they are bound by something or someone.


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I think that you'd get your answer a lot faster and they'd be a lot more aware of your question if you asked them directly (like, in a VM or PM)
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Check this out though