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  • That's alright. My reason for asking had been seeking strengths from the third game.

    I enjoyed the first two and had been eager to play the third. Paid full retail value on release only to realize it wasn't clicking. 50 hours later and a second playthrough attempt...nothing (which is odd because it's not far off gameplay wise). It's a shame not being able to get into it. I never understood why this game doesn't resonate, and it remains a purchasing regret.

    I wish Xenosaga could be more accessible too.
    Have you played the Xenoblade series? (Specifically the third game within the trilogy)?

    It's okay if you haven't, but I do have a reason for asking.
    This may be off topic for this forum. How would you rank the fire emblem games from best to worst if you played them?
    I thought you just liked her cause of the strange name, I always thought it was to shorten her name or even as some kind of initials (always called her nahlia or something like that.)
    Ok, I get it now arcaneum prefers users to dm thank yous to not clog up the current threads. I wanted to thank user Devalue and you for all the useful info about previous gens and info about walking wake/iron leaves future events.
    (I just woke up so I don't feel like answering posts fully rn so I'll answer the question about lined paper here).

    I draw on a rather... limited? budget and all I have is composition notebooks & my parent's printer paper. ^^;
    Hey, Nah. I don't know if you know, but i'm leaving Pokecommunity for good. You can see my post in the new users chit--chat thread for more deets. I wanted to say goobye to all my friends before i left, so that's what i'm going to do. Thanks for being a friend, even though my time here was limited. If you ever want to find me again, my Discord is always ready, The Foogle#6946. I'll always be happy for the people i met here!

    Goodbye, Nah, who truly is the ocean's grey waves!
    Hey, just had a FE Fates related question for you since you're pretty in the know involving the franchise.

    I'm going through Revelation and got an S-Support with Azura (of course i did) but i never did Shigure or Kana's Paralogues. If i never pick them up by the time the game is over, do they show up in the credits or do they basically never exist?
    Holy shish i had no idea it was your birthday!

    Even though i already posted this on your birthday thread, i'll say it again. Happy birthday, Nah! Here's hoping you had an epic birthday and that everything went your way!
    That's interesting, i might have to look into some more Awakening characters lol.

    I've only played Fates, i like the characters in that game but i'm not super huge into the series. If i were to ever play another game... maybe Awakening.
    Oh my god i had no idea that was her actual name. I've never heard of her before, so i thought you picked the name "Nah" since it's the slang version of "no" XD

    I'm more of an Azura enjoyer myself. I'm trying to finish Revelation even though i'm going at a snail's pace, lol. (i'm around chapter 13-14 at the moment)
    I'm pretty good right now, trying to get readjusted in the Pokecommunity lol.

    Though i'm pretty sure you didn't have that PFP before, is that Tiki from Fire Emblem?
    Hey, er... Nah! (If that's your current name, i'll say that) It's been a LONG time but i'm back on Pokecommunity! Figured i'd say hi since we haven't spoken in ages. How's it going with you?
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