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Episode 48: Devil in the Dark (レッドの暴走!友情の危機)
[5:46 PM, May 27, Rocket Warehouse]
After their infiltration to the Rocket Warehouse, the heroes find a document of Team Rocket's future projects by chance as they are looking for the sapphire. But before they can conduct any further actions, they encounter one more enemy, A Team Rocket Admin.

"What are you doing here, little mice?" asks the Admin.

"Bkwaaaa! Glauuuuutth! Karrrgh, gwooo, smuuurrr?" Red tries to counter-question the Admin, but his pronunciation has run amok.

"That's so silly. Are you retarded? Or have your parents ever taught you to speak?" says the Admin.

"How can you play down Re-chan? It's all because of you!" rebukes Leaf, "I ask you, why should you continue your unpresentable businesses here when your boss had announced the disbanding of your gang?"

"Team Rocket is disbanded? What an inane rumor you've spread!" the Admin displays an angry look, "It's such an obvious attempt to cause confusion in our ranks. Fortunately, we're not so ignorant to fall for the lies of some children! You're too naïve, sucking brats, dreaming of deceiving us adults. Did your parents warn you telling lies means spanking on your hips?"

"Gwwwww……" Red waves his fist at the Admin, apparently wanting to beat him if he were not trying to keep the last bit of sense of reason.

"That's enough of you playing the heroes, kids. If you wish, I'm very glad to show you how scary an angry adult can be!"

The next second, three Pokémon appear around the Admin. They are Golbat, Weezing and Houndoom, according to the heroes' Pokédexes (which they do not have time to query in).

"Hey, are you gonna tear your warehouse apart by battling in such a narrow place?" asks Blue.

But the Admin just makes commands without taking any notice to Blue's speech, "Golbat, Shadow Ball. Weezing, Sludge Bomb. Houndoom, Feint Attack."

Receiving the order, the opposing Pokémon start attacking the heroes themselves before they can even send out their defense forces.

"Ack! Go, Blastoise! Hydro Pump!" Blue manages to toss out a Poké Ball after his arm is hit by the Shadow Ball, leaving a black and blue scar on it. Blastoise then takes out Golbat by sending it crashing into a wall with his high-pressured water cannons.

"Ouch! It hurts!" the enemy Houndoom bites down on Leaf's thigh, which angers Red. He throws all his caution behind and whacks Houndoom on its head with his bare fist. He then grabs Houndoom by its neck and flings it back at the Admin. The Admin steps sideways to avoid being hurt, but Houndoom bumps into the bars of a cage behind, deforming the bars and knocking itself out.

"Thank you, Re-chan!" says Leaf gratefully, but soon her face turns into horror when Weezing's Sludge Bomb is flying towards her!

Without orally responding, Red stands in front of her, blocking the move using his own body, and sends out his Charizard. He then commands the fire dragon with a "Roooar!"

Even though he is a Pokémon and can pronounce animal sounds, Charizard cannot understand the messy words Red say. Nevertheless, he uses Flamethrower at the enemy Weezing.

"I'll help you, Red! Blastoise, Dark Pulse!"

Blastoise releases dark waves from his cannons, merging into Charizard's Flamethrower, and the double-powered improvised move eventually defeats Weezing. Luckily, Red is only tainted by the explosive poison chunk, evading the chance of getting envenomed.

"Sheesh. What enduring kids!" The Admin calmly withdraws his Pokémon, looking at a tarnished Red, a bruised Blue on his arm, and a bleeding Leaf on her leg.

"Wraagh! Kwoooosh! Traaaaaaww!" roars Red.

"That's how a scary adult can be? What a heinous joke!" shouts Blue.

"Are you human? Attacking kids with Pokémon moves?" scolds Leaf, refraining from crying out on her pain.

"Humph. We just change a place if we have to abandon a warehouse…" says the Admin with contempt, "Team Rocket has plenty of time and money to play hide-and-seek games with you. Our conviction will never waver against any opposing force, let alone kids!"

"Sorry, dude, but look at this." Blue opens his Badge case and flashes it in front of the Admin.

"What? It's…It's the Earth Badge from Giovanni-sama! You even beat him?" The Admin exclaims with his face struck by nervousness.

"Hey, y'two. Do you understand what I mean?" Blue asks his friends.

"Sure." Leaf opens her Badge case and has Red do the same thing.

"Urgh…Those Earth Badges…They're so blinding…So it's true? Team Rocket really has disbanded?" says the convinced Admin with his hands trembling, "What had you done, Giovanni-sama, for losing some mere Gym Battles? We spent years of efforts to build up Team Rocket, and you…you disbanded it in one second? Where should we put our faces as your faithful followers?"

"Now that Giovanni has quit, and so must you! Rocket Admin, Archer!" says Leaf with stress.

"Heh, even my name is exposed. Seems we have to further strengthen our security." Archer soon calms down after learning the downfall of his gang, and displays an insidious look, "But don't think this is over. I won't let this be the end. We will abandon this warehouse, but I will find Giovanni-sama, and resurrect Team Rocket! Will I meet three brats groveling with despair to beg us for mercy one day? I can't wait for that time to come, mwahahahaha!"

Out of the heroes' attention, Archer presses a button on the wall. His body then recedes from view in front of the kids like instant evaporation. Blue presses that button again, but nothing happens.

"Gwuuuu…Wraaaaaaaaauuuuuurrrr!" The escape of Archer snaps the last straw of reason in Red. His outrage bursts through his control like a kite breaking free from its string. He yells loudly into the sky, the dark aura engulfing his entire body like a black fire ball, leaving only his glowing red eyes visible. He then runs into a rampage, hitting the walls and smashing the objects inside the warehouse, including the computer containing the document.

"Stop it, Re-chan!" cries Leaf.

But upon hearing Leaf's voice, Red slowly turns at her with his frightening red eyes, and waddles at her as if a starving zombie who has just sensed the presence of a fresh, delicious prey.

"Re…Re-chan?" Leaf is so shocked that she is unable to move.

Before Leaf can snap out of her astonishment, two hands stretches out from the dark aura, and grips Leaf by the neck, while adding force to them.

"Re…Re-chan…gwu…" a choking Leaf is too weak to remove Red's hands.

"What are you doing Red? Are you gonna kill Leaf?" Blue runs up and tries to pull Red from Leaf, but Red frees one of his hands and punches Blue on the chest, sending him flying backwards onto some paper boxes.

"Yowch……What power……" groans Blue, rubbing his aching back and bottom.

"B…Blue-kyun…Help…help me…" Leaf struggles to cry for help.

"Darn! I can't watch Leaf dying!" thinks a desperately worried Blue, "Maybe it's the only way to settle Red! Sorry, my best bud, but I think I'm doing right!"

Blue then picks up a wooden bar and smacks Red on the head. Red falls into coma as he lets go of Leaf, who breathes heavily after a short time of deprivation of air.

"Thank…thank you, Blue-kyun. I…I'm saved…" pants Leaf, "But what should we do for Re-chan? He's been pushed too far by Team Rocket and he's gone crazy!"

"Sigh…It's causing us a headache. Knocking him out is the least feasible option." says Blue, "Look at his dark aura. It only decreases by a small level. Once he wakes up, he'd attack us again!"

"That's too sad…"

"I'm sorry, Leaf, but we don't have many choices." says Blue as he fetches a reel of long rope, "It might be a bit tough for Red, but I'm afraid we have to do it."

"What are you doing, Blue-kyun? Are you gonna tie Re-chan up?" cries Leaf.

"Then how should we bear the responsibility for Red's rampage?" asks Blue.

"……" Leaf struggles for minutes in her mind, only to give up in the end, "I'm very sorry, Re-chan. Just hang on for some minutes."

Removing Red's backpack, Blue and Leaf bind Red around his chest with his arms placed at the back, as well as around his wrists and ankles for further prevention, with Leaf's tears dripping onto Red's clothes. Blue then puts up Red's backpack on his back.

Immobilizing Red completely, Blue wraps some bandages around his and Leaf's wounds. He then catches sight of something in a drawer on the computer desk, apparently opened by the impact of Red's punches and kicks. To his delight, lying in it is the very sapphire stolen by the Scientist at Dotted Hole!

"Awesome! A great luck in misfortune!" says Blue, who plucks the sapphire and hides it in his fanny pack and closes the drawer as if it had never been opened.

"We can wait for some time for the sapphire." says Leaf, "I'm worried about Re-chan in such a state."

"Yeah. It's only a matter of time for Red to break free from the rope after he wakes up. Let me see what we can do to revive his reason……I know! We can ask for help the Hypno in Berry Forest!"

"That's a great idea! We should go there as soon as possible!"

"All right!" Blue activates a Poké Ball, "Alakazam, Teleport! Destination, Hypno's cave, Berry Forest, Three Island!"

Alakazam's eyes flash, and the heroes vanish instantly from the wrecked warehouse.

Earlier actions are always the better. The next moment they left the warehouse, the Scientist who snatched the sapphire returns, imagining bargaining with Team Rocket about the price of the gem excitedly, only to be left stamping with rage when he opens the empty drawer where the sapphire is supposed to be.

[5:57 PM, May 27, Berry Forest]
Under the sunset, Hypno is picking berries around its cave for dinner and food storage, when the heroes plus an Alakazam suddenly come into its sight, surprising it.

"Argh! Humans!……It's you." says Hypno via telepathy, "Why are you here? And what happened to this human boy with a dark aura?"

"Er. It's because of something unpleasant on our way…" falters Leaf, "He's gone crazy and attacks everything around him."

"Could you use Hypnosis on him to look into his mind?" asks Blue, "Red's so mad that he can't even pronounce correctly. We'd like to borrow your hand to read his thoughts."

"It's not convenient here. Come with me."

Carrying Red with Blue and Leaf, Hypno leads the group to a chamber and they put Red down. Hypno then waves its pendulum with its eyes glowing blue, releasing hypnotic waves at the red-capped psychopathic victim.

"……No dice. My Hypnosis won't do at somebody who is already asleep." Hypno shakes its head when its move fails to make progress, "I'm afraid you have to wait until he wakes up for me to hypnotize him."

"What a pity. We'll call you as soon as Re-chan wakes up." says Leaf. Hypno nods and returns to its berry picking.

10 minutes later, Red gradually returns to his consciousness. When he feels that he is bound by the rope, he roars horribly and starts to struggle against it.

"Blue-kyun, you inform Hypno! I'll take care of Re-chan!" cries Leaf.

"But I can't leave a girl in danger…"

"Just do as I said!" shouts Leaf.

"Fine…" Blue rushes out and calls Hypno.

With Blue and Leaf pressing Red, Hypno uses Hypnosis while making Red staring at it, putting him to sleep once again. It then dives into Red's mind world using its psychic power…

"How's it, Hypno? Have you detected Red's thought?" asks Blue.

"……Even in his mind it's pitch-black. Perhaps I need more time……"

Letting out a sigh, Blue and Leaf have nothing to do but wait anxiously while Hypno is strenuously navigating Red's brain universe.

After a boring half of an hour, Hypno finally breaks the silence, "……Yep, I found this human boy's true feeling. I can feel his anger in his heart even though I'm not a human…"

"Tell us!" says a curious Blue.

"OK. This human boy is wholeheartedly trying to defeat a criminal gang called Team Rocket, who has committed countless cases of crimes, including illegal fossil digging, killing a Marowak, running a casino, and poaching wild Pokémon. It really bugs him when it comes to Team Rocket, just as I was bugged by noise…"

"We've already known these!" Blue interrupts.

"Wait until I finish!" says Hypno, "After going through thick and thin, this boy finally disbanded Team Rocket at a city called Viridian City, but he accidentally let loose of its boss. But Team Rocket didn't finish their evil doings despite the escape of their leader, as they made dirty plans on the legendary birds, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and even extending their force to Sevii Islands. Bitterly as he loathes Team Rocket, he has never successfully put any important culprits into justice, and he was even orally abused by some minor underlings on Mt. Ember and Icefall Cave. Fury, unwillingness, lament…All the negative emotions were mingled in his heart, gestating a devil inside him, which overwhelmed him. That's all what I can explain for his experiences…"

"So how can we banish the 'devil' on Red?" asks Blue.

"I've no idea. I can only detect thoughts, but I've no experience in such a special case." says Hypno, "But I suppose he might return to what he was if someone close to him can make some efforts. I believe in your sincerity and honesty since you were willing to stay in my cave for another night when I put wrong blame on you."

"Thanks anyway, Hypno." says Leaf, "It's late and we're tired. Could you put us up for one more night, please? After all, it takes a very long time before Re-chan can wake up."

"Sure, if you can keep my cave clean and tidy."

"Hypno. Would you like us to help you pick the berries?" suggests Blue.

"No, thanks. I think I've picked enough. If you're hungry, I can share some with you."

"Thanks, Hypno, but our own can do!" declines Blue.

"Then good luck to you." Hypno leaves the chamber.

To prevent a suddenly awakened Red from attacking them and damaging Hypno's home, Blue and Leaf watch the night in rotation. If one is too sleepy to stay up, he / she'll wake up the other and takes a brief sleep himself / herself.

[6:45 AM, May 28, Five Isle Meadow]
As Hypno is unable to provide any further assistance, early the next morning, before Red wakes up, Blue informs Hypno, before the group leaves Hypno's cave and Teleport themselves back to Five Island, landing inside the woods. This place is far from the sea as well as human settlements, reducing the chance to the least of an out-of-control Red to fall into water by accident or causing a havoc to innocent citizens.
--End of Epsiode 48--
Save File:
Player: Red
Time: Day 92
Pokédex: Seen 156, Owned 17
Badges: 8

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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A Ordinary Kanto Lover

Route 1 (Kanto)
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Episode 49: I'm Just Wild about Leaf (レッドの暴走!悪夢の目覚め)
[8:21 AM, May 28, Five Isle Meadow]
After transporting themselves into the woods, Blue and Leaf continue watching out for Red's awakening. Red finally opens his eyes when the sun is shining bright in the east, while Blue and Leaf are getting more and more drowsy due to lack of sleep.

"Krwooaaaaaaah!" Red roars as he tries to free himself from the ropes.

Hearing Red's voice, Blue loses all his sleepiness and cries, "Oh, no! Red's up! I'd find something to deal with him!"

"Are you gonna smack Re-chan again?" asks Leaf.

"Or what else?"

"Stop it, Blue-kyun." says Leaf vocally, "Waking up and getting smacked, getting smacked and waking up! I won't let Re-chan be stuck in such an infinite loop!"

"But what if he hurts us…"

"Haven't Hypno told us? If someone close to Re-chan can make some efforts. Let me have a try, just once! Please!" implores Leaf.

"…Fine. But only once. Still, I have to find some hitting objects as a backup."

And while Blue is searching for sticks and bars, Leaf holds Red by his cheeks and cries, "Re-chan! Re-chan! Couldn't you remember me? I'm Leaf!"

"Gwoooo…" Red's movement slows down a little.

"Ah, it works!" Leaf feels lucky.

But what is actually in Red's mind? Let's take a glimpse at it!
[??:??, ???-??, ???]
"……" After a long faint, Red slowly opens his eyes.

"……Where am I?" Red gets up from the ground and looks around sleepy-eyed, "Am I in…Lavender Town? How long have I slept?"

Yes, Red is in Lavender Town, as the Pokémon Tower and Mr. Fuji's houses are clearly visible from his position. However, he does not see anybody, nor does he hear any noises and voices. There seem to be no living beings other than himself in this town. He tries to visit the buildings, but all of them, including the Poké Mart and the Pokémon Center, are locked.

"To Celadon City……" A strange, creepy voice echoes in Red's mind.

"To Celadon City for what?" Red asks that voice.

"To Celadon City……" The voice repeats itself, pressing a headache on Red.

"OK, OK! I'll go!" Not until Red surrenders do the voice and the headache disappear.

Even on his way to Celadon City, Red never catches sight of a human, a Pokémon, or other animated creatures, as if they have all vanished, leaving himself the only one in this world. The surrounding environment gives a spooky silence like a horror role playing game. Red's attention is fully focused on the scenery so that he fails to notice that his backpack has strangely lost weight.

[??:??, ???-??, Celadon City?]
The atmosphere remains as it is when Red arrives at Celadon City. Nobody is present anywhere, whether on the usually noisy and lively streets, or at the crowded department store, or around the game corner where gamblers gather, and the lights of the brand of shops or the advertisement signs are all out. It looks like that this city is deserted, except that it has not been corroded by nature power.

"What does that voice want me to do by calling me here?" mutters Red.

"Red!" Red hears a familiar female voice from behind. Red turns around and…

Well, if it isn't Leaf! She's been waving at him smiling at meters away!

It fills Red with warmth meeting with an acquaintance in such an unfamiliar environment. He gallops at her, eager to talk about everything, not realizing that something is wrong.

As Red is getting near, "Leaf" suddenly displays a sinister smile, and tears off the disguise on her face, revealing her true identity to be Ariana, one of the Team Rocket Admins! Struck by what he sees, Red's face and feet are instantly frozen like stone.

"What a simple-minded brat! How far are you carried away by disguising myself with that girl's face! I just can't imagine how madly you are fascinated with her!" smirks Ariana.

"You… Whatcha doin' to my Leaf? Give her back to me!" Red shouts angrily.

"Ah, we've caught that girl and kept her somewhere. How exciting it is when my colleagues are flogging and persecuting her! Ahhh! Just imagining it is blowing me away!" says Ariana with a revolting expression.

"You screwy Team Rocket crooks! You inhuman beasts!" reproaches Red.

"Whatever you say, you wretched brat. You'll soon be with her down to the abyss. It's somehow boring to decrease our enemy list's length by two…"

"Blast it! Charizard, I choose you! Flamethrower!"

But as Red scrabbles in his bag for Poké Balls in his condition reflex, his hand feels nothing but thin air! In panic, he removes and opens the backpack, only to find that everything is gone, including berries, Potions, and other items.

"What an utter dunce!" scorns Ariana, "I've already had someone do something to your bag and removed all your arms clean. You're just worthless garbage without any Pokémon and fighting power. All of you! Take down this arrogant and rude brat!"

A large horde of Team Rocket Grunts appears from nowhere and lunges at Red, seizing his arms and legs tightly. They then binds Red up with some ropes.

"What are you doing? Let me go!" shouts Red.

"Cry as you wish, brat!" says Ariana pitilessly, "Our people are everywhere. Nobody will save you!"

"Mooom! Leeeaaf! Bluuuue! Professor Oooaaaak!" Red cries in despair into the air, only to have his voice drowned in the uproar of his enemies.

"Vraaaaarrrrrgh! Kwyaaaawwwgh! Bleowwwwch!"

Back to the reality, Red blusters at Leaf in an unbridled manner when Leaf believes that her efforts have taken effect, while scuffling to break the ropes that constrain him, with the dark aura blazing increasingly on him. Leaf tries to call him by the name several times, only to get more and more brutal bawls and struggles in return.

"S…sniff…sniff…" Leaf bursts into tears in sorrow. She hugs Red fast, while weeping, "Do you remember, Re-chan? Do you remember when you saved me from drowning on Route 21…when we made friends and played together outside…when you ran away from me at Celadon City…when we explored the abandoned mansion on Cinnabar Island…the battle at Indigo Plateau…our first date…Hypno's cave…Ember Spa…Remember them, pleeaaase!"

Before showing Red's response, once more, let's dive into Red's mind world.
[??:??, ???-??, ???]
"……" Red wakes up again after he was beaten to coma by Team Rocket in Celadon City. Now he is inside a cell, with his hands tied and hung to the ceiling, leaving only the tips of his toes touching the ground. His clothes are torn and tainted, and all his belongings, including his cap and his jacket, are gone. The metal door is locked, and the room has no window, allowing light to come in from nowhere but the corridor outside. The room is equipped with many kinds of instruments of torture, including pinchers, whips, and even an electric chair.

"What are they gonna do by confining me here?" thinks Red.

At that moment, the door is unlocked, and two Team Rocket Grunts come in. One of them is holding a long whip, while the other carries in a bucket of chili water. The tip of the whip has evidently been dipped in the chili water to add to the torment.

As soon as they enter the room, the whip holder lashes Red and says with smug, "Haha! Look at yourself in such a mournful state! Just have your wings newly grown, and you dare defy us Team Rocket! Have you ever thought about what you'd get today?"

"……" Red stares at the Grunts with bile while withholding the pain eating into his skin.

"Yoh ~ Don't stare at us with that terrible look!" taunts the bucket holder, "We Team Rocket are also neat. You're tarnishing our beautiful uniforms like that!"

"Leaf……Blue……What did you do to them……" questions Red weakly.

"If you wanna know, then try making us answer!" The whip holder strikes Red one more time, tearing his shirt and leaving more trails of scars on him, but Red does not cry out.

"Stay silent, eh? Where's your masculine spirit gone? Show us, if you're a man! I doubt if you're worth of that thing between your legs! Or if you don't want to be a man, we can help you remove it!" provokes the whip holder as he gives Red one more hit.

"You…you…de…devils…You…you'll…you'll meet…your judgment…one day…"

"Meet our judgment? I beg you think carefully in your loggerhead!" insults the bucket holder, "We Team Rocket will wipe out anything that dares standing in front of us, even gods and buddhas! The ordinary people are just so simple that they believe the cops can protect him should they offend us! Just before you, another intruder the same age as you sneaked into our hideout and spied on our top secret, so we had to shut his mouth forever."


"Tsk, tsk, tsk! Your foolishness is beyond redemption! It's the grandson of that Samuel Oak geezer! Rocking our boat under his old man's fame, only to meet his end like a stamped ant!"

"You…you killed Blue? You beasts…worse than beasts…"

"Worse than beasts? You're capable of nothing but earning sympathy by your mouth and pressing the keyboard! By the way, your another cute, sexy and engaging friend is also under our care!" says the whip holder narcissistically, "What a pity I'm not the one to enjoy her as a handsome, strong and reliable man! I just cannot stop imagining that chick pinned to the wall by the cuffs and her body exposed without defense in front of us, with panic and fright in her eyes! I can die with no regret as long as I can have a single, light touch of her!"

"You…What you've done to Leaf…You son of…Give back my friends! Gimme!"

"Give back your friends? In the netherworld?" The whip holder lashes Red in the eye, making his vision turbid and unable to see anything…

"Gaaaah! Kushaaaaaaaa! Mkwaaaaaaou!" Back to reality, Leaf is still facing a Red in tantrum trying to break the ropes.

"Sob…Waaah!" A heartbroken Leaf eventually snivels out with utmost grief, two streams of tears running down her face, "This is not the Re-chan I know! What I know of Re-chan is he's a handsome guy of righteousness, kindness and loyalty to friends! He's not a yucky psycho who always loses his temper! Where are you, Re-chan? Come back to my side! Pleaase! I beg you! Waaaah!"

But what happens to Red after he was blinded by the chili water?
[??:??, ???-??, ???]
After another long period of coma, Red wakes up for the third time…

Opening his eyes, Red finds that his vision is fully restored. He tries to move his hands and legs, which are free and energetic. He even feels his jacket, cap and backpack on him! He looks at his clothes, spotting no tears and taints. He checks his bag and finds all the items retrieved.

"Oh, yeah! I was only dreaming a nightmare!" thinks Red happily.

Just then, a figure appears in front of him. Red raises his head and it is Blue, who is looking at his best bud with an unfriendly, emotionless face.

"Blue! You're alive! I thought you were dead!" cries Red in joy.

"Red, thanks to you leaving me on the lurch, I was tortured to death in that dim and biting basement." says Blue coldly.

"That's impossible! Didn't I rescue you from the basement after Giovanni left?"

"You rescued me? Nonsense! Since I was put in that basement, the last people I saw were Team Rocket thugs with whips and chili water!"

"That's not the case! Let me explain!"

"If explanation were useful, then would I die such a tragic death? Humph, I know you're a snobbish guy who cares about nobody but yourself. You're clear you lose a rival as long as I'm caught by those Team Rocket thugs! You pretend to be a victim as I am, but I'm sure you're blooming with rapture towards my death, aren't you?"

"What? It can't be real!"

"Enough of it. I don't have time to fool around, and I must check myself in at God's. What interminable bad luck I have to be your neighbor! Smell ya!" Blue's figure fades into oblivion as he walks away.

"Blue……What made you so cold to me…" moans Red.

Suddenly, a second figure comes into Red's sight. It is Professor Oak!

"Professor Oak!" calls Red in excitement.

"Red. How's your Pokédex going?" asks the professor.

"149 plus 7, totally 156! Look!" Red takes out his Pokédex and flips it open.

"What did you just say? You've collected none!" exclaims Professor Oak.

"What? Impossible!" Red checks his Pokédex only to find a white-blank list like the top of a bald man. None of the slots are registered with Pokémon information, not even 004 where Charmander is supposed to be.

"*Sigh*, you haven't corrected you habits of talking fast yet!" says Professor Oak disappointedly, "When did I get blind enough to entrust you good-at-nothing with a Pokémon and the Pokédex!"

"I don't get it, Professor Oak!" cries Red, "Haven't you witnessed by your eyes my registration to the Hall of Fame at Indigo Plateau with Blue? It was only a month ago!"

"Hall of Fame? Boasting without a draft!" blames Professor Oak, "The next Indigo League is scheduled to open next month, and you entered the Hall of Fame two months before its opening? Is it you who traveled through time or I?"

"No, Professor Oak! I…"

"Whatever. Just do anything you like. I'd gotta go for giving out starter Pokémon!"

Much like Blue, Professor Oak fades into oblivion as he turns away from Red.

Before Red can snap out of shock, the third figure appears, turning out to be his amiable mother!

"Mom!" In Red's heart, "mom" is always the warmest word he feels.

"You call me mom?" Mom suddenly pulls her face, "When did I give birth to such a lame son?"

"Mom?" Red is confused.

"You spend all your days playing computer games and reading useless comic books! Neither do you work hard on your study nor do you do any exercises, just as the 'kimo-ota' described on the Internet! You don't make a single step out of the house while your peers are playing with each other in nature! And you never care about your appearance and decency! Look at the messy and dirty clothes you've worn! Everybody would stay away from you when they see you sloppy and scruffy! I just regret to have cultivated a parasite for the society for so many years!"

"What are you talking about, mom? I do exercises every day! I set off my Trainer's journey this February, beat all Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four in just two months' time!"

"How many times have I told you, Red? Dreams without actions are nothing but fantasies! You haven't corrected this bad habit until now! Humph, I'll not recognize you as my son from now on! Don't even bother coming into my house again. Try to earn your living by your own 'cause I'll spend no more money for you. Your future has nothing to do with me!"

"Mo…mom!" Red tries to explain, but mom's figure also evanesces.

Losing the mental support from his mother, Red is filled with depression until he notices the fourth figure.

"L…Leaf? Are you really there? Tell me, it's you!"

"What's wrong, Re-chan? Is your brain burnt? I'm Leaf as it means!"

To further prove its realness, Red slaps and pulls himself in the face.

"It hurts…and it's real! I did meet Leaf!" exclaims Red with elation in his mind, "And she calls me 'Re-chan', so she can't be another disguise of Ariana! "

Convinced of himself, Red runs up ecstatically and holds Leaf by the hands.

"It's been a long time since we last joined hands six years ago…when we made friends…" says Leaf.

Wait a minute! There's something wrong with Leaf's speech! We just joined hands on our first date outside the Rainbow Café!

"Leaf, are you sure? Did you forget our date?"

"When I caught you in Celadon City, I never thought it would be the last time we reunited…" says Leaf, "I was too delighted to see you, so I wanted to express all I felt to you without conservation. But you ran away without leaving a word…I wanted to catch up with you, when I was caught by someone behind covering my nose and mouth with a piece of cloth, and I lost consciousness…"

"What? It sounds similar to what I heard in Team Rocket's prison…in my nightmare!"

"After I woke up, I found my hands and legs fixed to a wall in a dark and damp room. In front of me are some Team Rocket Grunts who looked at me with perverted faces. To my disgust, they discussed and agreed that they take some pleasure in my body before they try me! They even decided their order by drawing lots! And then, the one who drew number 1 crawled up to me with sickening saliva dripping from his mouth. I closed my eyes before I felt my clothes were torn and I was assaulted by sudden pain…And it was all your fault, Re-chan!"

"What? I never thought you'd be in such serious trouble! If it was true, why didn't you tell me when we met on Cinnabar Island? I would teach them a lesson for you!"

"It was all thanks to you!" accuses Leaf crossly, "If you hadn't run, I wouldn't have been trampled on and abused by those Team Rockets! I shouldn't have misjudged you, you scumbag!"

"Why? Why do I deserve your criticism? I've done nothing guilty!"

"Scumbags never admit they're scumbags. They always disguise themselves as noble men. When someone close to them is involved in something, they pretend to be innocent and refuses to take any responsibility. I've understood! All men are the same in this world! They cheat girls with their sweet words, and treat girls' bodies as their target of sexual desires! After taking away a girl's virginity, they simply kick her aside and steal away! What about their victims? They have to live the rest of their lives under the labels of 'whores' and 'prostitutes'!"

"No! It must be an illusion! An illusion! My Leaf never talks to me like this!" cries Red.

"It's not an illusion, Re-chan." says Leaf icily, "After so many grimy deeds, and you try to escape. That just proves all men are the same! I'll share my experience on the Internet, showing all of us girls how dirty and corrupt you are under your veil! You don't have to thank me for telling the truth."

After leaving the words, Leaf swings her long hair and starts to walk away.

"Don't leave me, Leaf!" Red reaches his hand out in desperate hope of keeping Leaf.

"*Snap*!" Back to reality, the ropes tying Red inexorably snap under his sheer force. Letting go of Red, Leaf watches in trepidation and misery at him, who teeters up with the flaming dark aura on him and a murderous gleam in his blood-red eyes, swooping towards her with bared teeth. At this time, Blue is yet to return to the scene.

"Re-chaaaaaan!" Leaf cries in tears hopelessly into the air, but her raucous voice can no longer be heard by Red again…
--End of Epsiode 49--
Save File:
Player: Red
Time: Day 92
Pokédex: Seen 156, Owned 17
Badges: 8

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
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Episode 50: Resort Tourist Death Case (Part 1) (リゾート観光客変死事件(前編))
[8:54 AM, May 28, Five Isle Meadow]
As Leaf watches at Red coming close, she closes her eyes to wait for her fate…

Will she die? Well, let's slow down time and see what Red thinking about in the deepest level of his mind.
[??:??, ???-??, ???]
Having lost three of his close people, Red tries to keep Leaf, the last hope of his, with whatever he can do. He runs after her back figure, and stretches his arms out to try to grab her. Although the figure appears to walk very slowly, she always keeps a subtle difference from Red no matter how fast he runs. However, Red is too determined to give up.

Finally, before Leaf fades out in white light, Red successfully seizes her by the hand! The white light dies down but Leaf is still there, pleasing Red very much.

But things do not always go as Red wants. When Red pulls Leaf to himself, he finds that what he grabbed is not a real person, but a 1:1 doll in Leaf's shape!

"A, haha, ahahaha…" Red laughs bitterly as he sinks on to his knees. Being abandoned by everyone he knows, Red's heart is down the deepest abyss. What on earth has he done to deserve being left alone behind?

Wait! Am I dreaming? People can't fade out or turn into a doll all of a sudden! It's against science! Yes, I must still be dreaming! If I'm dreaming, I can take another sleep to return to reality! I fully believe everyone's waiting for me there!

"Yawn…I feel sleepy, and this doll feels soft and comfortable!" Red rubs the doll, "I can use this doll as my pillow. After all, it's not a real person. I hope the nightmare can end soon…"

Red lies down on the doll, and falls asleep…

Sometime later…

"……" Red regains his consciousness, and slowly opens his eyes. Though his head is still aching and his vision is yet to be clear, he can feel that he is lying on his back, with his head on something not like a doll.

"Re…Re-chan…?" Red hears a voice from above.

It's Leaf! She's not dead! She's alive! And she didn't leave me! Red quickly returns to sober excitedly. As he sits up, it proves to be that Leaf kept herself in a kneeling position and let Red lie on her thighs. Tear traces are clear on Leaf's face.

"…Leaf? What just happened? What have I done?" Red scratches his head in confusion.

"Re…Re-chan! You really came back! Re-chan! Sob…Waaaah!" Leaf's eyes glisten with tears and she squeezes Red in her arms, and wails out on his shoulder, dampening his jacket.

"What made you sad, Leaf?"

"Sob…I'm not sad…I'm happy…for Re-chan returning to my side…sob…"

"Em, excuse me, Leaf, but what happened after Archer escaped? And when did we come to Five Isle Meadow?"

"It was……like this." Leaf retells the story to Red during his rampage.

"That was close! I must thank Blue for beating me, or my Leaf would be in mishap!" says Red, "And I just dreamed a horrible nightmare! I was confined and tortured by Team Rocket. Blue was killed by those crooks, and mom and Professor Oak abandoned me, and you turned into a doll unable to cry, unable to smile, and unable to talk with me!"

"I turned into a doll in your dream? How did that doll feel?"

"Very soft and comfortable…" Red blurts out.

"Poof! Bwahahaha!" Leaf laughs through tears, "That's for sure! Look at what you've done!"

"What do you mean?"

"Silly Re-chan! You tripped over a pebble when you tried to attack me. I wouldn't have survived choking if it were not for that pebble. However, you bumped me so hard that I was pushed against a tree behind, and your hands ended on my…"

"Stop! I knew it!" Red blushes and waves embarrassedly.

"You knew what?" teases Leaf.

"I beg you don't make me speak out!" cries Red.

"Tee-hee. All right." says Leaf, "And while I was trapped between you and the tree trunk, you suddenly let go and fell down asleep. I was afraid you'd feel uncomfortable lying on the grass like that, so I slightly moved you and put your head on my legs. And to my happiness, your dark aura started to die down steadily until you woke up."

"Thank you very much, Leaf. But didn't you feel uncomfortable with my head pressing you?"

"Because I'm firmly convinced you'll be back. Such little hardship is not a big thing."

While Red and Leaf are talking, Blue returned with a bar he found in the woods.

"Woah! Red woke up! Eat this, devil!" Blue raises his bar and is about to whack Red.

"Stop it, Blue! I'm fine!" shouts Red as he makes a stop gesture.

Blue drops his arms, his body frozen there, and the bar falls onto the ground with a clack.

"Red, you're finally back! Do you know Leaf and I didn't have a good sleep last night?"

"I've learned all from Leaf. How could I do such things to my friends! I'm such a bastard!" Red slaps himself in the face.

"No, Re-chan. You didn't do anything. It was all the fault of the devil possessing you. We've banished that devil, and you're free." says Leaf.

"We can fully understand your feeling for unwillingly letting loose of Team Rocket, Red." says Blue, "But you'd better take control of your fury the next time. If you let your rage grow, you'll go mad like this! Hwrrraaagh!"

"I will, Blue." Says Red, "And where shall we go next? I want to have some leisure time to dilute my nightmare experience."

"……Then how about Resort Gorgeos?" Leaf shows a spot on her Town Map, "It's in the north of Five Island. It's a high-quality holiday resort for tourists and artists. It's also famous for being home to the Lost Cave. It's said the route inside the cave is mysterious and weird. Once one has made a wrong step, he can't return from that cave anymore, even if by undoing his paces."

"Cave of no return?" Red is intrigued, "Then I'll definitely solve it mystery!"

"Oops! I forgot your backpack!" Blue returns the backpack to Red.

[10:10 AM, May 28, Resort Gorgeous]
Starting from the port of Five Island, our heroes surf north along Water Labyrinth to Resort Gorgeous, whose main area is located on a small island. Despite its name, the main route of Water Labyrinth is straight and simple. However, it forks in the middle to the west to another tiny isle. Between the intersection and the isle is the true labyrinth, formed by rocks on the surface of the sea. As the rocks are not very high, one can simply climb over the obstacles to make a shortcut to the isle if he wish. However, most of the surfers choose to cross the labyrinth as an entertainment of puzzle solving. A few tourists are taking pictures on the isle, bringing themselves with cute Pokémon like Pichu, Togepi, Igglybuff and Cleffa. Some Hoppip and Skiploom hover in midair using the buoyance of air flow.

Surfing for a few miles, and the group arrives at the resort. Apart from public facilities including a small park with a footpath circling around its central garden, a hotel with a small pub, and an outdoor training field, there is an estate surrounding a beautiful garden and a luxurious villa, evidently home to someone wealthy.

"So that's what rich people's life is like…" says Red.

As the heroes walk past the entrance to the estate, an old servant comes out from the villa and calls them, "Hi, there! Have you seen our lady Selphy?"

"What's she like?" asks Red.

"She's in a white hat and blue dress and light blue high-heeled shoes. Oh, she has blonde hair! She's the only one with blonde hair in our resort, so it's easy to distinguish her!" says the servant, "Lady Selphy brought up a sudden whim this morning and wanted to explore the Lost Cave! It's so dangerous inside! Once something is wrong, one will have difficulty getting out! I made my best effort to dissuade her, but she insisted. It's been hours and she hasn't returned. I'm worried about her safety."

"She must be trapped in the cave." says Red, "And we happen to be on our way there. We can help you find her!"

"You wanna go? It's too dangerous!" says the servant.

"Do you really care about your lady's life?" asks Blue.


"Do you have any long ropes?" asks Leaf.

"Why do you ask for a rope?" whispers Blue to Leaf, "We have Escape Ropes, don't we?"

"Our ropes are too short, and they're disposable! We shouldn't simply quit without finding the lady!"

"You want a rope? Sure." The servant fetches a 100-meter rope from the villa, "But what do you use it for?"

"We tie the rope at the entrance, so that we can safely undo our route once we're wrong." explains Leaf.

"Things are not as easy as you believe to be!" says the servant seriously, "Months ago, a tourist lost his life in Lost Cave. When I received him, he also mentioned he wanted to go to that cave. He said he had a sturdy rope and wasn't afraid of getting lost. Failing to dissuade him, I watched him tie the rope on a rock at the entrance and on his waist before I returned to the house."

"What happened to that tourist?" asks Blue.

"That guy hadn't returned for a whole week, which raised my suspicion." says the servant, "I went to the entrance and found the rope still tied there, not seemingly to be moved or cut. I tried pulling the rope to my side and got no response. I added force until I pulled the rope straight and everything was still silent. That was odd. The guy should feel the force once the rope tightened. As I pulled the rope, I felt something heavy on the other end, so the rope must still have been tied to him. But when I dragged him out, he was lying on the ground lifeless."

"Did he die from excessive friction?" mocks Blue.

"You're kidding, young man! The dead tourist was in his 20s, and he was much stronger than me!" says the servant, "The strange thing was, he looked like having starved for days when his corpse was found. When I called the police, they found there were no visible wounds on his body, and no food and water were found in his backpack. In the end, the police concluded the victim died of hunger from getting trapped."

"Why wasn't he killed because of asphyxiation or murder?" asks Red.

"Because the victim didn't display any signs of lack of air, and nobody entered the cave between his entry and the discovery of his corpse. Also, I've told you he hadn't any wounds on his body. And nothing was missing from his backpack. I learned all of the information from the police." says the servant, "But there's one thing nobody can explain. In my impression, the rope seemed to have lengthened itself automatically during the one-week period…"

"The rope lengthened itself? Come on, it wasn't a rubber band, was it?" says Blue.

"But it did!" stresses the servant, "I asked the police to measure the rope, and it was 436.72 meters, but the label on it read 100 meters! Not only I, but the police were also puzzled. They even contacted the manufacturer of the rope, who claimed to have never produced ropes of such a length."

"Lost Cave…dead tourist…a self-lengthening rope…Things are getting complicated…" thinks Red.

"Look, boys! There're some urban legends of this cave!" calls Leaf, attracting her friends to her phone screen, "Before that unlucky tourist, there had been over 30 victims missing inside the cave. Some urban legends claim there lives a devil in the cave who drags victims to the netherworld; some claim an evil witch who captures the victims as experiment materials for his magic; some even claim there's a time tunnel which sucks the victims into another timeline or universe!"

"Heh! Let imagination fly!" sneers Red, "As long as someone is trapped in, we mustn't watch the fire from the opposite riverbank!"

"Fine. If you insist, I won't stop you." says the servant, "But remember, whenever you feel the rope tightens up, return immediately!"

"Yes, sir!" The kids answer brightly.
--End of Epsiode 50--
Save File:
Player: Red
Time: Day 92
Pokédex: Seen 164, Owned 17
Badges: 8

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
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Episode 51: Resort Tourist Death Case (Part 2) (リゾート観光客変死事件(後編))
[10:40 AM, May 28, Resort Gorgeos]
Obtaining a long rope from Selphy's servant, our heroes are now on their way to the Lost Cave, the cave which is said to have no return.

On a small isle east of Resort Gorgeos, there is a hill with the cave entrance at the south. There is a sign next to the entrance, reading:
Lost Cave
Warning: Enter the cave at your own risk of life!

Tying one of the ends of the rope fast on his waist, Red fixes the other end at a steady, blunt, protruding rock outside the entrance. He tries pulling the rope and makes sure it will not come off the rock. Having Blue and Leaf standing on his either side, they join hands to ensure they will not get separated.

"Three…two…one…Let's go!" Our heroes takes a deep breath to embolden themselves, before they enter the mysterious cave.

[10:43 AM, May 28, Lost Cave]
The entrance chamber of the cave is not very complicated. It is a square room with some rocks scattering in every corner. At the center are the stairs that lead to the depths. On the wall opposite to the entrance are some crook, twisted words written by red chalks, with some drawings of skulls:
Are you really sure you want to go down?

"Tch. The warning is scarier than the cave itself!" grumbles Red.

Descending to the second level, our heroes are in a square chamber, with a passage connecting into the dark in the middle of each side. There are also some rocks spread across the room. However, these rocks are fixed to the ground and cannot be moved by any means.

"Lost Cave perfectly fits its name. We'll surely get lost if we enters a wrong passage." says Leaf, "But it looks similar to Dotted Hole. Maybe there're also some hidden hints."

"……" Blue looks around for a while, "But there doesn't seem to be braille here. The three rocks are also too disorganized to form braille words."

"Three rocks? Three…number…three…" Red cogitates in his mind.

"Those rocks are not movable, so they have been remaining where they were generated." says Leaf, "They remind me of directions. North, east, south, west, northwest……nope, no idea. They don't look like hinting a specific direction."

"……Hmm! Oh, I know!" says Blue as he points at the rocks, "Look at their positions! Don't they look like being placed at the angles of 10, 7 and 5 o'clock?"

"Yes, they do." says Red, "But what can we conclude from these three numbers? Even it means time, will 3, 6, 9 and 12 be better? I mean…"

"Good job, Re-chan!" Leaf thumbs up at Red while winking at him.


"Yeah. I got it! It does mean time!" exclaims Leaf with a delighted face.

"Why?" The boys are puzzled.

"The Five Island is also called Chrono Island, so its landmarks must be closely related to time." says Leaf, "These rocks are indeed hints, but it's not their positions that make sense. It's their number!"

"Numbers? Ohhh!" The boys are enlightened with a lightning flash, "There're three of them, which means the correct direction is at 3 o'clock, the right side!"

"Yes. That's exactly what I mean." says Leaf.

"You're so smart, Leaf. No worse than boys." praises Red.

"Better not look down upon us girls, you boys." says Leaf with a proud akimbo.

"Three, two, one. Turn…right!" Under Red's command, our heroes turns 90 degree and enter the passage on the right. They're instantly immersed in pitch darkness. Despite that they have made only a few steps, Blue has lost sight of the passage entrance when he casually turns around.

"Red, Leaf. Are you there?" Blue asks a little unsettled, even though he's holding Red's hand.

"Yeah." Blue hears both his friends' replies, to his relief.

Our heroes keep proceeding until it suddenly returns bright, and they find that they are in another chamber. The new room looks almost identical to its previous counterpart, with four passage entrances on each side of the square. The rope tied to Red's waist extends from the darkness behind, without any signs to get tightened, making the group believe that they have not gone too deep.

"One…two…three…twelve! We should go straight this time!" concludes Red after he counts the number of the stones.

Passing through the passage on their front, and our heroes ends up in a deeper room.

"One…two…three…six!" Red counts the rocks as usual, before he senses something strange, "Wait! Does it mean we should turn back? But we just entered here from that direction!"

"Are you sure your reasoning is correct, Leaf?" doubts Blue.

"Em…maybe…" says Leaf a little embarrassed.

"…Sigh, forget it. At least we have Escape Ropes and Teleport. Even at the worst, we're able to reset our process and restart." says Red, "Let's go."

Without a second choice, Red's friends walk alongside him back to where they came.

Seconds later, it turns bright and the heroes are back at the last chamber.

Or are they? The chamber they are currently in have only six rocks instead of twelve. As is pre-stated, the rocks are not able to be moved in any way. Another more uncanny thing is, the rope does not extend from the passage in front of them, but behind them instead. Red tries pulling the rope and it is still loose.

"Did…did we just get back or did we get forwards?" says Red, a bit frightened.

"I…I don't know." Blue shakes his head.

"It's scary…" Leaf hugs Red's right arm tight.

"…Darn! We can't just quit now! We have to find Lady Selphy! We mustn't be chicken!" Red tries to hearten himself and his friends, "We're from Pallet Town. There's no flinching of Pallet Town Trainers!"

"No, it isn't!" says Blue firmly.

"We're in a group! We're not alone!" says Leaf as she lifts her right fist.

Defying fear, our heroes make a reckless decision by turning back! And they do arrive at the next chamber.

In the fifth chamber, they turn right at the 3 rocks.

In the sixth chamber, they turn left at the 9 rocks.

In the seventh chamber, they turn back like training soldiers at the 6 rocks.

In the eighth chamber, they…Whoops!

"Waaarrgh! A…a skeleton…" Leaf screams and points at some bones while trembling in fright.

"It must be another unlucky explorer…" mumbles Blue.

"Are you afraid of corpses, Leaf? Come on, they won't get up and attack us." says Red.

"No! They're scary! Help, Re-chan!" Leaf hides behind Red in tears and dares not open her eyes.

"…Fine. Let's go." The heroes turn right according to the number of the rocks, three.

In the ninth chamber, they go straight at the 12 rocks.

In the tenth chamber, they…they cannot proceed any further as all the other three passage entrances have disappeared.

What? Our heroes have spent so much effort only to get trapped in the end?

Come on, you impatient readers! When did I say they get trapped? I said THREE, not FOUR!

In the final chamber, our heroes finally find someone sobbing in the corner. The person happens to fit the description of Selphy's servant.

"Excuse me, are you Lady Selphy?" Leaf walks up and asks the lady.

"…Yes, I am. Are you here to save me? How do you find here?"

"We can talk on that after we get out!" says Blue.

Carrying Selphy, our heroes return via the passage connecting Selphy's room.

However, when the lights turn bright once more, our heroes are so astonished that their jaws are nearly dislocated! It turns that they directly returned to the first chamber at a lower level from the entrance, for the fact there are the very stairs leading up at the center. The safety rope extends from the stairs and disappears into the right passage, and after an unknown distance, coming out from the passage behind the heroes and ends on Red's waist.

"What the…Is this cave haunted?" Now it is Red's turn to shudder in fear.

"Come on! The exit is in front! Let's go!" says Blue.

The group of four ascend the steps and they successfully exit the cave.

"That's too funny!" says Red when he notices the knot on the rock, "The rope's still tied to the rock and me, and it's never tightened or snapped!"

"Anyway, let's pull out the rope and return it." says Blue.

The group untie end on Red's waist and pull the rope. When the free end exit the cave again, they find that the rope has also lengthened visibly, according to their impression.

"So the self-lengthening rope was real…" mumbles Red.

[11:04 AM, May 28, Resort Gorgeous]
"…So that's the truth of the Lost Cave." says the servant after he learned about the whole process the heroes rescued Selphy, "Although the number of rocks hints the correct direction in the cave, most adventurers simply wander in it clueless, thus losing their way and getting trapped."

"But how could he die? I mean the victim with the rope." asks Blue.

"As you've witnessed, your rope lengthened itself like his." says the servant, "Unlike you, that victim must have been scared at the strange behavior of the rope. He was so frightened that he ran about in the cave, only for the rope to 'grow' longer and longer, not realizing he had returned to the entrance for countless times. And eventually, he died of over-fright and hunger."

"What an irony the name of Lost Cave is!" says Leaf, "It's not a cave that prevents explorers from getting out. One can quit at any time by entering a random passage. The most impossible mission is to reach the deepest room instead. But it's quite a fancy the bizarre connections of the passages."

"I'm not sure, but I think the wormhole theory might explain it!" says the servant.

"Wormhole theory?"

"Yes. In the wormhole theory, the chambers of Lost Cave aren't connected by simple physics, but by some warps called wormholes. A wormhole can connect two points arbitrarily in space no matter how distant they are from each other. Also, a wormhole can be either double- or single-directional. In the latter case, you can pass through a wormhole only from point A to B, but not vice versa. As for the self-lengthening ropes, it might be because of the special, unknown law of physics in wormholes."

"So in short, we've stridden the physical distance into some other times or universes inside Lost Cave?" says Red with his lingering fear.

"Come on, Red! It has nothing to do with haunting!" mocks Blue.

At noon, in return for rescuing the lady, Selphy and her servant entertain the heroes at their villa for lunch for free. Their lunch is so delicious that our heroes have their stomachs plumping up like balloons!
--End of Epsiode 51--
Save File:
Player: Red
Time: Day 92
Pokédex: Seen 164, Owned 17
Badges: 8

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
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Episode 52: Down the Canyon (谷の訓練場と砂浜の石室)
[12:37 PM, May 28, Resort Gorgeos]
"...Burp! That was a wonderful meal! Being rich is so different!" Blue lets out a belch (which he tried to hold it all time inside the villa) discreetly after our heroes thanked Selphy and her servant, and pats on his belly.

"Your gramps is not rich?" joshes Red.

"No richer than an estate's lady!" says an upset Blue.

"Stop arguing, boys. Let's discuss about our next destination." Leaf opens the Town Map on her smartphone, "We've been to a total of six in seven islands. The Seven Island hasn't been touched much, and it virtually keeps its natural view. Its largest landmark is the Sevault Canyon. It's a long rocky terrain that splits through the whole land. Shall we take a look there?"

"......I don't have any comments. Do you, Blue?"

"......Your idea is mine." shrugs Blue.

[1:03 PM, May 28, Seven Island]
Moments later, our heroes board the Seagallop, and make their steps on the last major island on the Sevii Islands archipelago, Seven Island. A little away from the port, there is a road sign on the intersection:
Seven Island
North: Trainer Tower
West: Seven Island Town
South: Sevault Canyon, Tanoby Ruins

The word "Trainer" greatly magnetizes Red's eyes, as he can never wait for Pokémon battles. He has heard a little about Trainer Tower. It is a type of battle facilities that features "guard-breaking" challenges. Once a Trainer starts his challenge, he must consecutively break through all the guarding Trainers on each level until he reaches the top. The less time he spends during the process, the larger prizes he may receive.

"We haven't had any stimulating battles for days. I'm itching for it!" says Red.

"So am I! Let's have a race who can be the fastest!" says a spirited Blue.

"Better not look down on us girls!" Leaf utters her catchphrase.

[1:20 PM, May 28, Trainer Tower]
At the ground hall of Trainer Tower, there is a Pokémon Center and a Poké Mart, as well as a resting area for all the challengers. The entrance to the challenge area is in the middle of the north. While there is another elevator in the northeastern corner that leads directly to the top, it only allows the triumphant challengers to return as a shortcut. The rules hung on the wall state that only one challenger is allowed at each time, and in order to receive prizes, they must finish their challenge task within 60 minutes.

"I'll lead our way!" Red volunteers to be the first when the last challenger returns in low spirits, undeniably badly beaten.

At the entrance, the staff member has Red scan his Trainer's Card at the baffle gate, allowing him to start the challenge.

Since the second floor, or the first level of challenge area, there is a small, simple maze constructed by fixed barrels. On certain points of the maze, there are one or two Trainers guarding the route. There is only a single route to the exit of this level, meaning that a challenger must take all the obstacles out in order to proceed.

The first guard is a Super Nerd. As the battle starts, the screen displays the levels and current HP bars of the Pokémon on both sides. Though as a Champion, Red's in-party Pokémon are mostly over level 60, the screen always displays the levels as 50.

"The rules state Pokémon over level 50 will have their abilities adjusted to level 50, and no items are allowed except holding items here, so these opponents must be even more difficult to deal with than the Elite Four!" thinks Red.

Of course. Even the very first battle is an onerous task. The Super Nerd uses an Electrode and a Ditto. When Red sends out Nidoking to face the Electric-type opponent, the Normal Gem-equipped Electrode uses Explosion to bomb Nidoking down in one hit. His Ditto has the Ability of Imposter, allowing it to transform into Red's Pikachu without consuming a turn. Trained with high Speed EVs, the foe's Ditto always moves faster than Pikachu, Quick Attacking him in a barrage. It is not until Red switches for Snorlax who uses an overwhelming Body Slam that he finishes off the Super Nerd. After he wins, his party is automatically healed. At the entrance to the upper floor, the screen displays the time Red has spent:
Level 1: 3 min 23 sec;
Total: 3 min 23 sec.

The second battle is even more difficult. The Aroma Lady on this level frustrates Red sorely by using sleep- and paralysis-inducing moves while healing her party during Red's neutralization. In a pet, Red burns all the opponents with Charizard's Flamethrower. He spends 3 minutes and 39 seconds on Level 2, and totally 7 minutes 2 seconds.

The third stage is...oh, gosh. The Quick Claw held by the Poké Fan's Snorlax allows it to move first in many turns, crushing Red's Pikachu, Chansey and Charizard. Irritating our red-capped hero, he confuses the bulk with Lapras' Confuse Ray when in a turn the Quick Claw is not activated, and finishes off the beast with his own Snorlax's Ice Punch and the opponent's self-hurting in its confusion.

The fourth stage is...*Facepalm*, I can't bear to tell it anymore...


In the hall, the giant screen displays the current challenger and his progress, including elapsed time and remaining time. Currently, Red is at level 5 with a total time of over 12 minutes. Meanwhile, Blue focused his eyes on the phone screen on his solitare game, while Leaf is applying cosmetics with her mini makeup kit.

"Ding-dong!" Half an hour later, the fanfare rings and the challenge is over. Red's two friends put their items away and stare nervously at the elevator from which he will return.

Soon later, the elevator doors open and comes out Red in sweat. He is greeted by one of the staff who checks on her computer screen and then rewarded him with some boxed items as prizes.

"Hey, Red, how were the battles?" asks Blue as Red returns.

"It just tired me out!" answers Red, "The foes' teams seemed to be built up specifically to deal with mine! My Pokémon jad fainted for a total of 19 times before I could reach the finishing line..."

"So you won anyway. How long did it actually cost you?" asks Blue.

"I dunno." says Red, "I just accepted my prizes."

Red shows the items he won. He has earned 2 bottles of Full Restores, 3 Ultra Balls, and TM71 Stone Edge, and a King's Rock.

"What appealing prizes! I'll not lose to you!" says Blue as he watches at Red's trophies.

Blue enters the challenge area. To kill his time, Red takes out his smartphone and starts to play an air shooting game. It is only 6,000 coins left before he can upgrade his aircraft to a higher level.

Another half an hour passes, and Blue returns to the hall, with the prizes including a Max Potion, two Ultra Balls, and TM66 Payback.

"31 minutes and 12 seconds!" says Blue at his friends', "And you're not bad, Red! I learned from the staff that you used 29 minutes and 21 seconds, even breaking the best record ever!"

"I broke the record? Unbelievable!" exclaims Red, "And how about you? Was it difficult?"

"One word, difficult! Two words, so difficult! Three words, that darn difficult!" says Blue, "That Psychic on 3F used a Wobbuffet and beat almost all my Pokémon with mere Counters and Mirror Coats! I thought he was foreseeing my moves using his psychic cheats! The Roughneck on 8F used a full team of Intimidate and completely barred my Pokémon from attacking!"

"But you can use Alakazam and Exeggutor!"

"The Roughneck used Dark-types, which are my Psychic-types' greatest nemesis!"

"It's my turn now. I'll show them a girl's power!" says Leaf clenching her fist.

But what really happens to Leaf's challenge? Well, the Sailor on 4F is no worse than a nightmare for the little beauty's Special Attack team. He uses a Chansey who holds a special stone called Evolite. The Evolite boosts all the non-fully evolved Pokémon's double Defense stats by 50 percent. With such a buff, the Special Defense of Chansey can reach an immortal level. What is worse, most of Leaf's Pokémon are poisoned by Chansey's Toxic, and are stalled by Protect and Soft-Boiled. Before Queeny finally kicks Chansey's butt with her brute Strength, Leaf feels so pathetic that she wants to cry.

44 minutes and 37 seconds later, Leaf returns to the hall with a blue face. Her prizes contain a bottle of Hyper Potion, a Great Ball and TM54 False Swipe.

"It's killing me!" mutters Leaf, "I feel I've just survived an apocalypse!"

"But we all won. That's us Pallet Town Trainers!" Red comforts Leaf.

[3:30 PM, May 28, Sevault Canyon]
Sevault Canyon is the next destination after our heroes fully recharge themselves at the hall of Trainer. It is a narrow, wedged canyon with arid geology. The mountain route winds around the hills and cliffs, crossing several grassy patches. Some wild Pokémon live in the tall grass or inside the caves on the mountain. Most of them belong to Rock- or Ground-types, including Larvitar, Graveler and Cubone. Bird Pokemon such as Fearow and Skarmory can also be seen soaring across the sky.

As the kids are walking southwards, they notice a bare-chested man doing push-ups on one hand on the hump of a hill. It is Bruno, one of the Indigo Elite Four!

"Woooah! It's Red-kun, Blue-kun and Leaf-kun! What are you doing here?" greets Bruno when he sees the heroes coming towards himself.

"Are you doing exercise here every day, Mr. Bruno?" asks Red.

"Ah, I'm exercising my chest and arm muscles. The Sevault Canyon is a natural training field, and I started training myself here long before I was promoted to the Elite Four. I usually do about one thousand push-ups every day." says Bruno, "After drenching myself in sweat at the end of the day, it feels agreeable after I clean myself with a hot-water shower. Life lies in motion. It's an undisputable truth. I'm now challenging doing 1,500 push-ups in a row."

"I can also do push-ups! Look at me!" Red removes his backpack and supports himself with both his hands. He then quickly does 55 push-ups in standard position before he gets up, pats off the dirt on his hand and puts on his bag.

"Excellent, considering you're only 11." says Bruno, "Your push-up is the most basic form. When you're skilled to some degree, you can try other variations. They include one-arm push-ups, planche push-ups and clap push-ups and so on. Even I can only do only a few of them." He then demonstrates the three variations of push-ups to the kids.

"With your brawny build, I believe you can even fight Pokémon with bare hands, Mr. Bruno!" says Blue.

"I can, but only if it's limited to simple fighting movements." says Bruno, "My Fighting-type Pokémon and I learn from and practice with each other. I learned some chopping, punching and kicking skills from Machamp, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, and I also taught how a real human fights to them. I would sometimes have a practice fighting with them outside my house to test our training results."

"So that's what an Elite Four do behind his fame." Says Leaf, "We've got going now. Take care, Mr. Bruno."

"Take care, young Trainers." Bruno says adieu before he resumes exercising.

[5:49 PM, May 28, Tanoby Ruins]
After a long, laborious trudge, the Sevault Canyon ends on a beach near the sea. Away from the coast, there are several isles lined up, with a stone chamber on each of them, looking like some ancient ruins. Some Ruin Maniacs are using magnifying glasses to observe them closely.

"......Here it is. This area of ruins is called Tanoby Ruins." Leaf shows the result on her online Regionpedia, "Tanoby Ruins have a history of over 1,500 years. They've been around here for unknown reasons. It's said the time they were newly built, they were on a single large island. Centuries later, the sea level rose and the tidal waves destroyed most of the chambers, leaving the highest seven chambers remaining up there."

As our heroes enter the closest chamber, they notice some odd symbols carved into the walls. The center of the symbols are large, round eyes, with various appendages to make them resemble Roman letters, question marks or exclamation marks. The eyes on "question marks" and "exclamations marks" are half-closed while the others are fully open.

"S...H...I...Z...E...N..." Blue tries to read the phrases consisted of such strange markings.

"Shizen. Kamisama kara ningen ni tamawatta taisetsu na otakara. It means nature is an important treasure granted to humans." Leaf reads and translates the sentences eloquently.

"Sounds like some words of philosophy." says Red, "But I care more about the symbols themselves. Are they kind of...Pokémon?"

"Yes, they are Pokémon!" A Ruin Maniac comes in and interrupts the heroes, "It's called Unown! Its great resemblance to ancient writing and hieroglyphs makes it a mystery whether Unown predates or postdates the written language, a bit similar to the relationship between Pokémon and Pokémon Eggs. It's said Unown live in their own dimensions invisible to human, but if there're two or more appearing, an odd power will emerge. There've been other ruins discovered to contain Unown carvings, like Ruins of Alph in Johto and Solaceon Ruins in Sinnoh. So far, the scientists are yet to find a way to summon real Unown."

"......" Our heroes turn a blank face at the Ruin Maniac at his rapid and abstruse speech.

"There aren't anything valuable here." says Blue, "And we haven't delivered the sapphire yet! Let's hurry back to One Island."

The heroes run out of the chamber, with Blue activating Alakazam's Poké Ball. They then vanish in front of the Ruin Maniac in an instant, leaving him mind blown.

[5:59 PM, May 28, Pokémon Network Center]
Back to the PNC, our heroes give the late sapphire to Bill and Celio, who are still working on the communication machine.

"You really got it!" says a surprised Celio, "Where do you find it? Is there any braille?"

"We found it inside Dotted Hole on Six Island, but we were too hasty to read the braille..." answers Leaf.

"Ah, never mind. I'll work out how this pair of gemstones works anyway." says Celio.

"Bzzt! Bzzt!" Celio's smartphone informs his owner that someone is calling him. It is someone named Lanette.

"Celio-kun. Did you just send me an email?"

"Nah. I didn't do anything..."

"But I received one seconds ago! It's from you. It reads 'Hi, Lanette-san. It's Celio from One Island!'"

"Ah, that must be it!" says Celio, "I prepared an email for a test of communication. I've been debugging the function of communication between Sevii Islands and Hoenn with Bill-kun. I think our debugging has been successfully completed, so that's it."

"Hoenn? I met a family from Hoenn on S. S. Anne." says Red.

"Yeah. Hoenn is a tropical region even south of Sevii Islands. Even your outfits might be too thick for the climate there." says Celio, "Lanette-san is a co-worker of Bill-kun. She lives on Route 114 in northwestern Hoenn, west of Fallarbor Town. She contributed a lot to the PSS with him!"

"I feel like going around Hoenn one day." says a longing Leaf.

"And there're also 8 Gyms, a Pokémon League and a group of Elite Four in Hoenn!" adds Bill, "It's also a good place to make improvements for battle manias."

"Heh! Getting a Gym Badge is piece of the cake!" says an arrogant Blue.

"Did you forget Fuchsia Gym, Blue?" Red reminds Blue in a satirizing way, as his ex-rival must have had a back-breaking time solving the karakuri maze puzzle as he did.

"Aren't you just the same, Red!" retorts Blue.
--End of Epsiode 52--
Save File:
Player: Red
Time: Day 92
Pokédex: Seen 171, Owned 17
Badges: 8

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
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Episode 53: The Ultimate Move Tutor (極めの技、学びます!)
[6:02 PM, May 28, Pokémon Network Center]
"We've done so much in a day!" says Blue, "I'm all worn out. Let's spend a night here and we can continue tomorrow."

"I agree. But what shall we do together to kill time?" asks Red.

"Haha! Am I great or what for having the foreknowledge?" Blue laughs and takes out a set of playing cards printed with Pokémon drawings from his fanny pack, "I'm a high-leveled player of Hearts and Contract Bridge! Don't you imagine beating me on those!"

"Come on, Blue-kyun. It's a waste of time spending the night teaching newbies. Let's play a simpler game. How about Big Two?" suggests Leaf.

"That will do." agrees Blue.

[9:04 AM, May 29, One Island]
The next morning, our heroes are standing at the port of One Island.

"Where shall we go today?" asks Red to his friends.

"Let me see..." Leaf swipes on her Town Map, "...Oh, dear, we nearly missed this place! It's Treasure Beach, only quarter of a mile south from here! It's not big, but there're many items occasionally washed up to the shore. Let's go treasure hunting, shall we?"

"A mere hunting is too boring." says Blue, "We can have a time-limited race! The one who finds the most treasures wins!"

"Great! I love challenges!" agrees Red.

Leaf does not say anything, but she winks and grins naughtily.

[9:12 AM, May 29, Treasure Beach]
Surfing for a short distance on the sea, and our heroes are at a beach on the foot of a hill. At first sight, it is nothing special as no items are visible on or in the sand. Of course, one has to dig through sand to find them, if any.

"Let's set the timer to 30 minutes. OK?" suggests Leaf.

"Alright." The little competitors all maximize their phone volumes and set their timers to the same limit, and show their phones to each other to prevent potential cheatings.

"!" The three simultaneously start their timers and they begin searching for treasures.

On Red's side, he does not directly dig the sand. Instead, he finds a long iron bar to stick into the sand to feel the items, and only digs at somewhere he feels something hard. Applying such a technique, he really finds some useful items under the sand in the beginning, including a Light Ball, an Amulet Coin and a chunk of Leftovers.

As for Blue, he uses a Magnet he obtained somewhere to search for metal items. Soon, the Magnet sucks up an Iron Ball. And to Blue's pleasure, next to the Iron Ball are a Smoke Ball, a Flame Orb and an Adrenaline Orb, though they are not metallic and are not attracted to magnetism.

And how about our only heroine, Leaf? Well, she is busy stuffing a small bag with items she has found with the help of a mini square device.

When the timers ring as they reach zero, our heroes stop immediately and assemble.

"Look at mine!" Red shows his harvests to his friends. Excluding the three items mentioned above, he has also got a Lagging Tail, a Float Stone and a Nugget.

"How pathetic, Red! You found so few!" teases Blue, as he shows his results. Apart from those orbs, he found three Cell Batteries, an Eject Button, two Rocky Helmets and Sticky Barb.

"I lost to you, Blue!" Red admits defeat.

"Tee-hee! Surprise, boys!" Leaf flashes the inside of her treasure bag.

"What? Woooooah!" The boys exclaim in wonderment. The items in the bag includes one Dawn Stone, one Shiny Stone, five Shell Bells, three Big Pearls, six Pearls, one Expert Belt, one Shed Shell, one Big Root, one Snowball and fourteen Heart Scales.

"OK, you win." says Red, "I don't believe you've found so many!"

"Thanks to this!" Leaf holds a Dowsing Machine in her hand.

"An item finder? How did you obtain that?" asks Blue.

"I helped a father find his lost son on Route 11, and he gave it to me in return."

"What?" cry the boys, "Weren't you cheating?"

"Who said that? Did we ban the use of Dowsing Machines?" says Leaf mischievously.

"We surrender..." The boys wave their virtual white flags.

[9:48 AM, May 29, Two Island]
Depositing their treasures via the item storage function of PSS, our heroes goes on covering the rest of Sevii Islands. Their next destination is Two Island.

At the foot of the mountain east of Market Stall, there is a road sign:
Two Island
North: Cape Brink
West: Two Island Town, Market Stall

Near the sign, there are stone steps extending towards the top of the hill.

"The scenery on the peak must be beautiful. Let's take some pictures there, shall we?" Leaf asks her friends.

"OK." accept Red and Blue.

Ascending the steps, our heroes pass by a waterfall, which crashes down from tens of meters high with a mighty roar. Some splashing water drops fly on to their clothes, giving them a thrilling feeling of coldness.

[10:54 AM, May 29, Cape Brink]
One hour later, and our heroes are at the summit. On the summit of the hill is an area of plain land. The opposite of the plain is a steep cliff, facing the boundless oceans, fenced off by safety bars. There is a bungalow lying at the center of the plain. The sign on the mailbox near the front door reads:
Ultima's House

"Perfect! Now let's take a selfie!" Leaf fixes her smartphone on a selfie stick. She then walks to near the cliff and shoots a selfie photograph with her friends.

As Leaf is going to press the shutter one more time, the door to the bungalow opens, and here walks out an old lady with silver hair. The old lady looks a little surprised to see the young Trainers.

"Oh? Fancy meeting someone on my walk! You're a big deal reaching my home here!" smiles the old lady, "My name's Ultima. May I have your names, Trainers?"

The heroes introduce themselves to Ultima.

"Since you're here, would you like me to teach your Pokémon with some ultimate moves?"

"Ultimate moves?" asks Red.

"Yep. The ultimate moves make full use of Pokémon's potential power, and when used, can deal a mortal degree of damage to their opponents! Hehe! I'm not boasting. There're only a scantily few kinds of Pokémon that can master my ultimate moves!"

"What are those 'scantily few kinds'?" asks Blue.

"In summary, only the starter Pokémon from every region, Grass, Fire, and Water, are able to be taught these moves. There's a variant of the ultimate moves corresponding to each type. The Grass-type variant is Frenzy Plant. The Fire-type is Blast Burn. And the Water-type is Hydro Cannon."

"Haha! Are we lucky or what, my friends?" Blue turns at Red and Leaf and he pats Red on the shoulder.

"Absolutely!" says Red as he throws out a Poké Ball, "Charizard, I choose you!"

"Go, Blastoise!" Blue sends out his aquatic tortoise.

"Venusy, let's go!" Leaf calls out a Venusaur. As a female, she is distinguished from her male counterpart by bearing an additional seed in the center of her flower.

"So you picked the remaining Bulbasaur from Professor Oak, Leaf?" asks Red.

"Bingo!" Leaf snaps her index finger.

"Sounds good! I may teach all of them the ultimate moves!" says Ultima, "But before that, you must pass a trial to earn your admissions for my moves! It's divided into two parts, and only passing both of them is considered valid!"

"Eh...a trial..." Our heroes are a bit disappointed.

"Come with me." Ultima leads the group down the hill back to Two Island, and stops in front of the door to Joyful Game Corner.

[11:49 AM, May 29, Two Island]
"Well, if it isn't Ms. Ultima!" Ryoma welcomes the group with his daughter, Lostelle, "It's quite rare you come down the brink!"

"Ryoma-kun, can you lend me your playground for a while?" asks Ultima.

"Sure, if it's out of your request." Ryoma guides the group to the playground behind the reception hall.

"Excuse me, granny, but your trial is kinda...playing games?" Blue asks Ultima in doubt.

"Yeah. It is playing games! But it's not that easy!" answers Ultima, and she turns at Leaf, "Lassie, you call out your Venusaur!"

"Me? Fine, let's go, Venusy!"

After Venusy lands on the playground, Ultima turns at Red, "And you, call out your Charizard!"

"Alright. Charizard, I choose you!"

"Good. Now Venusaur, extend your vines to form a rope circle! Charizard, you hold the circle at the other side!"

Venusy and Charizard are a little puzzled, but they follow Ultima's instructions anyway.

"And you Trainers, stand in the rope and let's skip!" says Ultima, "Step 1-1, skip for 100 times consecutively! Any failure means a restart! No time limit!"

"So easy!" Our heroes cooperate with the rope-swinging Pokémon and finish the 100 times in a row with ease.

"Passed!" says Ultima, "Step 1-2, skip while running along the racetrack! Complete 2 laps without falling! No time limit!"

"Er...that's a bit difficult." says Blue.

The heroes walk to the racetrack with the two Pokémon on their sides. With the command of the old lady, the five starts running along the direction of the track while the human kids skip according to the swinging frequency of the vine rope. At lap 2, Blue nearly falls over but is saved by Red and Leaf, thus successfully completes this step at the first attempt.

"Not bad." says Ultima, before she directs the heroes to an indoor area with moving floor, "Step 1-3, skip for 5 minutes on the moving floor without falling! No failures allowed!"

At first, the floor move backwards at a slow, steady velocity, so that our challengers quickly adapt themselves to the environment as if they were on a racetrack. However, starting in the second minute, the floor starts moving faster and faster, forcing all of the five to keep pace with great efforts. And at the last minute, the floor's moving speed changes into an irregular pattern. It sometimes accelerates sharply, and sometimes comes to an abrupt stop. Regrettably, Red and Blue both lose balance at 4:30 when their inertia keep them going on a paused floor.

"We failed. And we has to start the trial all over..." sighs a dejected Blue.

"No. You just have to restart the step, or it'll be too tiring." says Ultima, brightening them a little.

At the second attempt, everything goes on smoothly until Charizard's hand suddenly cramps and muffs the swinging, making all heroes fall onto their stomachs. Chairzard grins guiltily as Red scolds him and the other three stares at him with anger.

At the third attempt, the group become even more cautious. But just as the timer reaches 4:56, Leaf slips and interrupts the process. Red and Blue glare at her with discontent while the girl blushes with a silly smile.

The fourth attempt proves to be the most unsuccessful as Venusy accidentally steps on a sharp stone and screams in pain 10 seconds after the start, causing her to stop swinging and wasting their efforts once again.


Whew. After an awfully exhausting streak of 14 failures, the challengers finally satisfy Ultima's requirements for the first step of her trial. All the three human kids and the two Pokémon pant heavily when the timer reaches 5 minutes. Red and Leaf then recall their starters.

"You've passed the first part of the trial. Take some rest as you'll face the second part soon!" says Ultima.

15 minutes later, Ultima leads the heroes to a pen with three Dodrio inside it. She then calls Ryoma and Lostelle here, both holding a bag full of berries.

"Step 2, ride on the Dodrio and try to catch the thrown berries! Never let a single berry fall onto the ground or trial failed! Hold on for 5 minutes to win this part!" says Ultima.

"It's not further divided, is it?" asks Red after he and his friends are on the backs of the Dodrio.

"No. Only a single step!" answers Ultima.

"Leaf sis, Red bro, Blue bro. Good luck to you!" says Lostelle with a sweet, yet mean voice.

The trial starts, and the father and the daughter begin throwing berries at random directions into the pen. As soon as a berry is within their range, the gluttonous Dodrio reach their beaks out to grasp them. The timer ticks and the Dodrio are helping themselves greedily...

Unfortunately, at 3:12, an Iapapa Berry is tossed into the middle point of Red's and Blue's Dodrio. The three-headed avians instantly dash towards their food and attempt to snatch it. In the end, the birds clash and make Red and Blue fall off their backs, staining themselves with mud and dust. The only blessing is that the berry is seized and devoured by Red's Dodrio before it touches the ground.

Resuming the match, Red and Blue struggle to make their Dodrio obey their commands. Their mounts are more willing to go on their own paces than to listen to orders from strangers. Apart from the conflict above, Blue's Dodrio seems to enjoy making trouble for him, deliberately moving in the opposite direction Blue points to. In the worst situation, Blue has to reach almost all his body out, with only his feet holding onto the bird, for a Rawst Berry that virtually results in a fail.

"Ding!" The timer reaches 5 minutes, and our heroes get off their full-stomached Dodrio.

"Whew......I'm dog-tired......If I hadn't acted fast......" Red wheezes as if his air passage is going out of function.

"Huff...puff...That darn Dodrio, does it have Contrary?" Blue never drops his scoffing humor at any time.

"Hum...hum...hum...?" The boys hear a crooning voice. The rise up and find Leaf singing between her lips at a relaxed pace. While both boys are bathing in sweat, Leaf's surface is completely dry.

"What...How could you be so cool while we were breaking our spines?" asks Red.

"Ah, because my Dodrio is a good boy. He wouldn't run at the opposite direction I told him to. And he even actively helped me fill my bag of berries. Heehee!"

Hearing the praise, the wingless bird comes up to her and nuzzles against her face affectionately.

"AHHH! What are you doing, you pervy bird?" Shout the boys.

What happened? The Dodrio acts cute while its faces reddening, smirking evilly at the boys while taking leers at Leaf's chest.

" shooty lecher! Keep away from Leaf!" Red and Blue curse the Dodrio in bitterness.

"Daddy. What's Dodrio doing?" asks Lostelle innocently as she points at the scene.

"Not suitable for kids!" Ryoma hastily covers his daughter's eyes.

"Sorry, Dodrio. Better born a human next life!" Leaf leaves the Dodrio with a smile before it can do anything further, leaving the Triple Bird Pokémon jilted.

"Congratulations! You've passed the entire trial!" Ultima comes up, "And as promised, I'll teach your starter Pokémon with ultimate moves."

"Poof! Poof! Poof!" After the heroes leave the Joyful Game Corner with the old Move Tutor, the Kanto starters are released from their respective Poké Balls.

"It'll take a day to teach them the ultimate moves. You may hang around here during this period, and I'll return your Pokémon at the foot of the hill this time tomorrow." Says Ultima, before she leads the Pokémon deep into some woods eastwards.

[10:28 AM, May 30, Two Island]
The following day, our heroes once again make their way to the foot of the hill where Ultima's home lies. As they are approaching the woods, they catch sight of the old lady, who is bringing the starter Pokémon with her, all of them brimming with spirits.

"Trainers, you've just come on time. Your Pokémon have mastered my ultimate moves, and you may test them out in the shooting range inside the woods!" says Ultima.

Recalling their Pokémon and following the Move Tutor, our heroes end up in front of several targets on a range, and re-send out their starters.

"Assume those targets are enemy Pokémon. Attack them as you wish!" orders Ultima.

"Charizard, Blast Burn!"

"Blastoise, Hydro Cannon!"

"Venusy, Frenzy Plant!"

Charizard produces a giant, igneous fire ball in his mouth and fires it at the target in front. The moment the fire ball touches the target, it triggers a booming explosion and a mushroom cloud rises into the sky like an atomic bomb! Sweltering hot waves blow wildly at the kids and nearly mess up their hair. After the explosion, the whole target has been burnt down to a tiny pile of ashes.

Blastoise bends down and aims his cannons at the target, and starts accumulating super-high-pressured water in them. He then shoots the water streams at the target, penetrating it like a sword. After a while, cracks appear on the target and the target crumbles down into pieces.

Venusy begins to pump energy into the flower on her back. Seconds later, multiple roots come out of the trunk of the flower and rushes towards the target, squeezing it tight. After a fracturing noise, the target breaks into fragments. The roots then return to Venusy and shrink into oblivion.

"What...what horrific moves..." Our heroes stare at the targets open-eyed and open-mouthed.

"Horrific, aren't they?" explains Ultima, "The power of these ultimate moves are even comparable to Hyper Beam! If hit, the enemy would not hang on for one or two turns. However, its drawback is the same, for the user has to recharge for a turn in order to make a next move, so it's generally not recommended to use the ultimate moves at the beginning of a battle."

"But what about your targets?" asks Red.

"They don't worth much money. Just replace them with newer ones, hehe." laughs the old lady.

And after learning the ultimate moves, our heroes travel around the remaining spots of Sevii Island within the last three days of this week, including the Altering Cave and Pattern Bush. For the Pattern Bush, it is best known for the mysterious layout of the grass on its ground. When observed at a bird's view, it looks like that the empty areas would form some kinds of undecipherable words or patterns. As for Altering Cave, there are rumors that different species of Pokémon can be encountered in it at different times. Some people even claim that they've seen Pokémon not usually live in caves like Stantler and Pineco, but during the whole period our heroes are in the shallow cave, they see nothing but common, boring and annoying Zubat.

In fact, there are not only seven islands in the Sevii Islands archipelago. Apart from the seven major islands, there are two secluded isles known to few people. One of them is called Navel Rock, and the other is Birth Island. For the former, it is said that there is a deep cave on Navel Rock. The stairs inside the cave have endless steps in both directions, and will ultimately lead one into heaven or down to the sea bottom. For the latter, some sailors claimed that they saw a strange red triangle lying at the center point of the triangular isle, and it automatically moved away despite its seeming inanimateness when one approached it. More than that, some pilots claimed they saw a red, alien-like Pokémon that can change its forms on the isle instead of a triangle. None of the statements above have been authenticated, though.
--End of Epsiode 53--
Save File:
Player: Red
Time: Day 96
Pokédex: Seen 184, Owned 17
Badges: 8

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
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Episode 54: The Burning Leaves (ファイアリーフの恋)
[5:24 PM, Jun 1, Vermilion City]
Spending a wonderful weak at Sevii Islands, our heroes board the Seagallop high-speed ferry at One Island back to their home region, Kanto.

"Ah. What a feeling of nostalgia!" At the Vermilion Port, Red spreads his arms to feel the zephyr coming from on the sea.

"Too bad Teleport can't be used for destinations too far." says Blue, and he takes out Alakazam's Poké Ball, ready to activate it.

"Wait, Blue!" Red stops Blue, "I suggest we fly back home on our flying Pokémon! I'd like to check out how pleasant it is when some homesick guys are getting closer and closer to the door!"

"Well, if you've said that." Blue switches Alakazam for Pidgeot.

"Charizard, I choose you!" Red releases his flying dragon and turns to Leaf, "Come with me, Leaf!"

"Thanks, Re-chan." Leaf follows Red to ride on Charizard, sitting behind him.

" off!" The flying Pokémon wing up high into the air.

[5:53 PM, Jun 1, Pallet Town]
Landing in Pallet Town, Blue waves goodbye to his friends and returns to his house.

"OK. I'll send you back home, Leaf." says Red.

"W-wait a minute, Re-chan." Leaf stammers with her face red, "I-I'd like, I'd like to have a look in, in your room. I, I've been wondering what, what's a, a, a boy's room that O-O-O-OK?"

"I haven't brought any girls in my room before, but, yeah, certainly!" Red accepts straightforwardly, and he knocks on the door, "Mom, I'm back."

"Welcome home, Red!" Red's mother opens the door and is a little surprised, "Oh! Hello, Leaf!"

"Good evening, auntie!"

"Are you here for a visit?" asks Red's mom.

"Em, yeah..." Leaf turns a shy face at the woman.

"Sure! You're always welcome!" The woman warmly lets the little duo in.

Switching into slippers, Red briefly shows Leaf around the living room and the kitchen, before he leads Leaf upstairs to his small, yet comfortable bedroom.

"Look like a couple! Seems I don't have to worry about Red's lifelong matters!" thinks Red's mother, watching at them down the stairs.

Red's bedroom is mainly painted in a white and brownish hue. His queen sized bed is at the northeastern corner, directly facing a window with red curtains, so that he can wake up by the morning sunlight coming in from the east. His bed sheet is white with red grid, and his quilt is green, with the pictures of a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, a Squirtle and a Pikachu. His pillow is half red half white, resembling a Poké Ball. Next to his bed, under a window in the south, is Red's wooden desk. There is an all-in-one desktop manufactured by Leppa Inc.. A column of drawers is at either side of the desk. West of the desk is a large bookshelf, jammed with shonen manga (including his first volume of Pokémon Adventures), science magazines and bestselling novels. There is a Gameboy Advance, a red 3DS, some game cartridges and a few Pikachu figures in front of the books.

"Would you like to see some photos of me, Leaf?" asks Red.

"Can I? Yes, sure!"

"Alright." Red opens a drawer and take out an album, and shares it with Leaf. It is a collection of moments in his life from the age of 0 to 10. At the very beginning part are photographs of him as an infant, crying for milk and crawling around on the floor, some of them taken with his mother. In the middle are the scenes where Red was reading, studying Pokémon knowledge, running outside, or playing with Leaf and later Blue. The last few pages contain scenery photographs Red took alone everywhere in Pallet Town before he became a Pokémon Trainer...

"You never look less adorable, Re-chan!" says Leaf.

"But you've grown so altered in these years, Leaf." says Red.

"Tee-hee! That's a girl's power!"

"A power of charm and rapture! By the way, Leaf. Do you know your former address in Pallet Town?" asks Red.

"Yes. We've moved, but we never sold our old house." says Leaf, "But it's empty and covered in dust, so we currently use it as a warehouse. If you'd like, you can come to my new house in Viridian City. My parents re-decorated it when we moved in so that it looks similar to our old one, and it was under my request. You know my address, don't you?"

"You bet!" says Red delightedly, "I'd also like to know about the difference of room of a girl from us boys! Will 2 PM do?"

"I'll be free then, so no problem."

[2:00 PM, Jun 2, Viridian City]
The next afternoon, Red lands in front of Leaf's house on Charizard.

"Excuse me. Is anybody in?" Red knocks on the door.

The door opens and Red is welcomed by Leaf, "Welcome, Re-chan! Come in!"

In the living room, Red is re-introduced by Leaf to her parents as a normal friend. Leaf's father is a man with black, short hair and brown eyes, and he wears a pair of glasses, a green shirt and a pair of brown pants. Leaf's mother is a woman with light brown-gray hair in a bob style, blue irises, and is wearing a light blue dress with black collar. Judging by appearance, Leaf bears a striking resemblance to her mother.

"Your mom looks so young! It's like she's around 20!" Red whispers to Leaf.

"I'm flattered!" Leaf repays Red with a smile.

While Leaf guides Red upstairs, her father says, "Hi, darling. I haven't noticed it. When did Leaf start inviting boys into her room?"

"She hasn't done it before." says Leaf's mother, "I'm sure it's the first time."

"Darling. Would it be...would it be that our daughter is interested in that Red that way?" says Leaf's father, "After all, Leaf was saved by him six years ago, and we owe him a life."

"But she told us they're just friends!"

"Hehe, don't expect an adolescent girl to always tell us the truth!" laughs Leaf's father, "As one grows in age, she'll develop a sense of privacy. Think carefully. A child at her age would never allow anyone else into her personal space that easily, even her parents. So if she willingly lets a boy in her room, then it means..."

"Oh, my!" exclaims Leaf's mother, "Is our Leaf love?"

"Don't be so jolted, darling!" says Leaf's father, "I haven't told you before, have I? I also fell in love with the first girl around Leaf's age, when I was in Pallet Town. She lived from my house not too far away. That girl had a lovely, fascinating face, a good figure, and she was quite agreeable in nature. I developed a crush on her at first sight, and I just couldn't help thinking of her, either when eating, or sleeping, or dreaming, or at the bathroom...I felt my life would be dull and bleak without her."

"Who's that girl? Can you remember, dear?" asks Leaf's mother a little disappointed, in the belief that somebody preceded her to win her man's heart.

"Well, I also remember my first love who's with light bob hair and blue eyes, and her everyday hobby is flower planting and Goldeen keeping..." Leaf's father smiles playfully.

"De...dear..." Leaf's mother realizes the truth and is moved in tears.

"How time flies!" says Leaf's father, "Thank goodness our daughter inhibited all your excellent genes, physically and mentally. I must appreciate you for your insight to marry me, and I also believe in Leaf's keen eyes. As parents, all we can give her is behind-the-scene support."


While the couple are talking, Leaf has brought Red to the door to her bedroom. There is a sign with words written in girlish fonts hanging on the knob:
Leaf's Room
No unauthorized entry
P. S. Including papa and mama

Compared to Red's room, the hue of the decoration in Leaf's room is mainly sky blue. Stickers are on the walls everywhere, most of them being cute-looking Pokémon, including Oddish, Clefairy, Eevee and Jigglypuff. At the eastern side is Leaf's single bed, with a plain white sheet and pillow and a pinkish quilt. There is an out-of-air basketball under her bed. On the desk in the south is a lamp, some blank notebooks, a few copies of shojo manga and magazines she has not finished reading. Next to the desk is a small cabinet, on top of it is a single-blade-rotor RC helicopter with its remote controller, appearing to be out of order. Near the cabinet is a small bookshelf with some books, a Gameboy Advance SP, a blue 2DS and some game cartridges.

"You're interested in basketball and RCs? I thought they're boys' hobbies!" says Red.

"Sorry, Re-chan, but no hobbies are male-exclusive!" says Leaf.

Under the helicopter, the cabinet is locked by a heart-shaped padlock, equipped with a 3-digit password. There is a note attached to the door, reading:

"No peeping? You're just lifting my curiosity!" thinks Red.

"You shared your photo with me, and it's my turn!" says Leaf, who unlocks the cabinet and takes out an album. Red takes a glance and notes by accident that the correct password happens to be 227, his birthday.

Watching the album, the photographs range from Leaf's birth to the present time. Early photographs depict a less-than-3-year Leaf allured to toys and comic books, and her riding on her father's shoulders in a family outing. The middle part majorly contains the girl playing outside herself or with Red, laughing and running about. When she moved to Viridian City, a number of shots describe her running after a basketball clumsily or crying at her crashed RC helicopter. In the past-10-year part, Leaf recorded her moments when changing into new outfits and receiving a satchel, learning make-ups from her mother, and playing with her Eevee. The last photo was shot on February 26, the last day before Leaf (and also Red and Blue) set off her Pokémon journey.

"What childhood memories..." says Red, "Our pasts are so similar yet so different. Sometimes, when I look at these pictures, I feel I traveled back in time to those happy-go-lucky times..."

"So do I." says Leaf, "And since we became Trainers, we laugh and cry with our Pokémon. We grow and develop ourselves with them. Pokémon make our lives much more colorful."

"Sure they do." says Red, "Oh and, what's your favorite color? My favorite color is red, because it's the color of fire and blood, and the most masculine one! It represents passion, spirit, enthusiasm and ambition. My mom gave me such a name in hope I can grow into a true man!"

"Well, my favorite color is blue. I've been attracted to it since my birth." says Leaf, "I think blue is the most feminine color. Blue is the color of the sky and water. It's the symbol of softness, affection and forgiveness. Mama always teach me to behave with a girl's merits."

"But why were you named Leaf? It reminds one of color green, doesn't it?"

"You got my point." says Leaf, "I was indeed intended to be named Blue by my papa, but my mama insisted 'Blue' is a boy's name and shouldn't be used on a girl. Papa tried to seek for an alternative word from shades of blue, but all of them were rejected. It wasn't until mama caught sight of a blue leaf days later somewhere that she was inspired and decided my final name."

"So the leaf in your name is blue, not green!" says Red, "Well, my mom had also planned an alternative name for me, Fire, but she decided to stick to the simpler word Red in the end."

"Sounds our names and favorite colors are perfect complements." says Leaf, her face gradually turning red, "And...and I've something to show you, Re-chan. Wait a minute..."

Leaf draws out a pink envelop sealed with a heart stamp inserted in the inside front cover of the album and gives it to Red. Red opens the envelope and finds a poem written in neat and delicate handwriting:
To Re-chan:
You are a flame, and I am a leaf.
Possessed by loneliness, until I felt your warmth,
Melting all the ice inside me.
I asked, can we make friends?
You said, sure, the more friends, the more energetic I can be.
And we became friends,
As it was deemed.
But one day, you suddenly ran away,
In fear of maiming me.
I cried for you,
Only for you to flee.
I sought and sought for days and nights,
Until we reunited near the sea.
I didn't want to be separated,
From your fondness and avidity.
You accepted me again,
Which shot me with glee.
I wish to be with you,
Seven days a week.
One day, you ran out of control,
Into a rampaging fray,
When you were manipulated by a devil,
And lunged at me with a fierce face,
Against your true heart,
To catch me by the vein.
I felt hurt, but I wouldn't escape.
I was willing to do anything,
To restore your normal pace.
Even if it meant,
To burn the whole of my soul case.
It is because, I love you,
More than anyone in this cosmos space.
From Leaf

After Red finishes reading the letter, his face turns red-hot and his heart rate rockets acutely.

"Leaf, really..."

"Yeah. I love you, Re-chan!"

What? Is, is, is this a confession? Red is taken by surprise.

"Wait...wait a moment. I, I, I'm not prepared yet..." Red stutters awkwardly.

"I'm serious, Re-chan. I became into you the time we became friends." says a blushing Leaf, "Since then, your cheerful, confident and benevolent image have filled my entire heart. You mean a lot to me."

"Ahahaha..." Red nervously scratches his head, "Am I really so great in you?"

"So, Re-chan." Leaf pauses for a while and poses a bow, "I choose you! Could you be my boyfriend?"

"I choose you" is the catchphrase Red throws out a Poké Ball, and never has he thought of the day it is reversely used on himself, which shocks him.

Seconds later, Red falters with gratification, "Y...teah! I'd love to!"

"Thank you, Re-chan!" Leaf rises up, "What do you think of me, then?"

"To me, you're a kind, tolerant, active, daring and careful girl. You've been captivating me both by your inside and outside. You're just my best cup of tea."

"Really? I'm so happy!"

"So Leaf, we'll always be together from now on, shall we?" Red holds Leaf's hands.

"Of course! There's no going back on our words!" says Leaf with a gleeful face, before she suddenly comes up with something else and murmurs hesitantly, "Re-chan. I...I have something very important. It's something that...something only you and I can do together. you know that?"

"Something only we can do? You mean..."

"It, it's like this!" Leaf closes her eyes and rises onto her toes, and move her lips close to Red's face.

Understanding Leaf's meaning, Red hold on to Leaf's shoulder and moves his lips close to her as well...

The sun is shining brightly in the sky in the afternoon of Viridian City. In a small bunch of woods west of the city, a pinkish Pokémon, Mew, flashes among the grove for several seconds, and vanishes into the distance.
--End of Epsiode 54--
Save File:
Player: Red
Time: Day 97
Pokédex: Seen 184, Owned 17
Badges: 8

--End of Season 2--

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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A Ordinary Kanto Lover

Route 1 (Kanto)
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Part 1: Main Protagonists' Teams
1-1. Red
No. 006 Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard
Type: Fire / Flying
Caught at: Pallet Town
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Serious
Level: 66
Known Moves:
Scratch, Ember, Metal Claw, Dragon Rage,
Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Air Slash, Cut,
Blast Burn

No. 019 Rattata
Type: Normal
Caught at: Route 1
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
Nature: Docile
Level: 53
Known Moves:
Tackle, Quick Attack, Bite, Endeavor,
Sucker Punch, Super Fang

No. 025 Pikachu
Type: Electric
Caught at: Pewter City
Gender: Male
Ability: Static
Nature: Sassy
Level: 64
Known Moves:
Thunder Shock, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt,
Double Team, Iron Tail, Thunder

No. 471 Eevee → Glaceon
Type: Ice
Caught at: Rocket Hideout
Gender: Female
Ability: Snow Cloak
Nature: Bashful
Level: 49
Known Moves:
Tackle, Sand Attack, Shadow Ball, Blizzard

No. 143 Snorlax
Type: Normal
Caught at: Route 12
Gender: Male
Ability: Immunity
Nature: Relaxed
Level: 62
Known Moves:
Body Slam, Headbutt, Rest, Rollout,
Snore, Strength, Ice Punch, Yawn

No. 113 Chansey
Type: Normal
Caught at: Safari Zone
Gender: Female
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Hardy
Level: 50
Known Moves:
Soft-Boiled, Minimize, Double Slap, Double-Edge

No. 060 Poliwag
Type: Water
Caught at: Safari Zone
Gender: Male
Ability: Damp
Nature: Lax
Level: 32
Known Moves:
Hypnosis, Bubble Beam

No. 147 Dratini
Type: Dragon
Caught at: Safari Zone
Gender: Male
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Quiet
Level: 33
Known Moves:
Twister, Slam, Dragon Rush

No. 034 Nidoran♂ → Nidorino → Nidoking
Type: Poison / Ground
Caught at: Safari Zone
Gender: Male
Ability: Poison Point
Nature: Quirky
Level: 55
Known Moves:
Horn Attack, Leer, Brick Break, Earthquake,
Shadow Claw, Thrash

No. 123 Scyther
Type: Bug / Flying
Caught at: Safari Zone
Gender: Male
Ability: Technician
Nature: Jolly
Level: 56
Known Moves:
Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Baton Pass, Vacuum Wave,
Night Slash

No. 131 Lapras
Type: Water / Ice
Caught at: Silph Co.
Gender: Female
Ability: Shell Armor
Nature: Serious
Level: 58
Known Moves:
Hydro Pump, Confuse Ray, Ice Shard, Ice Beam,
Psychic, Thunderbolt, Safeguard

No. 140 Kabuto
Type: Rock / Water
Caught at: Cinnabar Island
Gender: Male
Ability: Battle Armor
Nature: Adament
Level: 12
Known Moves:
Absorb, Harden, Aqua Jet

1-2. Blue
No. 009 Squirtle → Wartortle → Blastoise
Type: Water
Caught at: Pallet Town
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Brave
Level: 66
Known Moves:
Tackle, Withdraw, Water Gun, Water Pulse,
Hydro Pump, Bite, Rapid Spin, Dark Pulse,
Hydro Cannon

No. 018 Pidgey → Pidgeotto → Pidgeot
Type: Normal / Flying
Caught at: Route 1
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Nature: Naive
Level: 60
Known Moves:
Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Feather Dance, Air Slash,
Roost, Steel Wing

No. 065 Abra → Kadabra → Alakazam
Type: Psychic
Caught at: Route 24
Gender: Male
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Modest
Level: 65
Known Moves:
Teleport, Reflect, Light Screen, Psychic,

No. 059 Growlithe → Arcanine
Type: Fire
Caught at: Route 8
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Brave
Level: 59
Known Moves:
Crunch, Fire Blast, Extreme Speed, Thunder Fang

No. 112 Rhyhorn → Rhydon
Type: Ground / Rock
Caught at: Safari Zone
Gender: Male
Ability: Lightning Rod
Nature: Impish
Level: 54
Known Moves:
Scary Face, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Thunder

No. 103 Exeggcute → Exeggutor
Type: Grass / Psychic
Caught at: Safari Zone
Gender: Male
Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature: Quirky
Level: 55
Known Moves:
Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Psyshock, Giga Drain

1-3. Leaf
No. 700 Eevee → Sylveon (Nickname: Sylvy)
Type: Fairy
Caught at: Viridian City
Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Nature: Naughty
Level: 57
Known Moves:
Charm, Swift, Light Screen, Moonblast

No. 003 Bulbasaur → Ivysaur → Venusaur (Nickname: Venusy)
Type: Grass / Poison
Caught at: Pallet Town
Gender: Female
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Modest
Level: 54
Known Moves:
Growth, Razor Leaf, Synthesis, Sludge Bomb,
Solar Beam, Frenzy Plant

No. 040 Jigglypuff → Wigglytuff (Nickname: Wiggly)
Type: Normal / Fairy
Caught at: Route 3
Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Nature: Rash
Level: 54
Known Moves:
Icy Wind, Disarming Voice, Double-Edge, Dazzling Gleam

No. 549 Petilil → Lilligant (Nickname: Lily)
Type: Grass
Caught at: Vermilion City
Gender: Female
Ability: Own Tempo
Nature: Hardy
Level: 56
Known Moves:
Aromatherapy, Sleep Powder, Petal Dance, Quiver Dance

No. 031 Nidoran♀ → Nidorina → Nidoqueen (Nickname: Queeny)
Type: Poison / Ground
Caught at: Safari Zone
Gender: Female
Ability: Poison Point
Nature: Calm
Level: 52
Known Moves:
Sludge Wave, Body Slam, Thunderbolt, Strength

No. 087 Seel → Dewgong (Nickname: Dewy)
Type: Water / Ice
Caught at: Route 20
Gender: Female
Ability: Hydration
Nature: Gentle
Level: 51
Known Moves:
Surf, Rain Dance, Waterfall, Signal Beam

Part 2: Next Chapter Preview
Hail our Pallet Town heroes for bringing down Team Rocket to defend the peace for Kanto and Sevii Islands!

However, it is not over yet. The evil gang continue their activities underground, and is planning for their resurrection.

But how about Giovanni, the former boss of Team Rocket?

Is he truly repentant and revolved to reboot his life, or is he merely waiting for his chance to return?

Whether or not, beware of kids in 10s 'cause they are the deadliest enemies for any criminal groups!

New region, new characters, and new events await.

Next time... a new beginning!

You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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