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Pokémon VGC has been thriving since its official inception in 2009, but has thus far only had a single women’s-only tournament. Hosted online in early September 2020, the tournament boasted over 170 competitors, a higher turnout than some regional tournaments, and was built from the ground-up exclusively by fans.

This article explores the different structural hurdles that make having an all-women’s tournament in an otherwise all-gender-inclusive community necessary, while also highlighting some of the women who put their all into making the tournament a success. I've interviewed the 2020 Women's VGC Tournament organizer, some of the competitors, and some of the commentators to write an approximately 4000-word feature about how the tournament came to be, how it was run, and why all-women's tournaments have a place in eSports.

I was originally going to save this for until after A Dream of Your Own was finished, but a second women's VGC tournament has been announced for February so I think this is the best time to get this article out there. It's already written, and would just need a slight tweaking near the end to accommodate for the information about the upcoming February tournament.

A Dream of Your Own: The Formulas of Unova—Black & White
Introduction | Part I: The Components of Unova


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Sounds good to me!