Pokemon Crystal Clear is Actually Awesome!

Started by ThePokeMan1029 October 10th, 2020 7:32 PM
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So I've been playing these game forever and never gave much thought to the vast amount of rom hacks or fan made pokemon games. When it comes to Video Games and Anime I'll admit im hard to please. I've turned down amazing anime simply because I didn't like the art. But anyway, With most rom hacks I've never played beyond a half hour without getting bored or disappointed. Until I tried Crystal Clear! It's take on an open world pokemon game is something I dreamt of as a kid. That and a smash bros with just pokemon. It's freedom to make your way to the pokemon league championships how you see fit is something right out of the anime. You're just a pokemon trainer, who wants to be the very best. No evil teams (so far) or saving the world. You just make your character and start your journey. And the level of emmerson in just that simple premise is HUGE for a pokemon game! I found myself wanting to explore the new caves they made or battle new trainers with a since of child like wonder I haven't felt since gen 4. This game showed me how great a rom hack can truly be and I encourage anyone to try it.

Now that I've gushed over my 1st rom hack experience has anyone else encountered something like this if so please share!


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I've tried a few times to get into Crystal Clear, but I can't.

I see the appeal. It's very open ended and it's a really cool idea. But at the core it just feels like an endless battle simulator.

Since there's no plot at all, not even a rival, my interest always drops after the 3rd badge.


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I Agree - Crystal Clear is my favorite Pokemon game ever. So, I got a new phone to play the game on recently, and there is an updated version out already - version 2.1.2. I googled it and found it easily. There are also links to updating 2.0 baby. There's a new Pokedex and everything.
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Pokemon Crystal clear is actually one of the best hack roms ever made.
And thats showing potential as a statement.

Other great hacks are
Pokemon Kaizo
Pokemon Prisim
Pokemon Grape

Pokemon Ash Grey
Pokemon Radical Red
Pokemon Delta Emerald
Pokemon Victory Fire
Pokemon Blaze Glazed

Not many other people try hacking the GBC and GB roms. They are an art style in their own graphics.