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  • Hello zeostar

    Just wanted to say that the horsea gives me retro vibes and its amazing \(☆,☆)/
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    hey thanks. it took me a while to find something i liked.

    I might try to put bubbles on the flair though
    Nice art Zeostar !!
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    Delta Crowned Sword
    Delta Crowned Sword
    Mine is slightly complicated, because I am using pure CSS only, since I don't have any good image to choose 😅


    Anyone else if stumbles across your profile posts, then they need to zoom this image a bit to know what I had written there.

    And thanks for showing how to add custom fonts; I didn't knew how to do that therefore the Username block is completely empty! Now I want to learn how to animate the background, but it will take some extra effort to understand how to do it successfully. According to web searches, we need to use something called @keyframes in order to get animation. But I was not able to utilize it somehow....

    Edit: I just noticed that our avatar border looks exact same, thought I had not verified whether the codes are same or not.
    Finally reaching back to this. I wanted to mention that when you add custom fonts, it needs to be something that pokecommunity hosts or supports. (so you can't just take anything from online). They cut fonts upon the website changing in late 2023. Mentioned it was wanting to manage resources.

    I, unfortunately, can't see the image even when it's zoomed in. Do you have a clearer one if possible?
    Delta Crowned Sword
    Delta Crowned Sword
    You got late by a few days, as the current one is extremely simple than the one which I shared 😅. I will try to read through it or make it sharp, though.

    And for fonts, can you help me to know which fonts are available? Because the current one is monospace in my case, and I kept it because it is widely accepted in codes.....
    Hellooo Zeo!!!
    I wish you a wonderful year ahead, hope you make good memories and cherish life, and I wish you the strength to face any tough situations.
    Hey thanks. Happy New Year to you too.

    A little slow on reply so forgive me.
    Soaring Sid
    Soaring Sid
    Hey Zeo.

    Ah no you don't have to worry about slow replied when I myself am late by a dozen or so days..
    How are you now?
    @Soaring Sid

    Middling :< But that's life I suppose. Will always have ups and downs.

    I'm on discord now as zeostar if you want to reach me there.
    i think it's about time i replied to these messages because it's been an itch in my brain since we reconnected recently in discord lol.

    i don't take reddit seriously at all anymore knowing just how echo chamber-y it can get nowadays. i'm now only there mostly to ask for and give advice on small subs about my city and Philippines in general. and doomscroll memes.

    and very belated congrats on 10k posts! about to be 12k already it seems. i enjoy putting meaning to mundane arbitrary things i like.

    how's your chess elo today? i came back to it the past couple weeks as well and have been on quite the losing streak. around 900-910 elo i think as we speak. seeing how low i can go before the opponents get stupid easy that i can just cheese my way back up again. i also don't believe for a minute that i played anything like a 1600 in our match last year lmfao what on earth kind of AI is that?
    lmao aight i'll hold you to that. please ping me when you do too.
    @Roni Do I get bonus points if it's my own hand?

    Also I have to figure out how to do this without it being out of place. I can't just walk into the feedback and support forum and post my hand in somebody's help request thread.
    that would be incredibly funny if you did it though, but ofc at the potential expense of your account.
    I haven't played any of the XBC trilogy. My experience with the Xeno titles is the Xenosaga trilogy and Xenoblade Chronicles X (which isn't part of the Xenoblade Chronicles trilogy, it's just named that because reasons).
    Looks like some decently priced Heartgolds exist out there (one for $19 and one for $25)...maybe? Never knows if someone is pawning off a reproduction which may or may not work. Does not mind a reproduction, personally, provided an appropriate price. Cares about it working properly, most importantly.

    Searched for an old game shop, out of curiosity. (No longer lives in the area.) Covered more modern games, but also a small amount of retro stuff. Closed in 2019, apparently. Seems to be a rough business. Set up in an expensive location, in fairness.

    Speaking of old consoles: Dusted off the Gamecube a few years back. Means that very literally for some of the controllers. Sat in the television stand for a long time. Collected an impressive layer of dust in the back where it is open. Found a Super Nintendo controller particularly interesting. Coated half of it in a thick layer of dust. Barely had any of the other half. (Stored the controllers in a plastic bag from then onwards.)

    Coincidentally announced a Thousand-Year Door remake. ...Does not really want it. Likely costs $60, based on the Super Mario RPG remake. Owns the original already. Appreciates it existing to allow others to experience it. Doubts any substantial changes. Feels indifferent on the graphics update. Hopefully remakes the original Paper Mario too. Skipped right past it, for some reason.

    True on the good story chapters suffering on replays. Felt some of that during the Glitz Pit section. Grew a bit bored with the parade of weak enemies plus victory conditions at the beginning.

    Never cared much for nature and greenery. Prefers the dark, cloudy background over a bright day too. Might explain some of the apathy towards Flower Fields. Designed some good-looking plant characters, though. Liked Lily, Petunia, and Rosie, in terms of appearance. Gave all the flowers some character too.
    Hi! What a relief hear that you are fine. I found myself practise my draw skill (i didn't got much experience, so my draws are very simple).

    Also, yeah visit this forum was a good distraction form my recent problems. It wasn't easy for me, and you are the only person which i can talk with. At this point, i considerate you a friend

    For a good side, i finally got back my PS4 :D now i can finally play The Last of Us or NFS 2015 (very underrated this last one).
    haha, I didn't know it did that! fun forum experiments~ i guess the reports system doesn't take that kind of things into account tho
    Hi there friend, just letting you know that I got your messages. Right now I am having some trouble using my computer, the weather is stormy and we're getting outages. I do have my phone, which is what I am using to write this, the speeds are really bad though so it might take me a little longer to respond, but just want you that I will be here and write back as soon I can. Hang in there <3 Going to keep you very close in my thoughts.
    Hello, ¿enjoying the day or something?

    I'm MVs.C Fan, and i hope you are not struggling with something so hard to superate like the lack of motivation. Because i can tell, it's the worst thing somebody can suffer.

    I planning to just go around throught this forum, maybe find some friends and talking about my interests. Talking with you would be fun for me :D, so feel free to talk with me whenever you want.

    Also, gosh your profile looks incredible :0
    Feel better! <3 I've been a little stressed for no reason, hate when that happens, and that makes my health anxiety acts up. It's so annoying.

    And yeah I watched the direct. Was pretty decent, everyone seems super excited about TTYD. Will you play it? Hopefully there are some games on the list that you think you'll like more than open world games haha ;_;

    Gift cards are the best!! Always love free food. One time we got mailed a $10 smoothie shop gift card, was meant for a previous tenant probably but they never set mail forwarding so I guess they didn't care enough about their mail. used that up lol
    Possible solution from a Reddit thread:

    Prefers not to pay for an emulator. Owns the necessary hardware and software. Mainly seeks features not available otherwise, such as speed-up, randomizers, and altering Pokemon.

    Tested it out now/last night, out of curiosity. Runs smoother with melonDS than DesMuMe. Hovers around the 80's for maximum frames per second in Diamond and 60's-70's Black (overworld for both). Dips below 60 rarely in Diamond. Occurs more frequently in Black, but not too bad. Ramps up to 150+ in-battle in Diamond. Forgot Black's numbers, but better than the overworld. Should be serviceable.

    Oh wow. Actually costs that much for Thousand-Year Door now? Knew about Path of Radiance being expensive. Was not aware any others went for that kind of price.

    A fair opinion on Thousand-Year Door. Dreads Chapter 7 every time too. Forgives Chapter 4's backtracking for Doopliss masquerading as Mario. Dislikes wrangling Punies in Chapter 2 and also the excessively long Chapter 8 Palace of Shadow. Usually rates games on the highs more than the lows, however. (Probably depends on the length of each too. See: Kirby games.) Loved the Glitz Pit mystery. Enjoyed the train segments of Chapter 6 and the bosses of that (Smorg) and Chapter 5 (Cortez).

    Adds things like badges and Star Power being better in Thousand-Year Door. Balanced badge costs better, plus more variety. Found the Star Power generation and abilities more engaging in Thousand-Year Door.

    Liked Chapter 3 (Tubba Blubba's chapter) in the original Paper Mario. Pulled off the escape well, as well as little things like the pixel Mario device in Boo's Mansion. Could have done without Chapter 6 (Flower Fields). Runs from side to side with very little story, other than hungry and/or petty flowers.

    Played several past Mario Karts (including a little online), but not Mario Kart 8. Believes a big part of it is getting ahead and staying ahead (well, and always getting items). Deals with unrelenting waves of red shells in the mid-placements, unlike against AIs. Always wondered if the high top-speed meta is the way to go. Recovers faster from all the nonsense flung at you with a halfway decent acceleration. (Disclaimer: Is not a Mario Kart expert.)
    We did! Took a couple of days but we finally did. I was so worried they would lose my stuff lol, some of it is important to me and that would have been horrible

    Aww! Do you think you'll finish gen 9 sometime? It's fun imo despite the issues with the game. The very last few story bits were pretty incredible and some of my favorite things in the series.

    Doing well enough ^^ About to enjoy some ice cream so that's awesome. Hope you're well <3
    Unfortunate on both controllers conking out. Hopefully has nothing to do with the console itself.

    Good to hear about the emulator running well. Never delved much into emulation. Sets low expectations on this laptop (unfairly, perhaps). Stuck with Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance mainly, with no issues. Tried some DS emulation. Worked okay at a glance.

    Prefers Thousand-Year Door over the original. Acknowledges the N64 game as a great game too. Might rank it as the best game on the N64. Crafted the world and characters in a very pleasant way. Might be the bright atmosphere, the small side things like cooking and li'l oinks, or the writing. Struggles to pinpoint precisely what does it. Hits similar notes that Earthbound does, though.
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