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Old October 7th, 2006 (7:12 AM).
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Well, I'm not sure if this is spamming, or no, but, does anyone happen to be making an RP currently? All of the ones right now have already been started. I have one in mind, but i don't have access to a scanner or tablet right now, and the RP is based on my world called "Aedrys". I have a map and everything, but it would be confusing RPing in a place that you don't know what looks like, no? And it's so hard drawing with a touch-pad. (the "mouse" of a laptop.") And if someone didn't mind having no map (and I am not usuing my "amazing" spriting skills to make a map-that's torture!!) then the discription is~

*([THIS IS MY FIRST RP PLOT])*You and your fellow Slayers (as in Aedrys, that's what monster-killing travelers are called, and there are only 6 to a party/team) start out in Reito, a small village near Reitio Forest (REAL creative there, huh?). You all guard the village from monsters that attack it. But don't think you are all gods that can kill anything. You're all the villiage has for a defense. (Plus in a D&D-type game I made, Reitio Forest is the lvl1 dungeon. All lvl 1-3 monsters. And if you get half a lvl up for each dungeon you clear, that's preeety weak monsters.) Monsters in Aedrys are beings created out pure, elemental energy that has taken a physical form. There are items called Cyrun Gems, that are also created of elemental energy. These, however can maintain and store the monsters' power and form, as long as the gem and monster are of the same element. (Sorta like a Pokeball) These gems are very rare, but can hold up to 3 different monster's "data". One day, you 6 are called to Revaldor, the capital of Aedrys, by Veralius, the king. Everyone in Aedrys would know what the king calling a Slayer team means. You are to begin a journey, from the port of Eeshi, on the west coast, to Revaldor, on the east coast by means of taking The Great Road. On your journey, you have to complete whatever tasks are given you by the village/town/city's leader/mayor/head cheescake/whatever. The king only issues these quests when there is trouble from every town, so don't expect a break until your job there is done. Upon ariving in Revaldor, you will be given the title ,"Royal Slayers", and then, we can either end the RP, or we could go on with it, and fight very challenging things and whatnot. Or we could go back to Reito. I dunno. Rawr.

And, if anyone actually reads this and finds it intersting, then here we have a signup sheet.

Name-Character's name
Gender-Dude or Dude-ett?
Race-Options in a min.
Personality-Err, you should know this.
Description-Make it race specific, but you can add your chara's personal touches.
Class-Just wait a sec, 'kay?
Element/Cyrun Gem-Wait s'more.
Monster Discription-Just wait, people!!
RP Sample-I can't let just anyone into this epic little kwest, can I? =P

Humua-Human. That's about it.
Kuria-Full blood elf. They're tall, slender, and not harsh on the eyes.
KuKuria-Humua with longer, pointy ears, so half-elf, basically.
Lieroso-Animal people, y'know, human with animal attributes? Can't be fantasy creature. And, if you like made-up history, the Lieroso were a result of a tribe of humua who made a pact with with the great beasts, the supposed creators of Aedrys. So, upon birth, Lieroso are born with a few animal characteristics, but develop more animal features, such as odd ears, a tail, fangs, so on and so forth. Lieroso are considered as "young adults" when they stop changing, which is about 13-15 years old. And, the chosen animal MUST be REAL. As normal animals (like on Earth) exist on Aedrys, and are called animals. Then there are creatures. Then monsters. Enough of that.
Veinn-Dragon-Humans. Because I love dragons. And veinn cannot fly. They can hover and glide, but cannot freely fly. Their faces are more human than dragon, and their skin can be whatever color you want. Their wings are generally small, and they have tails. Their ears a two feathered attachment.If you want a veinn chara, please follow the discription.
Muro-Demonic people, with horns, fangs, a slender tail, claws, ect. And they don't wear shoes. Their claws on their feet would just rip 'em.

So, if you want the most freedom with your chara, choose Humua, or KuKuria.

NOW, classes. And the weapons are just suggestions. Not requirements.

Warrior-Most physically powerful class, in both offense and defense. They tend to wield Great swords, War axes, and Polearms. They generally on the slow side, though. They also have a weaker magical resistance.
Destruction Mage-Focuses on damaging elements, such as fire, darkness, wind, and lightning. Since this is their main aspect, they can call up a hotter fireball, or thicker darkness than a spellblade could. But their armor is weak and they dont have much stamina. Weapons are usually daggers, staves, and wands.
Healing Mage-Not all healing, as their magics include the elements of water, light, earth, ice. Light and water are the only real healing magics, as ice and earth can create magic protection walls, and physical protection walls, respectively. Like elemental mages, their armor is weak, and they have little stamina. Equipment is usually maces, hammers, staves, and wands. They can use a shield, if you wanted to.
Spellblade-Jack-of-all trades. Decent in physical combat, but can also wield weak elemental magics and weak healing magics. They are not as strong warriors, and are not a profficient in magics as elemental mages or healing mages. Meaning, they can't deal, or take as much damage as a warrior, call up a great firestorm, or heal all wounds and illnesses. But they can do a little of each. Weapons are usually daggers, swords, or staves.

Finally, elements/Cyrun Gem

Of the 8 elements, you can choose what element of Cyrun Gem your character has. The elements are~

Again, Gems can hold up to 3 creatures of its element. You start out with one creature (it can be practically anything, as long as it fits the fantasy genre) based on whatever element you chose for your gem. The monsters are called in and out of battle like a Pokemon. You release them to fight, then call them back in. However, you fight alongside them, powering them up, helping beat down the enemy, or healing them whan they are weak. Additional monsters are caught in the RP, again, like pokemon, although you just "defeat" them, then they either "flee" to a near Cyrun of their element, or they disappear and return to energy. The monsters can have up to 2 special traits or abilities, too.

MAP TYPE THING-~GREAT ROAD~ And I'll try to get the map-map up soon.

Eeshi(Port town)
=>Zienfel(a tropical island town)
=>Doran(industrial city)
=>Seirus(Town in the plains)
=>Reito(Villiage between the forest and sea)
=>Veirus(Near the base of the Demon Maw mountains)
=>Ryokin(In the Demon Maw mountains)
=>Tsaiya(Desert oasis town)
=>Leis(Town near Maris lake and Hikarun forest)
=>Beirus(Town in the savannah)
=>Froswind(Town in the artic flats)
=>Revaldor(Capital! And there is a large castle in the center of a large city)

Long RP. Oh joy. And, if anyone wants to know, I will either get someone to control monsters, or I will. Gah, my arms...o.O Oh, oh! I forgot the monster/Creature/Animal thing.

Monster-A being created from elemental energies solidifying.
Animal-The things that are found on earth.
Creature-Pretty much anything that isn't a monster, animal, or person. Most dragons (dragons here are almost a race, and some of them are smarter than people, although the intelligent ones are about human-sized.) are considered creatures, as they are most beast-like than human-like, but they can speak just like any person could. I put most because sometimes monsters

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Old October 14th, 2006 (11:58 AM).
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Nyah, would someone at least say "That plot isn't any good"?! We need to get some new RPs going! The one Outskate started in the Poke-Rp section isn't even started, due to his absense since October 4th! I can't think up a plot, and plus, if I used Outskate's "random trainer" story, then people would say, "Hey, Outskate came up with that, so just wait for him to come back!". Nyah, I need a little cooperation, people. >< Yes, I'm bored and in a foul mood. DEAL WITH IT.
Old October 14th, 2006 (1:07 PM). Edited October 14th, 2006 by Loki.
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I'll deal with it then.

Don't double post.

And the lack of response should tell you: Lack of interest.

As for Omega, even though I stopped talking frequently to him awhile ago, that RP with probably never get started, because of his abscence's, and also the sign-up's that are posted. (Not all of them are blah, just the few I've taken the time to look over.)

Waiting for Omega to come back is a stupid idea. Catch him on MSN and ask him if you can use his plot or something, or, PM him and wait a few weeks (or however long it takes) for a response, like I did.

If you want a random pokemon trainer RP, go for it, if anyone gives you bull about it, I'll know, and trust me, ain't nobody else gonna give say nothin' about it. Beside's, with those kinds of RP's, it's hard to be original. Not even Omega's plot is entirely original.

If you want some new RP's, post that RP. Not many people bother to say whether they're interested or not- you just gotta wing it. Sometimes people will join sometime's they won't, sometimes they cooperate, sometimes they don't, that's life.

As for my opinion: The plot is okay. But I wouldn't personally join. It feel's unorganized to me.
Old October 14th, 2006 (4:17 PM).
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; Sorry for the double-post. Forgot about that. Yeah, I'm just an averagely sour/bitter person who just has to rant every once in a while. And I have a negative personality. Also, before I "left", there were ALOT more people and the forum was more active. At least, that was what it seemed like. And I PMed Outskate (If Omega and Outskate are the person, okay, if not, who are you talking about?) several days ago, and I don't have MSN. I just don't get why someone would make an RP, then not come back in to accept/reject people and start the thing. Unless he got grounded. His profile says he's 13, I think. So groundance could happen. ...Meh. Sorry about the x2 post, again.
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