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Posted February 25th, 2017
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Hello people of the forum! I've had a roleplay on my mind for a while which I'd love to do and would be a load of fun in my opinion, but I think I need some help getting the ball rolling. So first of all this is a thing to see if anyone would be interested in roleplaying this, but also if anybody would be willing to give me a hand as Co-GM.

The general premise follows the story of a PS Vita game called Danganronpa. The basic story is that 15 high school kids are invited to go to a prestigious academy. Upon arriving, they pass out, and when they wake up they are trapped inside with no escape (metal plates over the windows, doors sealed, etc.). The game from there is that the only way to escape from the school is to murder another student and get away with it, and the game follows a murder mystery type thing from there every time someone tries to escape.

As for roleplaying this thing, I would have maybe 6 players max (not including GMs), and a total of 17 characters (for the 17 pokemon types). It would be more pokemon themed of course. For a while I would have the NPCs murder each other and have the players figure out the mystery, but if a player wants to try to escape and win the roleplay, I could have them kill someone as well, could be fun.

A lot of work will need to be put into this for anyone wanting to Co-GM, controlling a decent number of NPCs, but also working out the mysteries themselves. I've found that coming up with mysteries is always easier when you have someone to bounce ideas off of, so if anyone is interested in that, let me know.