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Old March 17th, 2018 (1:35 PM).
VanStyle VanStyle is offline
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    I have never build a competitive team so i need a little a help with some direction

    im going to use charizard x and excadrill
    i just need recommendations who should i add to my team with this two (movesets and all the other things i will google)

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    Old March 18th, 2018 (4:05 AM).
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    You battling on cartridge or on Showdown?

    But either way, your starting pair here is going to struggle a bit with Ground types. Tapu Fini+Landorus-T is not an uncommon combination and is likely particularly hard for them to deal with.

    Rotom-Wash handles most of the common Ground types fairly well plus Tapu Fini and a few other annoying pokes, and in turn appreciates Zard's ability to threaten fat Grass types it can't deal with like Tangrowth or Tapu Bulu or Ferrothorn.

    From there, some sort of Wish passer might not be a completely terrible idea, to keep Rotom and Excadrill healthly, getting worn down sucks. Could use like Clefable or something, idk.
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    Old March 18th, 2018 (8:45 AM).
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      during the world championships last year, i saw people use ninetales with snow warning, aurora veil, and having it hold a light clay a lot, it seemed like a good strategy!
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      Old March 18th, 2018 (8:29 PM).
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      Something like AV Bulu can help with some of your weaknesses. It can sponge Water-type attacks and also provide Grassy Terrain to weaken EQ's power. You're also going to want a natural Ground-resist or immunity like Landorus-T and also some Special Attackers.

      It also depends on what type of Excadrill you're going with (Sash, Scarf, SpDef, Sand Rush Sweeper). A Pokémon's role plays an important role in deciding what team members you're going to use.
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      Old March 19th, 2018 (9:39 AM). Edited March 19th, 2018 by Levea.
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      Just to give a little bit of my own insight a team with Zard X will need answers to Landorus-T one way or another be it a lure or a water/ice something like Greninja if you want to go for a more offensive playstyle, or Rotom-W (like Nah suggested) would be good for a more bulky offense style. Also to give a little bit of light on Rotom it gives Charizard the much needed hazard control with defog. Another thing i would like to suggest is Magearna for offense as it can provide you with an emergency check to Greninja and Tapu Lele. In my opinion the teammates that are optimal for Zard X can very depending on its moveset as different Zard x sets can be handled differently depending on what it runs for Example, if Zard lacks earthquake a Toxapex counter and Heatran counter would be required which in this case Zygarde can check both of them and so could Tyranitar to an extent. Tyranitar is required with sand rush variants of Excadrill if you choose to go that route.

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      Old June 1st, 2018 (4:22 PM).
      runningO runningO is offline
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        You are gonna struggle against ground types, namely Lando t. Also, scarf keldeo can because huge problem. So run some sort of water type other than pex. Tapu fini or wash rotom works.
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