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Question about my SoulSilver cartridge

I looked up images of SoulSilver cartridges and they all look the same but mine has Lugia on it and is a different color. I’m confused and I couldn’t find images of SoulSilver cartridges that looked like mine. To my knowledge, I don’t think this is a fake cartridge, I bought it a long time ago (8-9 years ago) Anyone know why?


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that definitely looks fake. like painfully so. i don't think it's likely that someone would have put a fake label over the real copy, but posting the back would help determine that.
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You should post pix of the back of the cartridge, that would help quite a lot. However, it is likely fake, just saying.
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It appears to be counterfeit to a painful degree due to the misalignment of the title and Lugia's image let alone that Lugia's image isn't supposed to be there.

It's late here and I'm feeling too lazy to go through the process of photographing my own cartridge and emailing it to my laptop but this image from Google is what mine looks like and I purchased my copy wrapped and in an anti-theft case at Best Buy: