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Hi everybody, I've seen that no one actually completed a fan game of pokemon mystery dungeon, and I really love this franchise. I know
Hello guys. I see that no one in fact completed a fan made game of the pokemon mystery dungeon, and I really love this franchise and I know a little about rpgmaker, so I decided to try to "play" a little, but I just to bad at drawing and didn't find sprites to this game, or when I found they are very small and rpgmaker does not recognize. I'm using RPGmaker MV. Can someone help?


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Moved your thread to the appropriate subforum.

sprites appear to be incomplete... if you want more then you'll have to rip them yourself. Otherwise, you may need to use the overworld sprites for the mainseries games. I don't know the formatting conventions for OW sprites so youre on your own with that regard. You may need to upcale the sprites as well (increase their size 200%) to use them properly. Remember to turn interpolation to off/sampling to nearest neighbor!
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