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Seen December 2nd, 2018
Posted November 5th, 2018
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Pokémon Cathode Version


Another Pokecrystal Disassembly, with:
170 new Fakemon (all of them with animations, icons, and everything else ya know)
Two new regions, with their own gyms, obviously
Everything than a 2018 crystal hack need to not be lazy (running shoes, reusable TMs, new moves, Fairy-type, and more™)
Metric system, cause i dont know how the american thing works, example below

First region, Kita

Nameless Boy

Nameless Girl


Family photo, everyone is here!


Plot, kinda:
There is no gym order, so everyone will have a different experience, just go outside and explore.
Oh, and someone is doing some kind of research about artificial life somewhere in the region, you may find some clues, stop him ASAP!, or later, i dont care.

Thanks to:
Rangi (tutorials)
Pret (pokecrystal)
Victoria Lacroix (Running Shoes)
/rheg/ (feedback)
Animal Planet (Inspiration)


Beta Tester for Pokemon Saffron Version and Pokemon Chroma Version

Age 17
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Posted 15 Hours Ago
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looks very neat, wish u luck on this rom hack.
Rom hacks i support: Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter, Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Firered Rocket Edition, Pokemon Orange, Pokemon Unbound, Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron Version, Pokemon Dark energy

Hacks I have beta tested: Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron.

beta tester for: Pokemon Saffron version. Pokemon Chroma Version

i decided since my beta testing is slow to just try beta testing 3 rom hacks. as i'm currently doing 2 at the moment i figure i could pick up a 3rd one to beta test. PM me or leave a visitor message and i will more than likely help beta test your Rom hack.
Seen December 2nd, 2018
Posted November 5th, 2018
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1.3 Years
When will this be released?
In around a year i think, maybe more, but if the game isnt ready at that point i will try to make a playable version at least.
Also, i will try to update the thread every month, to show than is alive.

A bit earlier, but first thread update is here, some new pics to see
Seen December 2nd, 2018
Posted November 5th, 2018
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1.3 Years
Bump, first beta in github com/kaensoul/pokecathode/blob/master/pokecathode.ips
Message (Note: You must make 5 posts or more to post links):
I decided to release it a month earlier because i got a temporal job (because i need more money for real games) and i dont think i will make many changes for a while.
Is rushed, with only 3 gyms, i wanted to have more playable fakemon rathen than a long beta.
Even then many dont have their icons, cries and dex entry ready, but i will fix that soon, maybe.
Oh and the game is in spanish.
I can double post for this stuff, right?
Seen December 2nd, 2018
Posted November 5th, 2018
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1.3 Years
Will there be a translation into English eventually or not? This hack is promising but my thimbleful of Spanish knowledge isn't much.
Not for now, my english isnt good enough so useless someone else want to make the translation...

Anyway, i did a small change in the patch (still the same link), one of the gym leader had his name wrong and other had the worng icon (or wathever you call their outside of battle mini-sprite).


The Psycho Pokemon

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Posted 8 Hours Ago
on the matter of metric, the matter of length, ect is measured thusly

1 Meter= 3 feet (roughly). So 3 meters is about 9 feet, which is a considerable size for any pokemon, but large pokemon are welcome all the same

1 kilogram meanwhile if I recall roughly is equivalent to 2-5 pounds, so 800 Kg is anywhere from 1600 pounds to 10,000 pounds, which the latter is the weight of an elephant
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