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ROM Hacking Forum Rules

An Introduction

The ROM Hacking forum is our new home for asking ROM Hacking questions, and answering them of course! The big difference between this forum and the old Beginner's Lounge is that this is solely for asking/answering ROM Hacking related questions, documentation of your 'Idea' threads will now take place in the brand new Launchpad forum! Any idea or team related threads will now be homed in the Launchpad forum.

We will be using a new prefix system in this forum to help identify what your issues are without needing a hugely descriptive title. Once your problems have been solved we ask you to edit your prefix to the relevant 'ticked' prefix to show that your problem has been solved. We ask this as it makes it easier for people who are searching the forums to know which threads contain answers and those that do not.
Map - Use this prefix if you have any issues involving Maps or Mapping
Script - Use this prefix if you have any issues involving Scripting
Audio - Use this prefix if you have any issues involving Audio
ASM & Hex - Use this prefix if you have any issues involving ASM or Hex Editing
Tool - Use this prefix if you have any issues when using Tools (you still may find a quicker answer on the specific tool thread)
Graphics - Use this prefix if you have any issues when manipulating or replacing Graphics in the ROM (Please Note: this isn't to be used to request people to make graphics for you - we have an Art & Design forum for artwork creation)
Other - Use this prefix if you have any issues which aren't already covered by the other prefixes

Forum Rules

This forum is bound by rules set in the global Pokécommunity Rules
To make sure that things remain civil, and to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable time, we ask that, along with the global PokéCommunity rules, you observe the rules and resulting infractions set forth. You'll probably find yourself in the other subforums of ROM Hacking the majority of your time here; however, if you wish to discuss particular subject this is the place for you.

Do not post, direct users to, or link to commercial ROMs of any sort
Regardless of whether a new hacker needs them or any other purpose, you may not link to a "download" of any commercial game (basically, any commercially sold ROM that we ROM hack in here), or direct users to any method to downloading a ROM.
You may be infracted (three permanent infraction points) or risk immediate suspension of your account, should you link to commercial ROMs of any sort.

Additional Guidelines

Threads in the forum are not subject to approval
To help queries get answered quickly and efficiently there is no moderator approval on threads created in this forum.

Threads should be as descriptive as possible
To help your queries get answered as quickly and efficiently as possible, please post as much information as you possibly can on your problems. This may include showing screenshots of your problems and describing how, and what, got you where you are.

Flaming and trolling is not tolerated
We are a friendly forum and this forum is used to help people as much as we can, please do not troll or flame users.