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I want to know for example how often the card
- Salamence 109/203 from Sword & Shield - Evolving Skies (English)
has been printed.

If such numbers are not available to the public, is it at least possible to know how many boosters of Evolving Skies have been printed?

These are just examples...

I want to know the printing count of all cards and sets.


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I want to know the printing count of all cards and sets.
Slow down there, buddy.

The Pokémon TCG is an economy. Prices fluctuate depending on multiple factors (rarity, grade, tournament wins, influencers, aesthetics, the seller, condition, nostalgia, etc) and we’ve only just exited a very large TCG economic bubble that caused an enormous influx of price (and popularity) in the TCG. When it comes to cards worth… well, anything, it’s very possible to see prices from individual sellers for $1,000+, prices of the same card from other retail sites no higher than $20, and prices from more dubious sellers for literally arbitrary amounts. The best you will ever be able to do is follow the TCG market from multiple sources and make educated guesses. There is seldom a “standard” price for a card (beyond the “Charizard tax”). Unless it’s Common or Uncommon, then it’s like 0.2 cents max, lol. But even those have exceptions! A very common, first edition, shadowless, Base Set Trainer card “Bill” can sell for upwards of $50 NM ungraded.

Now, as for how many cards have been printed of one kind? Like how many times a single, unique card has been printed? That’s… literally impossible to trace. WOTC is most likely still under a non-disclosure since surrendering the license in 2003, and TPC will probably never reveal a full count of how many of any single card they’ve printed. And that’s not even including language variations printed by TPC approved third-parties, prereleases, signed/stamped cards, errors, shadowless, counterfeits in circulation, first edition, rereleases, exclusive promotional variants, alt art.. I mean the conditions are impossible to confirm with any certainty. The Pokémon card with the lowest print count ever might be, idk, India’s equivalent of Rising Rivals expansion Staryu for all we know.

In the Rules Thread we have a list of resources that can help guide you to an informed estimate on cards. But realistically? You will never know the total printed of any single card nor what the price of that card might be six months from now. Like I said, the TCG market is an economy and those are fluid and influenced by trends. The best you can do is just stay as educated on the matter as possible.

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