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Best Witch

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Posted July 15th, 2019
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Game Over

Killer Queen's user had become cornered by the town. He tried to convince them that he wasn't the murderer, saying his Stand did something else. Silver Chariot surprised him by shooting his sword at Killer Queen, but in a stroke of luck it did not pierce through to him thanks to a manga (Vest) given to him by Judgement. Some people started to doubt whether or not he was the murderer at all, but the majority had the vote on him. All the Stand users hanged up on him and forced him into retirement, unable to recover. He was the last Stand user of his gang, the non-Stand users in it had no chance of winning against the town's supernatural vigilantes.

Neko Maid Kapper has Retired. They were Killer Queen.

The Town wins!

Notes and MVP will be upcoming. Although not sure who will get it just yet.



Pecilia as the GM

Abby as Judgement
Sparkin as Justice
purplecicada as Wheel of Fortune
Bardothren as Highway Star
Mr. James as Surface
metroid711 as The Hand
Pumpkin Spiced Memes as Crazy Diamond
Kiyotaka Ishimaru as Silver Chariot
SirDolan as Cheap Trick
Swiftie as Echoes ACT 2
L'Belle as The World
Home as Heaven's Door
Johnny as Horus
Neko Maid Kapper as Killer Queen
Ida13 as Pearl Jam


In for goddess Gloria
I have not seen JoJo, but I may sign in.
Are you Ready to play this?
yeah sure
Yes please
Consider me in.
is it too late to sign up ?
I'll join!


Best Witch

Seen 3 Weeks Ago
Posted July 15th, 2019
1,846 posts
9.4 Years
Team Win +40 points: Abby, Sparkin, Bardothren, Pumpkin Spiced Memes, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Swiftie, L'belle, Home, Johnny, and Ida13.
GM a game +30 points: Pecilia
Removed for inactivity -20 points: SirDolan and Desinishon
MVP bonus +30 points: Johnny

Johnny got MVP not because of granny killing purp, but because he literally scumread Met and Neko. Sadly no one else really stood out this game, some people didn't even use their roles. :eyes:

N0 was a crap fest for me to decide. Purp went to swap Bard and Johnny. Bard went to track Johnny. Swiftie watched Johnny. Purp also was the one carrying out the kill, despite have two roles that have passives that benefit being the one to carry out the kill, but because Wheel of Fortune goes before mafia kill they died and therefore could not carry out the kill. Decided to not let the drive go through to sort of not completely screw the mafia, that and I don't think you can drive the granny at all because she'd kill the driver.

Abby also gave Neko a wish, between First-aid Kit, Vest, and Blank letter.

Neko used Sheer Heart Attack on Mr. James, had he done it the otherway around it would be interesting.

I still don't get the Fool claim.

Well pretty sure that's it. N0 was really the only interesting thing. Wish Pearl Jam used their role, really wanted to test it out. I'll do another game in like a couple weeks. Might be a test of a 3 cult game or just a vanilla game.

EDIT: Oh and the unique item that Judgement could give out was to The World and it was a Road Roller. It was basically a gun that revealed you and went through vests and The Hand because of it's size.

Charlie Brown


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thanks for hosting Pecilia!

yeah that fool claim threw me off but noice was simpler than expected haha
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