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Helps me improve ash competitiv team :D

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Old May 17th, 2011 (5:10 AM).
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i want to try and improve this team im currently using .My motto is to use only pokemon that ash uses or their evolution.this the team im currently using (their all lvl 100)


Hp: 211 attack: 208 def: 96 sp.attack: 121 Sp.def:116 Speed: 309

Evs: 252 attack 252 speed

Item:Focus slash Nature: Jolly Ability: Static

Move set: Counter - Reversal -Quick attack -Protect

I know pikachu maybe not the best Pokemon but this move set makes him a killer.Protect first to make sure that the other is using a physical move and then counter + focus slash Ohko all pokemon except (blissey/chansey/snorlax)
Reversal is here to finish those Pokemon off and quick attack for priority.


Hp:261 attack:113 def:136 sp.attack:259 Sp.def:193 Speed:261

Evs: 255 speed 255 sp.attack

Item:Focus slash Nature: Timid Ability:Tinted lens

Move set: Quiver dance - Sleep powder - Bug buzz - HP (Ice)

Buterfree also one of ash first pokemon is better then he looks.Sleep powder + quiver dance makes him a great sweeper.Hidden power ice is here for a surprise attack against people using dragon pokemon.


Hp: 297 attack:183 def:192 sp.attack:317 Sp.def:212 Speed:328

Evs: 255 speed 255 sp.attack

Itemhell bell Nature:Timid Abilityolar power

Move set: Fire blast - Solarbeam -Ancient power -Sunny day

Yup its not a bellyzard XD Solar power gives him a great sp.attack boost + Fire blast has a stab it deals incredible damage.


Hp: 299 attack: 181 def:299 sp.attack: 226 Sp.def: 309 Speed: 192

Evs: 255 sp.def 255 def

Item: Leftover Nature:Modest Ability:Torrent

Move set: Yawn - Rapid spin - Surf -Ice beam

This is basically my spintoise since stealth rock deals heavy damage to my pokemon i needed a rapid spinner.Yawn to make to forece the oppenant to change his pokemon or to let him sleep and surf as a stab.Ice beam for dragon pokemon .


Hp:301 attack: 180 def:239 sp.attack:236 Sp.def:296 Speed:248

Evs: 148 def 240 sp.def 120 speed

Item:Black sludge Nature:Timid Ability:Chlorophyll

Move set: Sleep powder - Leech seed - Giga drain - Substitute

Venesaur sub +leech was very usefull no need to explain snce this is a moveset lots of people use.


Hp:491 attack:281 def:229 sp.attack:149 Sp.def: 289 Speed: 96

Evs: 120 hp 255 def 132 sp.def

Item:Chesto berry Nature:Adamant Ability:Thick fat

Move set: Curse- Body slam - Rest -Crunch

Curse+ Body slam is epic on snorlax XD crunch for the annoying ghost such as dusknoir and chesto berry instead of lum berry cuz i want to make sure snorlax wakes up after one rest.

So basically this is the team im using Xd i know its not perfect but i almost won 3 uber tournament with this team and i won 1 OU tournament XD

I need to improve the moveset precisely my balstoise if any of you has a better suggestion for a good spintoise that would really hepe me thx XD

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Old May 17th, 2011 (7:10 AM).
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K, gimmick teams (Like this one) are rubbish. |: Not your team, just gimmick's in general. |:<

How did you win an OU & Uber tournament with this team, they must not of been that good either.

Don't put "255" into Ev's, it's pointless. Pikachu is just dead to any strong attack. Butterfree & Charizard are took down to 50% health with Stealth rock, making them easy target's. Bug/Flying has 5, 2x Weaknesses, and 1, 4x Weakness. \: Which isn't very good, considering Ice/Rock/Fire/Electric/Flying moves are quite common.

Blastoise is defeated quite easily, sure it may have stellar defenses, but can't do anything back, Zapdos/Venusaur/Raikou and other Grass/Electric types can pound it. Once again; Rock types dominate your 'Zard, along with Water/Electric. Anyway, I haven't rated it, I've mainly just gave you pointers, I mean Ash has way more Pokemon than just these 6. At least use Sceptile or Donphan, or Garchomp. |: Bouffalant destroy's this team jsyk.
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Old May 17th, 2011 (12:27 PM).
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Those evs are basically all horribly inefficient.

252 EVS do the same as 255 so you are essentially wasting 4 Evs on the sets you do that on.

Butterfree is inferior to Volcarona and even Venomoth. I get that is an Ash team...but yeah.

Pikachu's set is aweful. There is totally 0 reason to use a silly gimmicky set like that. Light Ball is the saving grace of it, so i suggest you use that which makes it att and sp.att gigantic by doubling them.

Pikachu @ Light Ball
4 Atk / 252 Sp.Atk / 252 Speed
Naive Nature / Timid Nature
- Substitute
- Focus Punch / Nasty Plot
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Maxing HP gives you more overall durability than maxing out both defenses, see:

Blastoise @ Chesto Berry
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA
Bold Nature
- Foresight
- Scald
- Rapid Spin
- Rest

Foresight allows you to Rapid Spin on ghosts which is very handy having 2 4x SR weak Pokemon.

192 HP / 252 Def / 52 SpD / 12 Spe @ Bold on Venusaur

With 12 Speed EVs Venusaur reaches 198 Speed, outpacing positive-natured base 130 Speed Pokemon under the sun. 192 HP EVs give Venusaur a Leftovers number, increasing the amount of healing it receives each turn. 252 Defense EVs with a Bold nature gives maximum physical bulk, and the remainder is placed in Special Defense.

Sludge Bomb over Giga Drain also so you arent walled utterly by grass types.

Either way this team has alot of issues, no Stealth Rock, no steels so dragon Pokemon are free to spam their STAB moves, no rock resist...yeah..
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Old May 17th, 2011 (12:45 PM).
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I take it you just forfeit whenever a team uses a Zapdos-Mamoswine or Zapdos-Scizor combo? I'm also going to guess the tournaments you won were either against 10 year olds or at PokeBattleCenter.

Nonetheless, I'll see what I can do, you also need to distribute 252 evs to each stat and leave the extra 4 for a boost in another stat, 255 is wasting potential, albeit small potential.

Firstly, Pikachu is a terrible Pokemon, although I can see what you're trying to do with this set. Scizor murders this thing and if Charizard and/or Blastoise are gone, your whole team. Alternatively, you could give Pikachu an Eviolite or a Light Ball and a set composed of Quick Attack/Volt Tackle/Thunder Wave/Return. Seriously, Ash has used Pokemon that are a lot better than Pikachu.

The Butterfree seems decent, but if it's ever unfortunate enough to come in on rocks, it's susceptible to a quick and easy death via powerful Priority.

Charizard, yet another Pokemon 4x weak to rocks. You could invest some more evs on his HP, since you'll be getting a boost to SpAtk via Solar Powar, anyway. Ancientpower is bad and Hidden Power Ground or Hidden Power Ice would be a much better choice. Charizard also wants a Life Orb to deal more damage.

Blastoise seems like the duct tape holding this team together, although this team is made up of lackluster Pokemon. My only gripe about this set is that Scald is better than Surf, as it has a high % to weaken your opponent with a burn. Once this thing faints, though, you pretty much lose your chance at winning, especially if the opponent's Pokemon that lays hazards is still alive.

Saur looks good to me, but it needs sun support to operate at it's best, which is why Ninetales would be a great asset to this team, perhaps you could just make a team full of Pokemon used by all the anime characters? I recall Brock catching a Vulpix, which is also somewhat effective when holding an eviolite.

Also, your grammar is lackluster for a 19 year old.
Old May 17th, 2011 (1:56 PM).
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Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Either way this team has alot of issues, no Stealth Rock, no steels so dragon Pokemon are free to spam their STAB moves, no rock resist...yeah..

Really if you want this to be an effective team against actually decent players you're going to have to use some actually effective Pokémon. Sadly, NONE of your Pokémon are really viable at all except Venusaur and Charizard (to an extent) in Drought, which you don't even use. You have to keep with the metagame trends and figure out what beats what if you want to be successful. :c The best you can do for now if you really feel like you need to keep with these Pokémon to follow a gimmick style of team is to adjust the movesets to those suggested, but if you want to be really successful you'll actually have to change out the vast majority of your team for more competitively-minded Pokémon. That's all I have for input though, D_A and everyone else pretty much covered what you should change moveset-wise.

Good luck with your team.
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