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whats next ?

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Old December 5th, 2017 (1:12 PM).
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    Hey everyone,
    What do you all think will come next in terms of new Pokémon games ?
    Gen 8 ?
    Diamond and Pearl remakes ?
    Something entirely new ?
    Let me know, i would love to hear your opinions
    As for myself, I would love to see Diamond and Pearl remakes, but Gamefreak is known for starting off with new generations each time they change consoles.
    But then again, they did throw a curveball at us with US and UM.
    So yeah, i dont know, let me know what you would want to see, and why.
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    Old December 7th, 2017 (6:10 PM).
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      i think it will be a kanto remake. I made a video about leaks someone posted on /vp/ although they are probably fake:

      but I think that the game would be similar to what this fake leaker detailed anyway.
      so yea, a revisit to kanto.
      Do I want that?
      I don't really know. I guess I would probably be okay with it, although I would prefer a new region.
      I would want them (GameFreak) to use more of their backlog content instead of pumping out more anyway. But we'll see!!
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      Old December 9th, 2017 (3:19 AM).
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      Since the next main game is moving to Switch, it's very likely going to be the first games for Generation 8.
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      Old December 10th, 2017 (12:38 PM). Edited December 10th, 2017 by Absolitetion.
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        I think next game up in line will be a new Mystery Dungeon.

        They usually are the last game they will release per Generation, so I expect one to come out late next year.
        And probably on the Nintendo 3DS. They did say Ultra Sun/Moon is the last main core games to be released on that console, right?
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        Old December 10th, 2017 (12:40 PM).
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        I assume it will be gen 8, but I will be happy with anything.

        For spin-offs, Mystery Dungeon would be great, I also wouldn't mind if after all these years they'd make another Poképark.
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