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The Underground aims to be as accessible to newcomers as possible without diluting the mafia experience for our more experienced players. With this in mind, we will be regularly hosting stripped-down games that use fairly common roles/night actions and no alternative mechanics called "basic" or "vanilla" games. These games will be run as constantly as possible with a new game starting not long after one finishes.
A basic game must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • The game thread must contain a short explanation of how mafia works, a clear and concise rules section and a link to the detailed guide.
  • The game must adhere to the standard 48 hour day/24 hour night phase cycle.
  • The game should have no more than three factions (a maximum of one innocents faction, one mafia and one cult). There should also be no more than two third party/survivor roles (ie. the fool).
  • These games can be themed but this is not a requirement. Any theme should play no role in the game itself. Similarly any narrative in phase posts should be extremely limited.
  • No alternative mechanics or heavily customised roles should be used.
  • The game should be easily identifiable by having the words "basic", "vanilla" or "beginners" in the title.
Games that do not follow these are not counted as a basic game, and would already be considered one of the other game setups out there (closest would be the Bastard games).
The first official vanilla game will be open at the start of the soft-opening of the leaderboard season (When would that be? That's a secret!) Stay tuned.
The list below are our current vanilla game hosts.
  1. Kitty
  2. gimmepie
  3. Nakuzami
  4. BidoofFTW
If you would like to help us out by becoming a vanilla game host, PM an Underground moderator and let us know.