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  • Hot centuries more like it. :3 *pat pat*

    Yoooo 2022 was a wild ride yeah haha. Like, no joke, it felt like I flew by 2022 compared to 2020 and 2021. Can't wait to see how fast 2023 goes by @.@

    Dead but good? W-what does that mean?! D:

    Yeah I saw you nuked it ahaha, and I kinda wanna nuke mine buuuut I may be attached to it so I'll leave it there as a history lesson for myself heh.

    I mean yeah I got a discord. I'll dig it out because I admit I got another peep or two in there I should probably say hi to anyway. That and I have our conversation saved there so I should find you quickly. I'll be "YoSoyPudding" still… might change it to forg to keep it less confusing. We'll see.

    And pfffft, when I returned here not too long ago I kinda did a "soft reboot" or something and just cleaned my friend list and stuff. Kept those I still talked to currently. Buuuut I figured it didn't hurt to reach out to old friends and reconnect since well, catch up and stuff. After all, can't imagine what happened in between these long years.

    BUT THAT ASIDE, *blip* , a friend request ~
    Oh dear me, it's been a hot minute. So much so that I'm not sure if I should re-introduce myself or-

    Hello! Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, depending where, and hopefully you are doing well! How are you holding up?

    I may have stumbled upon my embarrassing old Otherworld9) account and thought "dear lord god make it stop."
    Yeah!! It has been great gaming for sure!

    (very glad I got to lie in bed till 9AM at least, because I may or may not have been gaming until midnight hehe)
    At 6 AM??? That's mighty early!

    You should at least give me a heads-up so that I can set an alarm!
    Can I post a thread of my hand drawings? Is that allowed in art studio?

    Also it's been so long,
    Busy! Life caught up with me, but I like to pop back in occasionally. How are you?
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