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    Five years after the events of Black and White 2, Ghetsis made an appearance to Giovanni. Knowing that Giovanni has been trying to create the “ultimate” pokemon, Ghetsis informed Giovanni about the DNA splicers, devices capable of merging two pokemon into one. Hearing this, Giovanni agreed to merge Plasma and Rocket into one organization, still under Giovanni’s control. Team Rocket scientists started out small, crossing the DNA of rattata and pidgey, when Giovanni got the idea to merge pokemon with people. For months on end trainers and even a few gym leaders have gone missing, only to find themselves in the hands of Team Rocket. Finally, after many failed attempts, Giovanni finally created eight living pokemon-human hybrids, which the scientists called Splicers. However, upon successfully creating these creatures, Ghetsis had Plasma attack Team Rocket and stole one of the splicers, causing a war to start between the two evil gangs. Upon failing to take over the Rocket HQ, Ghetsis and his followers fled towards Lavender Town, followed by Giovanni and his own fleet of helicopters. During the chaos at the Rocket base, Dr. Fuji one of the scientists, got the eight living subjects out of the lab, hoping to give them a chance at survival instead of becoming pawns in Team Rocket’s schemes.

    What is a splicer?

    As previously stated, a splicer is a cross between a human and a pokemon. The donor pokemon’s abilities and some physical features get transferred to the human recipient. For an example, let’s say a trainer merged with a Pikachu, the human would be able to use electric attacks, and will gain physical features of Pikachu, such as red circles on the cheeks, growing a lightning bolt-shaped tail, or even ending up covered in yellow fur. Being half pokemon themselves, splicers are capable of battling instead of just directing pokemon to battle.


    You are a trainer, you have just woken up on the side of a road miles away from your hometown, having no idea where you are or how you got there, the last thing you remember is a Team Rocket member coming up to you. You find out that all of your pokemon are missing, and that you feel different. Upon completely coming to your senses you notice something different about yourself. You discover that your DNA has been crossed with one of your pokemon’s. You find a note at your feet and read it, once done reading you set off toward Pallet Town, hoping to figure out exactly what has happened and what you can do about it.

    The Note

    “Dear Trainer, As you’ve figured out by now, you’re no longer just a trainer, you are now what we scientists call Splicers. For your own safety snuck you out of the lab, you are free to go wherever you want and do whatever you want, however I must warn you that Team Rocket will be searching for you, so your best bet is to make your way to Pallet Town and talk to Professor Oak, he can help you. However, the choice to try and live your life in peace is yours, hence why I left you near the place you were when we you were taken. This is all I can say for fear that Team Rocket or even Team Plasma may find me soon. Good Luck.” – Fuji.


    As previously stated, you will start out on a road somewhere in Kanto, the choice of location is yours, although it is suggested that you be somewhere near Pallet Town because that is where all the players will be going. You will not be able to catch pokemon, however your character will be given pokemon throughout the roleplay. More things will be revealed throughout the story (duh), but basically your characters are going to be traveling around Kanto fighting both Team Rocket and Team Plasma trying to get the splicers and return back to normal.


    1. No Extreme Cursing (It’s one thing to drop a word in now and then, but you don’t need to curse in every single sentence.)

    2. No Bunnying

    3. No Godmodding

    4. Basically all PC roleplaying rules apply.

    5. No evolving your character, even if the pokemon you choose to have your character merge with is the basic stage of an evolutionary line it can’t evolve, tis the curse of having a human side.

    6. Be active. Try to post at least 2-3 days a week. The last thing I want is a bunch of people not posting anything for weeks. Failure to post for a relatively long period of time will result in being kicked from the rp.

    (Rules may be subject to change if I feel something needs to be added later on)

    (Reservations last 2 days, after that your spot will be open for others to take.)

    Name: (First, last is optional)
    Gender: (Male or Female, only two options, shouldn’t be too hard to figure out right?)

    Age: (16-18)

    Pokemon: (Only one, this will be the pokemon that your character has merged with, NO legendaries. Shinies are allowed)

    Moves: (What attacks is your characters capable of using? You can only have up to six attacks, all of which must be capable of being learned by your pokemon LEGALLY within the games.)

    Ability: (Pokemon also have abilities which can alter the course of battle, some of two or three, which one does your character posses? Just like the attacks, this must be one that your pokemon can have LEGALLY.)

    Attributes: (Aside from just attacks and in-battle abilities pokemon have special qualities. Has your person adapted the ability to detect weather changes, or pass through walls, or even breathe underwater? The attributes MUST match your pokemon, no having a Scyther-Human Splicer with the ability to travel through time like celebi)

    Apperance: (One paragraph minimum. What does your character wear, how does he/she look ,must include human features from before the merging and the added on pokemon features. You may also include a picture instead)

    Personality: (One to two paragraphs describing how your character acts, keep in mind that depending on the pokemon they merged with they might have a slightly un-human personality.)

    History: (What kind of life did your character have before the sudden change? Was he/she a trainer, or just someone with a pokemon companion. Was he/she even from Kanto? At least one paragraph, a good background can help for great story development.)

    Accepted Players

    1. ElBurrito

    My Own SU

    Name: Luke Sanders
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Pokemon: Lucario

    Moves: Aura Sphere, Iron Tail, Low Kick, Agility, Calm Mind, Metal Sound.

    Ability: Inner Focus

    Attributes: Can sense aura and use it to detect things. Has slight telepathic abilities that will show up later in the RP.

    Apperance: Luke is 5’10 has semi-short black hair and blue eyes. He often wears jeans and plain T-Shirts underneath an unzipped black jacket that has a coiled Steelix design on the back. After the splicing Luke now has a metal Spike on each wrist, a tail, and Lucarios feet. He is completely covered in blue fur, except for the black on his hands, feet, and the pattern on his face which resembles that of Lucario.

    Personality: Luke is usually calm and collected, but has been known to rush into situations without thinking and ending up in big trouble. Being a specialist in the steel type, Luke is often considered to be a tough trainer, often intimidating people just with his presence, however once people get to know him they find out he is actually quite a nice guy that just wants to get along with everyone.

    History: Luke is originally from Pewter City, being on of Brock’s many students at the gym. At the age of 16 Luke decided he wanted to specialize in Steel types and set off on a journey to catch as many steel pokemon and win as many league tournaments as he could. His journey’s came to a pause after winning the Sinnoh league with his trusty Lucario, when he decided to go back home and visit his family. Little did Luke know that what should have been a trip to visit family would be so much more.
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