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Challenge The Game of Thrones Locke

Started by SorveteQuente 1 Week Ago 6:20 AM
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The Game of Thrones Locke

The kingdom is falling apart. The current one who sits on the throne has become mad, and your people have chosen you to be crowned as their King/Queen. Failing them isn’t an option, you must reunite all the followers and loyal vassals that are in your power to conquer the Iron Throne, and free the realm from the hands of the Mad King.

Welcome to the Game of Thrones Locke! In this nuzlocke variant, you will be playing as the lord of one of the nine great houses in Westeros: Arryn, Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister, Martell, Stark, Targaryen, Tully, or Tyrell. Special rules are given to each of the houses, in addition to the regular nuzlocke rules. And don’t worry, this challenge is totally spoiler-free: so if you haven’t consumed any of the Game of Thrones media, there’s no need to refrain from playing it. You can still have some fun!

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Since this is a nuzlocke, the basic rules apply:

  • If a Pokémon faints, it is considered dead and must be permanently boxed or released;
  • You may only catch the first encounter of every location. If you fail to do so, you can’t catch any more Pokémon in that area;
  • You must nickname all of your Pokémon.

You may wish to adhere to one or more of the clauses (Shiny Clause, Dupes Clause, etc.), you’re allowed to do so and it’s completely up to the player.

Your House
When you sign up, you’ll choose to represent one of the great houses. You must follow the specific rules for that house during your entire run. Once you sign up, you may not switch houses, so choose carefully.

House Arryn

  • The Eyrie is Impregnable - The Arryns don’t enjoy partaking in battles and prefer to hide behind their walls. They avoid the battlefield as efficiently as they can. You may not battle wild Pokémon in an area you’ve already caught a Pokémon.
  • The Moon Door - The Arryns enjoy intimidating their enemies by threatening to throw them out from the sky. If any of your Pokémon knows Moonlight or Moonblast, you must lead every battle with them. You can't make them forget the move.

House Baratheon

  • Ours is the Fury - The Baratheons are naturally mercurial tempered. They're quite unpredictable in battles, but they don't use clever tactics. You are not allowed to use TMs on your run.
  • Riders of the Storm - The Baratheons' seat is located at Storm's End, a tempestuous cliff that is said to be protected with magic. They surely need no other protection from storms... You're not allowed to use Pokémon that are immune to Electric-type attacks.

House Greyjoy

  • Pirates of the Iron Islands - The Greyjoys are sackers, and they collect all of the valuable items they can find. You must only use items that are found or given to you, and not bought from marts.
  • Greyjoy's Rebellion - In a bloody conflict that happened in the past, the Greyjoys were severely defeated and remain quiet in their seat at Pyke. Their plan is to initiate small attacks from now on. You may only have a maximum of 4 team members at once.

House Lannister

  • Golden Bowels - The Lannisters of Casterly Rock are known to be full of gold, but they don't go around spending their riches on anything. You're only allowed to buy Potions and Pokéballs at marts, and nothing else.
  • Oathkeeper - A Lannister always pays his debts. After each gym or trial/grand trial, you must toss the equivalent number of hold items as the number of Pokémon in the party that participated in the battle.

House Martell

  • Venomous Snakes - The Martells are suspected to anoint poison on their blades for battles, a dirty tactic... Once your Pokémon learns a damaging move with a secondary effect, you can no longer use attacks without one.
  • Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken - The Martells are proud battlers, and are still looking for revenge for what happened to their familiars in the past. You must change your battle style setting to Set for the rest of the game.

House Stark

  • The Old Gods - The Starks have faith in the old gods of the north and respect the sacred weirwood trees. You must not use super-effective moves against Grass-types.
  • Winter Is Coming... - With a decade-long summer, comes an everlasting winter. The Starks believe the worst is to come. You cannot use Ice-type Pokémon, and you can only hit Ice-types with super-effective moves.

House Targaryen

  • The Last of Our Kind - The Targaryens are an ancient family. Almost all of their members are extinct, and you’re the only one remaining. You must honor the name of your house, but you have few to begin with. You can only buy items after you’ve beaten the 4th gym or Olivia in SM/USUM.
  • Friend of Dragons - The Dragons are ancient creatures widely appreciated by the Targaryens. Few remain in the world, so you must refrain from hurting them. You must not use super-effective moves against Dragon-types.

House Tully

  • The Trouts and the Wolves - The Tullys like arranging marriages with other noble houses to create powerful alliances. Similar to the wedlocke, you must form pairs of Pokémon, and they can only switch with each other in battles. (Thanks to the Game of Thrones Challenge for this rule.)
  • Take Me to the River - The Tullys make their seat in Riverrun, a castle built in a river. Fire can't really be a big threat, but it's better not to take any chances. You're not allowed to use Fire-types or Fire-type moves on your run.

House Tyrell

  • Rainbow Guard - The kingsguard of the Tyrells is composed of soldiers representing each of the rainbow colors. You can only use Pokémon listed as Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, or Pink in the Pokédex.
  • Food Supply - The Tyrells are known to have a big supply of fruits, that are often distributed to the capital. Your Pokémon can only use held items that are based on food (Leftovers, Berries, etc.).

The Night's Watch
If you catch a Pokémon listed as Black in the Pokédex, and it faints, it will be sent to the Night's Watch instead of dying. These Pokémon can still be used in battles; however, if they faint again, the first nuzlocke rule will apply.

Expanding the Realm
After each Gym battle (or Trial in Alola), the city or town in which the Gym is located (or the Trial site) will be conquered. You will then give an order, and you must choose one of the Pokémon that participated in the battle, and did not die, to become the Warden of that place. This Pokémon must then be boxed and never used again for battles. If only one Pokémon survived the battle, and you have nothing else in your PC, that place is exempt from this rule.

To make sure you read all of the rules, write “Stormborn” after your name on the sign-up form.

Conquer of the Throne
Your challenge will either end when you black out/white out (aka when you lose), or when you conquer the Iron Throne, that is reach the closing point of the game(s) of your selection:

Kanto: Defeat Blue (RBY/FRLG) or Trace (LGPE)
Johto: Defeat Lance (Optional: Defeat Red)
Hoenn: Defeat Steven (RS/ORAS) or Wallace (Emerald)
Sinnoh: Defeat Cynthia
Unova: Defeat Ghetsis (BW) or Iris (B2W2)
Kalos: Battle AZ
Alola: Defeat Kukui (SM) or Hau (USUM)

You can choose to do an Ultimate Challenge, and complete the challenge in every one of the regions above.
Signing up
To sign-up for the challenge, simply fill in the following form:
Type of Challenge (Single/Ultimate):
Here’s mine, for example:
Name: SorveteQuente Stormborn
House: Tyrell
Type of Challenge: Single
Game: Ultra Sun
SorveteQuente Tyrell - Ultra Sun
Janp "The Mannis" Baratheon - Heart Gold
Longstaff Stark - Black 2

None yet.


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I'll just put this sign-up here and will probably get back at it in a year or so, when I finish my backlog of Challenges...

Name: Janp Stormborn The Mannis
House: Baratheon
Type of Challenge (Single/Ultimate): Single
Game(s): Heart Gold

Also I love the css.



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Added both of you. Good luck on your runs, guys!

As for me, I've got my first update.

The Game of Thrones Locke - Pokémon Ultra Sun

Part 1

- You can only use Pokémon listed as Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, or Pink in the Pokédex.
- Your Pokémon can only use held items that are based on food (Leftovers, Berries, etc.).

These rules will surely give me some trouble. I hope I don't end the game with like, two Pokémon because the first encounter of every route was grey or something, lol.

Anyway, some totally interesting cutscenes happened and I was finally able to choose my starter. I chose Popplio this time because I realized it was the only Alola starter I've never used before. I was hoping to get a female one and nickname her Brienne to make the cleverest wordplay in existence no-one's ever thought about, but it was male. I wasn't eager to reset and take 10 minutes to choose the starter multiple times, so I just accepted it. Named him Aeron. I also found he was Modest, which is good-ish for that mon's line I think?

Later I battled Hau, almost got killed by Nebby, lots of balderdash. When Kukui finally gave me some Pokéballs, I went searching for the second member of my team. It was a Grubbin! Nicknamed him Loras, and used him against Hau's Pichu.

After a lot of dialogue skipped, the first threat of the run arrived: the trainer's school. I knew the teacher's level 10 Rowlet would give trouble to both Popplio and Grubbin, so I had to train them a little bit. Unfortunately, my first encounter in Trainer's School was a Zorua, which is the wrong color, so I can't use it. I'm not even sure if you can find Pokémon from the rainbow colors there, but eh.

Popplio learned Baby-Doll Eyes, which is a pretty useful move with the Priority, so I went face her with that. Used it once and Leahage took about 1/5 of Popplio's health. That was good, so I started spamming Disarming Voice, and after some healing, she got taken care of.

My first encounter in Hau'oli was an Abra (which's brown not yellow) so nope again. Illima's battle did actually pose as a trouble, since Smeargle's Tackle was dealing decent damage to Grubbin. I used a couple of potions, but Loras overpowered him.

In Route 2 I finally caught another Pokémon. Oberyn the Ekans! At this moment I realized I'd have to box someone after Totem Gumshoos, so you won't stay here for long, Viper.

Oberyn had Intimidate, and, after some trained, he learned Glare. That would be pretty useful for the upcoming battle, so I'd lead with him.

In the first turn I paralized Gumshoos with Glare, and then used a couple of Leers to take down his defence. Immediately switched to Loras and started attacking. it surprised me two Bug Bites were enough to defeat it lol. No deaths, thankfully! And also Aeron is now a Brionne.

Oberyn is officially the Warden of Illima's Trial Site as of now.


Male Brionne (Aeron) | Modest nature | Torrent
lv. 17 @ Oran Berry
-Water Gun
-Disarming Voice
-Baby-Doll Eyes
-Icy Wind

Male Grubbin (Loras) | Impish nature | Swarm
lv. 16 @ Oran Berry
-Bug Bite
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Rules in This Run
The Old Gods : You must not use super-effective moves against Grass-types.
Winter Is Coming : You cannot use Ice-type Pokémon, and you can only hit Ice-types with super-effective moves.

So this is my first update, and i almost screwed myself on this run LoL. I was going to write this in a snobbish royalty style, but i'm too lazy LoL (Probably gonna bust this one out at Halloween or the nearest events).

So the journey of Longstaff Stark starts and even before he enters the world he already came to a problem, there was not enough space in the name section to write Longstaff so i used Stark instead. And for the rival i decide on Danny.. Danny Broomstick haha. Well so let's skip everything at the start until the part Bianca gave me pokemon. I decide to take Tepig just in case i can't made it through the ice rule because i can't find a fire type pokemon. Rival battle was so-so we had to endure his Oshawott's tail whipping for the umpteenth time before i beat him. And then he blast off while i had to deliver the town map from his mother (What a useless nobleman). And then i had to endure the catching tutorial from Bianca (I really hope future games have a choice to skip this).

And we're off to be the best that i could be (Taking Unova throne) with my trusted companion Sir Boar. Caught a Purrloin, and then the Alder stuff happens and we have to go to Flocessy Ranch, in the way i found a Sewaddle and catched it. And there we got to battle with Rival again (I feel it's a downgrade from Platinum cause at this point Barry had 2 pokemon while this rival only had an Oshawott that doesn't even know water moves) and we defeat him easily. And then i found an Azurill catched it and found out it had Huge Power and great nature, alas this not gen 6 with Fairy Typing (REEEEEEEEE) so he had to take a backseat. And then fast forward to finishing Flocessy Ranch and Alder students battle we gone back to Aspertia.. Oh wait, it's gym time huh? So.. i decide to train Tepig until level 14 first so it would be level 15 with Flame Wheel before defeating Cheren.

And at Aspertia Gym i defeated his student no problem, but when it come to Cheren he surprisingly gave up a fight. Lillipup's damage after work up is half of my health Bar all thanks to Lonely (+atk,-def) nature of Sir Boar. But Sir Boar manage to handle that with flame wheels, we got the badge and Work Up TM and we'll be able to continue the Journey.

The King's Entourage

Sir Boar, Lvl.17 (M) | Lonely | Blaze
Held Item : None
- Tackle
- Flame Wheel
- Defense Curl
- Odor Sleuth

Asuka, Lvl.4 (4) | Naughty | Unburden
Held Item : None
- Scratch
- Growl

Meister, Lvl.2 (M) | Timid | Chlorophyll
Held Item : None
- Tackle
- String Shot

Kinder, Lvl.10 (M) | Lonely | Huge Power
Held Item : None
- Water Gun
- Charm
- Tail Whip
- Water Sport
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