Concept Is this Gym Leader team okay?

Started by ggener1c0 1 Week Ago 7:07 PM
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Depends, is this meant for a more casual, or a difficulty-oriented game?

Movesets look good for a first gym, only Chinchou having Bubble and Water Gun looks weird, could have just one of those and fill the remaining slot with Supersonic or something like that.

As for the type itself, well, I honestly don't think Electric type for a first gym is a good idea. Imo gyms with more weaknesses should go earlier, and gyms with fewer or rarer weaknesses should go later, because the farther you're into the adventure, the easier it becomes to exploit types that have multiple weaknesses (e.g. this is why Grass or Rock gyms tend to go early on, and Steel or Dragon gyms should go later). You'd be wasting a type that has really good potential for a late game gym challenge, with only one weaknesses, and various great options to counter it (Galvantula/Vikavolt, Lanturn, Mow/Wash Rotom, Eelektross, Surf Raichu/Heliolisk, etc.)