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I have two maps connected to eachother, via the Connections Debugger. The problem is that the music isn't changing when the player walks from one map to the other. They need to do something like win a trainer battle or enter an indoor area for the music to change.
Is that normal? Is it supposed to do that?
I swear I remember the music changing just fine earlier on. Right now both maps have a LOT of events associated with them. Did I lag the game out so hard that it's not doing the music changes properly?

Sorry for opening two threads at once. I only noticed this after I'd already posted the other one.


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If you ended up using $game_system.setDefaultBGM("XXX"), that'll force the music to be the same track no matter what.
This persists across save/load too. you can reset it with $game_system.setDefaultBGM(nil) to fix a save, or just to turn off the effect.

Not sure if that's the source of the error, but it doesn't hurt to check that.

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